The hour of truth (global earthquake) and the total overthrow of the Novus Ordo Seclorum (of secularism) approach to the followers of deception, manipulation and democratic corruption that are the Franks near secular masonries of his international Socialist, as well as for the close world of the Illuminati of Zionist and capitalist ideology that are supporters of the antichrist, and after that the order Satanic United States of Russia, of the European Union, China, the India and global and Brazil, have in the land of Islam called for censorship, tyranny and dictatorship of the military juntas who set up the mess after will be separated from the laws of Allah with the principle of secular disbelief came from France, in order to repopulate settlers Zionists lay the Holy Land of the Muslims in Palestine while expelling them from their homes and their land, which before Allah which is not one-eyed, this land of no lay Muslims, it is sacred and inviolable in front of Allah who is not blind, as it is the God of the franc anti-religious military lay masonry and anti-islam.

With displayed on the banner below ‘Rayat’ the odd number of 1999 (09991) in rationality with an even number of the Kaaba to 1 618 033 who is none other than the sign code and encrypted Union O for the community Muslim woman between 19 letters of the Basmallah with the 99 most beautiful names of Allah (swt). In a link obvious with sign by Allah (swt) who is none other than that of the last eclipse solar total of the 20th century that took place on 11 August 1999 in order to open the era of the 3Rd Millennium and which was found throughout the northern hemisphere of Europe but especially in Paris who is none other than the city of light (truth) in rationality with the other city of light (truth) is the Holy City of Medina. The encoded 19 digit letters of the Basmallah which is other than the true ‘el haq”and one of the 99 servants of Allah has been verified (accessed) during a night of the 9th month of Ramadan of the lunar calendar of the Hegira (1433) emigration in the direction of Mecca, and just before the Hajj from 2012 in conjunction with the 9th month of the solar calendar in 2012.

In order to unite it under one banner to return to Jerusalem and set up the Islamic foundations with real rules, real justice, real principles of equality and true laws, in the lands of Islam, all of which each must comply by following the will of God the Lord (swt) that is unique and without partner (es) being above justice and laws established by the infidels and hypocrites, for having sent the last Messenger and last Prophet of humanity that is Muhammad (saaws), but also in order to unite the Muslim community to defeat the cult of the occult, hidden in the shadow of the religions, that are the pyramids of the illuminati in the service of their false Messiah and his single eye, which is none other than thought unique elite, not only by being close to Zionism, and then the horns of satan responsible for the fitna to have followed the United States in 1947 created Israel, without forget the fascism of Freemasonic with their Novus secularism Ordo Seclorum (secular) with etye implementation in Arabic countries, as in Algeria and then implement the censorship and global slavery of the 3 great political pyramids of Giza that is capitalism whose Arab monarchies are supporters of this ideology of race to riches came from Britain, not to mention censorship and global slavery of 2 other pyramids of the secular Freemasons, as are those of socialism and communism whose evidence you are presented to the new world order of this website chapter

Eye of Antichrist to Morocco with his Pentagon star on its flag of Islamic deceit and monarchist usurpation is the friend of the United States that monitors Europe with its high-tech look, prepares your Moroccan nation see it a disappear in one night from the surface of the world, because on this page in this website who is spied since 2007 and Roswell then censored since 2012, there is evidence for people who think and who will be rewarded for all their evil works , including those of plotting a kidnapping, to spy on and censor a Muslim site, follow a Muslim in these every move while monitoring his Youtube (that of Jean Valjean) account on who is on the side of Muslims oppressed by the system of economic and financial liberalism of privatization and races to the wealth set up by the friends of Satan in the nearby Muslim community of religions Protestant, Zionist and Orthodox with their golden calf that implements global censorship that reduced in slavery the without grades and the wordless located at the bottom of the pyramid illuminated by the eye of the Franks lay masonry having based their unqiue eye cult in London in 1723 on the Constitutions of Anderson, and the initiative of John Montagu (2th Duke of Montagu having left no descendants) which here is shown below and in image, proof of their Masonic symbol located in the clouds (heaven) with a Chariot of fire, one of their Satanic bible which is other than a UFO amongst a fleet of UFOS piloted by beings human eye single, followers of the false Messiah of the Franks lay masonry that will is burn wings, and their conspiracy with them.

And personally, if I have a Council has give any believer (e) on veritablemet Muslim (e) “submitted” completely laws of God, away supporters of this new world order Masonic and secular, because their end approaches you with their new world order Socialist, capitalist and Communist race to wealth, because if you follow them, so you will join them in hell to remain there forever, after having been warned by the final Messenger Muhammad (saaws).

Actually Satan worshippers in Arabic of deception, just like monarchies military juntas African and secular infidelities to the laws of Allah, Allah is not blind, you should know to have received the message of the last Messenger Muhammad) saaws) sent by God to warn of a huge punishment all rebellious people has its laws. Because by the revealed commandments of God has Moses (aws) on Mount Tor, it does not represent Allah with a look of espionage which then starts plotting and a censor, and in very, very, very short time, you’ll see for sure , especially the peoples Arab and black Africans that are friends of the anglo-saxons, Etatts United, the Russia, China and the Germans, then the France secular are supporters of globalization, privatization and races to the riches, including those the UFO to then better take to God (for the creator of all things), and harder will be your downfall by what he has promised and revealed in a coded language of the Holy Koran.

