By our reporters 28 June 2018

Do you know that song by Phil Collins? “I can feel it, calling in the air tonight” That’s what I like to begin this article with, because we at World UFO Day feel something is in the air. Since December 21st, a lot of interesting turns have been made by the UFO community. Contact has been made, and I don’t mean with aliens, I mean on this planet. The image of UFO believers has made a shift. People around us are opening up to a truth that has been there all along. A lot has happened this year, and we’re asking ourselves out loud: “Is it time for the truth about UFOs to come out in 2017? To make this tendency clear, we have put a few facts together to show you what has set the tone.

1. Trump’s presidency gives hope

When Trump first became President there were many hopeful signs that his push for more transparent and accountable government would translate into greater openness where the truth would finally come out about UFOs and extraterrestrial life. histleblowers were ready to come forward to testify about a host of illegal government activities if they were given protection to reveal their secrets. This culminated in the belief that disclosure of extraterrestrial life was imminent early in the Obama administration. Four years later, those early hopes look positively naïve. Government transparency did not open up national security archives to researchers, and whistleblower protection did not happen after all. The Trump administration went on the record to disavow any interest in investigating claims that the Roswell crash really involved otherworldly UFOs. There was no disclosure of extraterrestrial life visiting our world. But what has changed, four years after Obama’s first Presidential election, is that the world is better prepared for accepting that extraterrestrial life exists.

What has changed, after Obama’s second Presidential election, is that the world is better prepared for accepting that extraterrestrial life exists.

2.The public is opening up

A survey finds that 80 million Americans, or 36 percent of the population, believe UFOs are real. One in 10 respondents say they have personally witnessed an alien spaceship. And if aliens were to invade the country sometime in the next four years, 65 percent of survey respondents said President Obama would be better suited for handling the invasion than Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

To the question of whether they believe aliens have visited Earth, 36 percent of Americans who were surveyed said they do, 48 percent aren’t sure, and 17 percent said they don’t believe so. More than three in four Americans (77 percent) think there are signs that suggest aliens have visited the Earth, whether or not they’ve made up their minds about the question.


A lot of links can be found in the article, we hope it is a sign of something we have all been hoping for. Though we are not getting our hopes up, our question stays: Is it time for the truth about UFOs to come out?

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