A Dundee man believes he may have had a close encounter of the third kind after spotting two mysterious objects in the sky.

Stephen Bigg had clocked the objects across the waters of the River Tay in the early hours of Friday.

The two orange blobs were visible from his home on Ann Street on the Hilltown.

He suggested the floating orbs could be classed as unidentified flying object (UFO).

He said: “As I looked out from my flat they were to the left of the rail bridge over in the direction of Fife.

“Looking from where I was they looked as big as the sun going down.

“I’ve lived here for three and half years and I’ve never seen anything like this.

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“I do believe it’s a UFO – what else could it be?”

Within the footage Stephen captured, one of the objects disappears before mysteriously emerging again as they both appear to be hovering in close proximity to one another.

Tony Hayes, who is on the committee of the Dundee Astronomical Society, said there is a more rational explanation for the sighting.

He suggested that the object may have been connected to the helicopter sightings during the day on Friday.

Crews from PDG Aviation had been filming as part of Martin Compston’s new show Traces.

He added: “Looking at the big light and the smaller light that are visible it would lead me to believe it is a helicopter.

“I know there was a number of people that had spotted the helicopter that had been filming on Friday morning, so it may have been connected to that.”

PDG Aviation had been approached for comment to confirm if they’d also been filming in the early hours of Friday but hadn’t responded at the time of going to press.

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