Dying CIA Agent Reveals Government Alien Contact, Area 51 Secrets, Black Ops And UFO Knowledge.
Interviewed in a secret location on March 5, 2013, this man gives his deathbed confession about what he saw during his time working for the US government.
In 1958, he began training for military service where only the top five students were accepted. He was the third.
He was then offered a position as an instructor, but was later approached by his boss asking him if he wanted to make “a little extra money.”
His boss explained to him that if he agreed, he would have to get a top secret White House clearance for the job.
That’s when his job with the CIA began.
Now, after nearly 50 years of service, he tells the truth about US Government alien contact, Area 51 secrets, black ops and UFO knowledge.
This is information that he did not want to take to his grave with him!

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