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Undeniably, UFO’s and ET’s have taken many minds by storm, and for good reason! This is a subject with the power to change our world as we know it in SO many ways and humanity is becoming increasingly more ready to explore this subject.

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So what do UFO sightings do for this subject of conversation? They provide just that, a conversation. A chance to expand our minds and consciousness further as we imagine beyond our everyday accepted reality. As we explore the potential of what these objects and the intelligence that may control them means, we expand the way we think of ourselves and our world, effectively shifting our consciousness.

Given the mass consciousness shift we’re experiencing on this planet right now, this fits right in.

There have been a ton of new sightings over the past couple years, you can see them here, but this one is a bit older. We’re going to look at it as it’s quite fascinating.

The UFO Sighting

It was a regular night in Queensland Australia when witness and filmer Jack Purcell’s mother pointed out the lights in the sky to him.

“We were all just sitting out the front and my mum pointed to the sky and said ‘look at that colourful plane flying over’,” Purcell said.

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“Then it came to a sudden stop and was just hovering there. So I ran inside and grabbed my video camera.”

Purcell stated that when when the police tried to ‘call it in’ with a police helicopter the unidentified object would turn its lights off and disappear.

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“It was really strange. I was quite skeptical of these things but it just blew my mind.”

This is what Jack wrote about what he saw as he posted his video to YouTube: “Ok so I’m pretty sure I’ve captured a UFO on camera. Early last night we saw flashing lights in the sky and I ran and got my camera to record it. The cops came straight away and told everyone that they had no idea what it was and they were going to “call it in”. When I ran inside to get my phone, everyone said that they saw another huge light twice it’s size zoom across the sky and disappear. At the end of this video, I slowed the footage down and stabilized it and you can clearly see that it’s a giant triangle with flashing lights. after I finished recording, it zipped down really quickly and vanished. so weird. sorry about the shaky footage, it was filmed on my handheld camera.”


This video was of course met with skepticism and most people thought it was a drone. This was the first thing I began to research when writing this as well. Being a Phantom drone owner, I know what they look like, how they function and the color and pattern of the flash on the lights. I knew this couldn’t be stock settings as a stock drone does not look like that in the sky at all. The video I did find of aftermarket lights for Phantom’s still doesn’t come close to resembling this pattern. So to me, the drone explanation doesn’t work yet.

Jack states in response to people asking if this was a radio controlled device: “For those saying that it could be an RC craft or ‘quad-copter’, keep in mind that this thing was at least four times the size of the police helicopters that flew by. It’s also the shape of a giant triangle, as you can easily see in 720p if you pause directly on 4:15. This thing was also flying with the point of the triangle facing behind it, which is extremely odd in terms of aerodynamics. If somebody can make a remote controlled object that big, and fly it around like this, then make it vanish like it did, i would like to see the video.”

This leads to one of the challenges with deducing truth from any video like this. Often times seeing the footage second hand, i.e. not being there, doesn’t allow us to know things like size, height, what it looked like to the naked eye. Jack is stating what he saw, but ‘expert commenters’ online believe they know the truth based on what they see second hand. Typically this is where intelligent conversations around what these things might actually be ends. But I hope to change that by inspiring us to truly think critically about this versus just trying to brush things off with a cheap explanation.

We must realize that the evidence for UFO’s and ET’s goes so much further beyond YouTube and Facebook. The denial culture is truly one we must begin to look at to realize what is actually happening out there. A great place to start is the groundbreaking documentary called Unacknowledged which you can find on Netflix.

Gold Coast Police admitted they were notified about the flying object but believed it was likely a radio controlled device. A spokesman from the department added : “If it was anything larger it would have been picked up by the air control radars.”

Or would it have? That’s assuming our detection technologies would undeniably pick up the flying object.

If you are interested in exploring this subject seriously and further, here is a great place to start.

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