The video, shot in Canada, shows at least three light-colored oval objects, which as they pass across the lunar surface, cast their shadow.

In case something was missing to turn this into an apocalyptic era, a Twitter user shared a video showing the moment they catch UFOs near the Moon, unleashing hundreds of reactions on networks.

Without a doubt, this 2020 will go down in history as one of the strangest and most chaotic years in the modern life of humanity. The ghost of war and a pandemic in the first 4 months have driven almost all of humanity practically crazy.

Now a recording is released, made by a fan of the Moon, our natural satellite, where a small group of UFOs (unidentified flying objects) can be seen near its surface.

The images were recorded on March 26 from Montreal, Canada, thanks to the camera of a fan, who claims to have never noticed anything similar. They were subsequently published on Jean-Michel Tenac’s YouTube channel.

Many people who have seen the video and say they are professionals in editing audiovisual materials, commented that it is difficult to make this type of montage.

According to the Internet user who shared it on Twitter, it is almost impossible that the author of the clip has edited the video to put gigantic spaceships near the Moon, something that other users agreed on. But then, what do you see?

“I am also an editor, I make effects of transitions, zoom, slow and fast anchoring, I even put music on them, but I would not know how to make it look like three UFOs, I would have to use the ‘Fata Morgana’ effect which is a mirage or optical illusion and that is not exactly the easiest ”, wrote David Zabedrosky.

As for the explanation of the objects, many agreed that they could be meteorites, although they did not rule out the idea that they could be extraterrestrial ships:

“It is very likely that they are rocks or meteorites, not for nothing the Moon has many craters”, “I was struck by the projection of the shadow.”

“In my life I have seen UFOs twice and they are like that”, “You need to be 100 percent lucky to catch something like this” and “These days have been full of evidence, each one will have to be analyzed in detail”, were some from the comments.

Finally, and as part of the measures implemented to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 community contagion, the CIA invites the population to stay at home reading the UFO documents it has just declassified.

What’s your opinion about it? Will the images be real, or are they just another product of the CGI? Watch the following video and leave us your comment below.

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