An independent ufology researcher suggests that the government still isn’t telling us the whole truth about their UFO research, even with the recent Department of Defense admission that they “used to” have an unidentified flying object research program. He says that the recent Pentagon admissions give credence to what ufologists have been saying for decades, but is there even more information we should be looking for? “Obviously, if the Pentagon has spent $22 million studying UFO’s long after they officially declared them not to be of interest, this means there must be more to the story,” said Jeremy Efroymson, an Indianapolis artist and philanthropist who is state director of the Indiana Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network, or MUFON. “I think this does give more credibility to MUFON.” MUFON categorizes and researches UFO sightings from around the world. Though you have to be a member to search their database, it contains thousands of pictures of unidentified craft. Though they

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