Some people have been brainwashed by racism so much that even the thought of a black person having ANY unique skills or ANY supreme circumstance is blasphemous. It’s easier for some people to believe that all wise and mysterious intergalactic creatures from space came and built the wonders of the world rather then the black people who’ve been civilized and civilizing on this planet for millions of years.

(Cover Photo: Alien VS Predator, 2004)

Have you noticed that when historians of a non-melanated persuasion attempt to explain the supreme architecture of ancient pyramids and other ancient wonders of the world they all quickly dismiss a human origin and give all the credit to various mysterious “aliens”?

I’ve noticed, and it makes me laugh. In The Isis Papers Dr. Frances Cress Welsing talks about how the collective conscious (or unconscious) mind of Caucausians, being aware of the supreme genetic circumstance of the melanated masses needed to adopt patterns of thought and behavior that allowed Caucasians to feel relevant and even become a priority, at least in their minds. This includes re-writing history, either putting themselves in the place of melanated people or finding a way to exclude achievements of melanated people that would expose the lack of culture, history, and overall experience of Caucasians on Planet Earth.

Imagine being a white man just “discovering” everything outside of the Caucasus Mountains – looking at the Olmec heads in Mexico, or the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, or the Buddhist Temple of Angkor Wat.

I mean here you are, a pioneer of your kind, exploring the world, going “farther than any man has gone before”, but no matter where you go you see COMPLETE and FUNCTIONAL civilizations of melanated people thriving beyond computation.

Did those original European explorers stand around all of those indigenous melanated people they “discovered“, whom obviously had knowledge of self and the universe, and think the ancient wonders of the world were built by aliens? Doubt it.

Zecharia Sitchin and The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens are futile attempts by the European consciousness to avoid coming to terms with the historical facts that the Black Man is the Father of Civilization and the Black Woman is the Mother of Humanity.

This issue has been covered, researched, documented and lectured about by many melanated minds who sought to reclaim the stolen legacy of melanated people. Here’s some quality sources to check out:

When you actually take to the time to read, rather then just speculate, you can start to see the spookism fade a way. On the one hand, the common mediocre perception of melanated people fizzles into nothingness as you read about black people around the world demonstrating time after time that we are NOT mediocre but supreme in every way when we have knowledge of self and the universe.

If they didn’t accredit the most amazing sciences, and structures on this planet to Aliens (E.T. and the gang) then they would be forced to recognize Black people not as a minority, or some underclass, but rather the Original people of earth, the founders of civilization.

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