Fisherman Records A Video Of Mysterious Lights Over Dark Atlantic

A 90-second video has made rounds on social media after many viewers raised questions about a possible UFO sighting off the coast of North Carolina.

Video licensing agency ViralHog posted the recording on November 29 stating that it was taken on mid-November at Cape Lookout located in the southernmost point of the Core Banks.

 When asked for a comment about the possible UFO sighting, National Park Service officials at Cape Lookout National Seashore said they weren’t sure what the set of mysterious lights might be. All they could say that those lights were peculiar.

Viral Hog did not provide the name of the fisherman, but someone named C.R. Larkin posted the same video on November 24, revealing that it was recorded on November 13 off Cape Lookout, between 9 and 10 pm.

According to the story, he rebaited his hooks at around 9 pm, cast them out in to the surf and walked back to his chair. When he turned back to the ocean, he saw a very bright light in the sky that was stationary and silent. It faded in and out throughout the next hour and sometimes became multiple lights.

The lights disappeared at one point for almost 20 minutes and then reappeared much closer to his position, according to the fisherman.

I’m a firm believer that many of the purported UFO sightings are actually American “Assets” that we are not privy to. Our military with their “black budgets” have many toys that they play with. In my humble opinion we taxpayers paid for a lot of these “unidentified” objects.

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