Recently on “Phenomenon Radio” we heard Jeremy Corbell say:

“I will tell you this now and I will be proven right later, but I’ll put it on the record now, that there are multiple UFO programs going at this time that are not being named right now, and there are four in particular that will probably come out.”

Now, thanks to the always valuable research of Giuliano Marinkovic we have this quote from the well respected Dr. Bernard Haisch:

“The following is conjecture.

Sources tell me that this is merely the tip of the iceberg. A group of four related but separate unacknowledged SCI programs tracing back to a 1947 Truman memorandum still exist and were housed as of the 1990s in major aerospace companies such as for example Lockheed, TRW, Raytheon, Aerospace Corp. etc. These would be expensive programs since the cost of secrecy can be several times higher than the research. The AATIB program has no relation to these four much better funded deep black ones. Indeed, the black programs collectively have budgets in the $10B range and up. Topics apparently include both reverse engineering and extraterrestrial biology. The AATIP did find the UFO crash retrieval program via official channels, but was denied access to it because the AATIP itself is not a SAP. Sen. Harry Reid petitioned the DoD to confer SAP status to the AATIP, but the DoD denied his request.”

Jeremy Corbell replied to Guiliano‘s social media post:

“Gold brother. Gold.”

George Knapp also replied to Guiliano on social media:

“Dr. Haisch is well respected and well connected. His “speculation” is not idle chit chat.”

Even as a rumor, this is legitimate information that should be taken seriously. The information drop we have heard so much about in 2019 starts now. It’s history in the making.

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