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Netflix has a documentary about the conspiracy theories concerning aliens, the US military, and government secrets. The documentary, called Unacknowledged, is a great way to spend an evening.

Whether you are already into deep dives on YouTube or you’re skeptical about the existence of any of what was mentioned above, this 1hr, 43min long documentary will grab your attention and take you on a wild ride. From start to finish, the revelations made will shock you. To be taken with a grain of salt…

TL;DR “Unacknowledged” offers a really intriguing insight into the world of alien conspiracy theories.

The documentary follows “noted UFO expert” David Greer as he uncovers evidence about extraterrestrial life through interviews with witnesses and presents classified government documents.

Unacknowledged differs from other conspiracy documentary in the way that it presents its evidence. Though much of the evidence is disputable (I don’t want to spoil too much), the interviewees go beyond rural farmers and self-proclaimed experts.

Greer interviews a host of people, from former high-level government employees to soldiers of various backgrounds and nationalities. 

People have been taking to social media to rave about the documentary:

If you have not watched Unacknowledged on Netflix. Go. Watch it now. Amazing🤯

— Trevor Compton (@TrevorCompton03)

@Dr_Camouflage_ @Stuart74354250 if you’ve got Netflix check out Unacknowledged. Stu please be careful this is going to blow your mind.

— HF (@hawkflyer44)

You should all watch #unacknowledged on #netflix the technology that exists currently is crazy!!!

— Anna Cowan (@x_Aryanova_x)

I’m watching this documentary on @netflix called Unacknowledged and it is crazy! If you think we are the “only ones” you’re living a damn lie. #aliensarereal #wearentalone #tellusthetruth

— Melissa Ann (@MeliciousGinger)

Dr. Greer expounds the view that government-sanctioned programs, programs so secret that not even the president is aware of them, are doing research into UFOs, aliens, and advanced technologies.

And some of his evidence is extremely compelling. So, go ahead. Let Dr. Greer sit in front of an ominously dark background and convince you that we are not alone. 

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