There’s been an interesting, if not terribly informative development in the story of those UFOs encountered by the Nimitz aircraft carrier battle group back in 2004. As you may recall, there were three videos released over the past couple of years by the Navy through the efforts of To The Stars Academy (TTSA) showing encounters with bizarre flying objects exhibiting performance characteristics that defy much of our understanding of physics. One was from the Nimitz incident and the others were from a much later encounter involving the carrier Roosevelt. The videos were somewhat grainy and short in length. Many journalists have attempted to find out if more such videos exist, or at least if longer, clearer versions of the ones we’ve seen are available. All such requests were answered in the negative.

That is… until now. One researcher named Christian Lambright submitted a FOIA request to the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) back in October looking for some very specific information along these lines. He finally received a response recently. The military didn’t supply him with any new videos or documents, but they did concede that they located other documents and another video that would be applicable to his request. They could not release them, however, because the documents were classified TOP SECRET and the video footage was SECRET. Their release, the Navy claims, could cause “grave damage” to national security. This information was published recently by Paul Dean. (Emphasis added)

Our review of our records and systems reveal that ONI has no releasable records related to your request. ONI has searched our records for responsive documents. We have discovered certain briefing slides that are classified TOP SECRET. A review of these materials indicates that are currently and appropriate Marked and Classified TOP SECRET under Executive Order 13526, and the Original Classification Authority has determined that the release of these materials would cause exceptionally grave damage to the National Security of the United States. Specifically, under Section 1.4, the materials would trigger protections under subcategory c), the Intelligence Activities of the United States, as well as the Sources and Methods that are being used to gather information in support of the National Security of the United States. In addition, the materials would trigger protections under subcategory e), Scientific and Technological Matters related to the National Security of the United States. For this reason, the materials are exempt from release under the (b) (1) Exemption for Classified Matters of National Defense. As a result these records may not be released and are being withheld.

We have also determined that ONI possesses a video classified SECRET that ONI is not the Original Classification Authority for. ONI has forwarded your request to Naval Air Systems Command to make a determination on releasability…”

We should immediately place these revelations in context, so let’s review a couple of important points.

Starting early last year, the Pentagon seemed to grow tired of fielding all of these questions about UFOs and started referring all journalistic inquiries to a single spokesperson, Susan Gough. This is an important point to make because we’ve heard testimony from several of the sailors from the Nimitz battle group who witnessed these events saying that they remembered seeing longer videos. However, when journalists asked the Pentagon about this, Ms. Gough informed us on multiple occasions that those three videos were the only ones they had and no longer or clearer versions existed.

Now ONI has gone on record stating that there is at least one additional video from the Nimitz encounter and it can’t be released because it’s classified SECRET. (They are reviewing that classification to see if it can be changed now so perhaps we’ll eventually see it.) So once again we have the Pentagon, through Ms. Gough, saying there are no more videos and we have ONI saying there is at least one more. Both of these things can not be simultaneously true. In other words, somebody is lying… again.

Who should we believe? We might able to apply a bit of a logic test to this situation and come up with a pretty good guess. One possibility is that someone at the Office of Naval Intelligence has decided to fabricate a fairy tale about nonexistent UFO video footage and send it out to researchers and journalists to… I don’t know. Gaslight them?

The other possibility is that when the Pentagon was asked about additional videos they lied to us. You may recall that I wrote a rather lengthy screed about a month ago about the Pentagon (and really most of the government) and their somewhat dubious relationship with the truth. This is the same Susan Gough who told us repeatedly for many months that the AATIP program was real and it investigated UAPs. (That’s their term for UFOs now.) Then on December 7th, she inexplicably put out a statement saying that AATIP had never had anything to do with UAPs. She also told us that TTSA’s Louis Elizondo was never in charge of or associated with AATIP (which may still be true) while numerous other sources claim that he ran the program and his name shows up on one of the only verifiable documents about AATIP associated with Harry Reid.

So I don’t know, sports fans. If we have to decide whether ONI is fibbing or the Pentagon is, which way are you leaning?

One additional thing to note here is that the response from ONI speaks of a set of briefing slides and a single video. But if you follow the link and look at Lambright’s FOIA request, you’ll note that it is structured very specifically to request information relating to UAP encounters happening in relation to the Nimitz battle group over a period from 10-16 November 2004. Having battled through the FOIA process myself on a number of occasions, I can assure you that the government never, ever gives up more than they have to under the law. Lambright apparently got exactly what he asked for, but nothing more.

To put it bluntly, ONI might be sitting on thousands of documents and as many videos. But if they originated from any time prior to November 10, 2004, or any date from November 17th of 2004 to the present, or if they happened anywhere else in the world but the Nimitz training exercise area, they would not include those items in the response.

What does that mean? Well, we’ve heard from the pilots involved in both the 2004 Nimitz encounter and the 2015 Roosevelt incident that they’ve been seeing these things “all the time.” This happens frequently enough to alarm some senior people in the military and they want answers. If that’s the case, do you really think they only managed to record three (or now possibly four) videos in the past sixteen years (at a minimum)? Unlikely in the extreme.

This is yet another example that’s turned up of the government feeding us bogus information on this subject and being caught. More than likely they have a mountain of evidence and they’re withholding it all. And they’re still lying about it. Mind you, this still doesn’t automatically mean that any of this has anything to do with extraterrestrials. For example, why was the slide presentation and the other video so classified? Perhaps that evidence might reveal some secret program of ours or the Russians or the Chinese demonstrating incredible technological advancements. You could understand how that might need to be classified. But without emptying the bag entirely, they should tell us whether it’s one or the other. And just as a favor… STOP. LYING. TO. US.

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