Now that Joe Biden is locked in a head-to-head match up with socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, the former vice president is taking a hard left turn in hopes of appealing to progressives who back Sanders.

It’s an interesting strategy, given that Biden’s so-called moderate appeal may be the only angle he has going for him in taking on President Trump, however, as he would learn in Sunday night’s debate, if Biden wants to win the support of the hard left, he must not use legal terms like “alien.”

In a heavy Spanish accent, CNN moderator Ilia Calderón, a Univision anchor, said that both illegal immigrants and those here legally “are afraid to seek medical help,” before asking what he would do to ensure they “feel safe enough to get treatment to help stop the spread of coronavirus?”

“Anyone who shows up to be tested for coronavirus, or gets coronavirus and is treated, would be held harmless,” Biden said, reassuredly. “Just like I have argued all along, any woman who crosses the border or being beaten by her husband but she’s an undocumented, she cannot be deported because she reports.”

“There are certain things you cannot deport an undocumented alien for — uh, uh, an undocumented person for, and that would be one of them,” he said, quickly correcting himself.

“They will not, should not under any circumstances, be held accountable and be deported for that purpose. Period,” Biden added.

He also declared Sunday night that in the first 100 days of his administration, there would be no deportations whatsoever, and after that, only illegal aliens who’ve been convicted of felonies would be pursued or removal.

In effect, Biden called for a moratorium on deportations, making the United States as a whole a sanctuary nation for illegal immigrants.

Not to be outdone in pandering to the Hispanic vote, Sanders reiterated his intention to include illegal immigrants in his so-called “Medicare for All” — a program Sanders still can’t explain how to pay for.

WATCH: Bernie Sanders confirms that so-called “Medicare for All” would include illegal aliens.

Democrats want to raise taxes on middle-class American families and workers in order to give free health care to illegal aliens.#DemDebate

— Trump War Room – Text TRUMP to 88022 (@TrumpWarRoom) March 16, 2020

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel denounced the “radical” sanctuary city policies espoused by both candidates.

“Tonight, Americans saw two career politicians who are two sides of the same coin,” McDaniel said in a statement. “When they weren’t bickering, they were both touting their support for the same radical agenda, like a government takeover of health care, taxpayer funding for abortion, and sanctuary city policies.

“President Trump is working around the clock and taking decisive, aggressive action to prioritize the health and safety of the American people,” she added. “It is because of this strong leadership that President Trump, not whichever socialist the Democrats eventually nominate, will win re-election in November.”

As for Biden’s slip of the tongue, the open border left and their media allies long ago declared the phrase “alien” to be unacceptable, claiming it’s disparaging to migrants who come here illegally.

And they wasted no time letting Biden know:

He called them “undocumented aliens.” Sheesh.

— Marc Lamont Hill (@marclamonthill) March 16, 2020

The term “undocumented aliens” has no place in our political discourse.

Undocumented folks and asylum seekers are people, not aliens.

They deserve protection, care, freedom, and dignity — during a pandemic and always. #DemDebate

— Bend the Arc: Jewish Action (@jewishaction) March 16, 2020

Joe Biden, undocumented people are not aliens. Why are you using the terms that Trump and white nationalists use to talk abt immigrants? Treat undocumented immigrants like the humans that they are. #DemDebate

— Cristina Jiménez (@CrisAlexJimenez) March 16, 2020

It was really disappointing to hear VP Biden refer to undocumented immigrants as aliens. Words matter, they have power.

— Julissa Arce Raya (@julissaarce) March 16, 2020

Joe Biden, during @CNN debate, briefly forgets he represents the *woke* coalition, as he refers to someone in country illegally as an “undocumented alien,” before quickly correcting himself — “undocumented person.”

— James A. Gagliano (@JamesAGagliano) March 16, 2020

While @JoeBiden has recently made strides to unite the party, including in adopting progressive policies, the term “undocumented alien” should have no place in the Democratic vernacular #DemDebate

— Natalie Montelongo (@natimontelongo) March 16, 2020

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