Will April 20, 2020 go down as the day aliens officially decided to ramp up their monitoring of the current situation on Earth after causing a pandemic to see how we would handle it and/or weaken humans for their impending hostile takeover of the planet?

The recent flurry of UFO sightings already had citizens of Earth scratching their heads, but with three different UFO events happening recently in three different cities all in the same night, speculation is about at an all time high.

The three UFO sightings that took place on April 20th came in not only three different cities, but on two completely different continents.

Two of them took place in England, one in Coatbridge and another in City of Street, while the third UFO sighting of the night happened in Rives Junction, Michigan — all chronicled on the web site of UFO and alien expert Scott Waring.

According to the eyewitness in Michigan who spotted a fleet of UFOs in the early evening sky (video can be viewed here)…

I heard a weird sound Like A Pulsating hum. Thought it was coming from power substation across the street. Concerned I went to look. I opened my front door and Heard it Above the house looked up and There it was. It had a Set of 4 lights in sets of 2. 2 in front 2 behind those. One on each rear area and One big red blinking light. Out line was clearly visable and shapes see lights lit up underside. Was was very unique shape if seen again could Identify. But I have never seen Anything like this. And it flickered 3 times and Disappeared.

Interestingly, the night before, April 19th, a similar UFO sighting occurred over Harrison Township in Michigan.

The other two UFO sightings on April 20th appeared to be an “energy sphere” that appeared over Great Britain and were captured on camera by multiple residents of England.

The eyewitness in Coatbridge stated, “Pulsing ball of light moving at incredible speed over short distances, changing shape and size frequently. It stayed in same place for hours then slowly moved away into the distance.”

While the person who spotted the orb in City of Street explained, “Observed bright light in sky in a westerly direction from my house in Street. Appeared to be star like as it was so bright, I was able to zoom in on my iPhone 11 which shows a doughnut shape.”

Waring, while discussing this particular sighting wrote, “People try to dismiss them as stars, but they often dart around high in the sky so we know its not a Venus or some other planet.”

He added that these sightings are “undeniable proof” that aliens are monitoring the planet.

“It really makes sense…aliens taking notice of the humans race right now…sending these energy probes to watch, record and return with data to inform them of whats to come for humanity,” he wrote. “You see, aliens are intelligent, deeply so, they use the data about the current situations to create thousands of possible resulting outcomes. The outcomes with the highest chance of happening…is the ones that aliens will assume will most likely happen with humanity. Think of their data gathering as…a road map to the future. Coronavirus…may be far from ending. It is even possible that the gov is downplaying the virus, which eventually they know will mutate and…cause our extinction over the next few years.”

Is he right? Or even in the ballpark with his speculation?

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