A puzzling piece of footage from Colombia appears to show a mysterious object hovering in the sky before slowly landing in a forest. The strange video was reportedly filmed last month in a rural region of the country known as Valle del Cauca. In the footage, an oddly-shaped object can be seen lingering in the air over a wooded area as witness Andres Molina calls out to his companions to come and see the weird sight. The curious aerial anomaly, which seems to be rather sizeable, begins to descend until it disappears behind the tree line on the horizon.

Unfortunately, Molina did not venture out into the wilderness to see what became of the falling object, leaving viewers to speculate as to what he had caught on film. To that end, some UFO enthusiasts believe that the bewildered witness filmed a ‘flying saucer’ landing, while skeptics have argued that the oddity was either a bird or perhaps a military drone. With that in mind, what’s your theory for what Molina filmed? Share your best guess with us at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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