Alongside Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, free college, reparations, abolishing the second amendment, abortion after birth, and publicly executing every unwoke billionaire, there is a new policy trend in the Democratic Party — aliens.

Sanders recently became the third 2020 presidential candidate, after Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard, to join the popular podcaster and MMA commentator Joe Rogan for a long-form interview. At the end of the hour-long podcast, Sanders and Rogan had a light-hearted exchange where Rogan asked if a hypothetical President Sanders would reveal the U.S. government’s knowledge about extraterrestrial life. He agreed, and even said he would do it on Rogan’s show.

Sanders has long been known for his policy entrepreneurship in the evolving landscape of the Democratic Party. This time however, he appears to be following the accursed neoliberal establishment, instead of forging a new political frontier. (RELATED: Bernie Sanders Tells Joe Rogan He’ll Let Him Know If Aliens Are Real If He’s President)

During the 2016 presidential election none other than Hillary Clinton and one of her top aides, John Podesta fomented new curiosity around the U.S. government’s role in covering up evidence of extraterrestrial life. Podesta was adamant on transparency during an interview with Vox’s Ezra Klein, saying the government should disclose the information it has on unidentified aerial phenomena (the more technical term for UFO). Podesta’s curiosity is actually a life-long passion. His 50th birthday party was themed after the show the X-Files and he even held a fan club about the show during his stint as Chief of Staff in the Clinton White House.

John Podesta looks on prior to the start of the Presidential Debate at Hofstra University on September 26, 2016 (Getty Images)

Clinton’s interest in the topic has been long-lived as well. During her husband presidency she was seen with the book “Are We Alone,” and during the 2016 presidential election she referenced possibly declassifying the government’s materials on the issue on several occasions. (RELATED: Wikileaks: Apollo Astronaut Contacted Podesta About UFOs And Aliens)

But some of the more popular theorizers on the government’s possession of extraterrestrial material think there is a fundamental difference between Clinton and Sanders’ claims. In an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller, Dr. Michael Salla, the Founder of the Exopolitics Institute said that Clinton’s offers were much more credible than Sanders’.

According to Salla, “members of congress receive some classified briefings on extraterrestrial technology,” but Sanders, as a fringe member of the Senate, has never been in a high-profile enough position in Congress to be included in those briefings. As to why other members of Congress who may be privy have remained silent, Salla says that the penalties for divulging classified national security information for members of congress are stiff, explaining the general silence from high-ranking House and Senate members on the issue.

Clinton and Podesta on the other hand, being deeply involved in the Clinton White House, would have been given access to at least some information not available to the general public and would in a much more credible position to talk about declassification, according to Salla.

Based on Salla’s research, the federal programs that oversee extraterrestrial issues are compartmentalized, and information about them is kept on a strictly need-to-know basis. This secrecy frequently extends to almost any transient political appointee according to Salla, meaning even officials like the Secretary of State and the Director of the CIA, depending on who they are, may never be briefed on the information during their tenure. This need-to-know paradigm extends all the way to the top, leading to many presidents not even knowing what information exists.

When asked who the last President with full knowledge of the U.S. government’s extraterrestrial research was, Salla claimed George H.W. Bush was likely the last, given his stint as head of the CIA prior to his presidency and his close relationship with the federal intelligence bureaucracy.

U.S. senators from the states of Texas and Maine introduced legislation to put the likeness of former President George H.W. Bush and first lady Barbara Bush on limited edition currency in 2019 to honor their memory. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Salla claims that simply running on a platform of disclosure pre-empts any President from receiving the classified information on extraterrestrial life and technology to begin with. Ergo, Sanders and to a lesser degree Clinton would both be barred or lied to about the information being retained by the government, because of the national security and stability concerns associated with disclosure that worry the American intelligence bureaucracy.

A popular thread of logic during the Trump administration has been a waning of enthusiasm and speculation about the federal government’s extraterrestrial knowledge under the assumption that if the feds had that information, the president would know, and that President Trump would have tweeted about it by now. Salla’s belief that the president is rarely made privy to this information provides an alternative explanation. When I asked him who he thought the highest-ranking official in the administration that would be knowledgeable is, he said:

“I struggle to think of any senior official in the Trump administration that would have been given access to this information … Mattis, who is no longer with the administration, may have been the only one, given his military history. The new Secretary of Defense is another that might, since the research and development of extraterrestrial tech is frequently outsourced to corporations, and Esper has a history in the industry.”

The growing distrust in American institutions sometimes expresses itself as interest in aliens and government cover-up related to them, despite the interest in the issue taken by establishment figures like John Podesta. Whereas previous speculation on the issue would have led people to believe the government was hiding secret information on extraterrestrials, a more cynical public that has seen the incompetence of government officials is now trending towards the notion that perhaps there isn’t anything to see. (RELATED: SEARS: Raiding Area 51 Is A Great Idea)

If there is though, chances are a President Sanders won’t be the one to tell us about it.

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