THIS is the strange moment a Scot appears to capture a UFO whizzing through his garden in Paisley.

Andy Graham was shocked to find the unidentified object zoom passed his CCTV.

The bizarre orb floats across the sky

The Paisley man told how he was gobsmacked to see the weird orb fly through his property in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The footage shows a bright, circular light travel from the top right hand corner of the screen across the garden.

It reflects off the shed before disappearing off-screen.

And perplexed Andy is desperate for answers as to what – or who – he caught on video.

UFOs ‘spotted’ flying over Donald Trump’s Turnberry golf course in Ayrshire sky

The peculiar sight of the orb freaked out Andy

Speaking exclusively to Scottish Sun Online: “It’s a strange one for sure.

“I checked my footage on my CCTV and basically as u can see it captured something.

“You can see a strange object fly through the air then manoeuvre past the camera.

“I’m no expert on aliens but the more I look at it the more I can just tell it is definitely something very strange.

“I don’t want to outright say I think it was aliens in case people think I’m daft but I just knew I had to share it with the world, it sure is something out of the ordinary.

“You can see the reflection fly pass by on the shed, that proves it isn’t a blip on the camera, it really did catch something.

“It has no wings or anything so it isn’t a drone either, It is about a foot long as well.

“I just don’t know what it is.

“I wouldn’t even say I definitely believe in aliens I would have thought that was allowed of nonsense, but looking at this footage I just don’t know anything for sure now.”



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It’s not the first time in the past few months that strange sightings have been spotted by Scots.

We recently told how a golf lover was convinced he’d seen FOUR UFO’s flying over Donald Trump’s Turnberry course.

And one lad also thought he spotted a UFO in Wick – just after the Bells on New Years Day.

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