When the children of Israel who have implemented this global conspiracy after being the first people to receive revelation for should erase it from their book, if you knew what wait it in front of Allah: the worse punishment than a single God and without assoccie (es) has promised the rebel children who will be inflicting his creation having betrayed his creator, and this will either with other peoples who have blindly followed the children of Israel in their rebellion to the will of God, first of which, the nation African who loves US dollars as Europeans Euros, where you find the more of israelites is the great friend of the United States: the Morocco of infidelities to the laws of Allah clearly revealed in the Holy Qur’an, which those about the strict ban on practice and eat some banking and financial interest (ribaa) which are so close to the French banks secular, Anglo-Saxon, German, British, Canadian, Australian and American friends of the Juntas military African allies of the United States of America with their network AFRICOM to the Pentagon in Washington with the echelon network, stars of espionage and the PRISM program CIA and NSA so close its Moroccan ally and its Masonic Pentagon displayed on its flag combined with monarchies Arabic of petro-dollars has put on orbitre, then financed Al Qaida to be has the balance of the United States of America with his new world order censoring the revelation on the case of UFO that have nothing to do with the extra terrestrial.

In memory of Mr. James Forrestal (15 February 1892, died 22 may 1949) see the link to the chapter a conspiracy (a conspiracy) but if this chapter has been censored to see even falsified by of large plotters who on Wikipedia monopoly to change information to better hide. Then read the chapter chapter dedicated in memory of the first Secretary of State to the defence of the United States who did not die in vain, and who was psychologically (Assassination allegations) driven to suicide by the enemies of all humanity, because not only he was one of the few advocates for the revelation of this secret to the general public, having been kept on the case of Roswell in 1947, but above all, because he was against the creation of the Zionist State of Israel, which would bring any instability in the world, not only by the grace of this materialistic globalization of slavery which was decreed a certain 11 September 1990 then implemented place by the elites close to globalization by being immersed in their rivalry with their 3 great pyramids of Giza are communism, socialism and capitalism is being invited was the table of religions, while having manipulated them then manipulated with the complicity of dictators and usurpers and conspirators concealed within the Muslim religion. But after Satan (Shayatne) which does not resemble a human being of alien origin, will be put on the path of God (swt) to mislead and to divide the community into  multitude of sects via the superpower American who created Israel, not only for all their lust of the material wealth having been placed in their hearts to then reach the top of the temporal power putting in place their tyranny and their dictatorship against the world clerics of Islam. And for others still after Satan (Shayatne) started on the path of God (swt) into their races the number of deaths for all the hate having been placed in their hearts by murdering innocent people not guilty of only corruption on the Earth, then above all brothers and sisters of the same religion, after having been implemented, then manipulated and exploited through the horns of Satan hidden in Arabia are allies of the United States and England close to Israel, no only, after a community, who because of his emigration to the West, believes have been blessed for export in the lands of Islam (of peace between brothers and sisters of the same religion) lifestyle decadent and backward of the Western world which is incompatible with the Muslim lifestyle, thus born in the land of Islam and in the hearts of men, not just lust, jealousy, corruption, then terrorism and assassinations of civil and Muslim populations, in having forgotten this divine “Do not” Bill murder innocent people not guilty of corruption on Earth, as well as the brothers and sisters of the same religion while ending has her own life”, in order to not create what the plotters were looking in Muslim land, and who is none other than the fitna) Division) and terrorism between brothers and sisters of the same religion which has no borders, without distinction of color and languages, thus putting in place fascism, oppression, tyranny and dictatorship of the followers and allies of the West, and therefore Israel of the France, United States, England, EU, the Russia, China and the United nations.

For if God wants it is a quick return to the origins of the true Muslim religion, the one of truth, honesty, peace, the justices, equalities, the right middle, of favours and solidarity between Muslim community which is without borders, by the grace and blessing of a union sacred between brothers and sisters of the same religion against the enemies of the Muslim world who want to impose their will on the Muslim world, but before the ones and the others go to their grave, or well before the appearance of the 10 major signs of the end times which already occurred in the very distant past, that without exception they preach the one religion of obedience (Muslim) has all the will of the Lord of the heavens and the Earth (swt). that are peace and union between brothers and sisters of the same religion which will be the only philosophy approved by the most beneficent (swt) while pleading with all of their soul and all their heart, forgiveness of Allah (swt) after taking the way from misguidance , especially, after the enemies of Islam (peace) between brothers and sisters of the same religion have divided the Muslim world led currently by dictators are the mounafiqoune in the pay of the United States, China, the Russia, the European Union and their close dictatorships in their 3 principles of Socialist, Communist and capitalist establishment by the principle of secularism having forgotten this Holy Word of Allah (swt) which was revealed in the Holy Qur’an “lane dinoukoum wa liya dine which translates by “you your religion” (lifestyle and beliefs) and us our religion (our lifestyle and our belief) “which is evidenced by the sacred word of the Lord of the heavens and the Earth (swt) revealed in the Holy Qur’an or in the true religion of Allah (swt) it does not exist” e no constraint, including the principle of globalization.

So that finally, in a union between brothers and sisters of the same religion starting from East to West and North to South, the 3 great pyramids of Giza and secularism disappear has forever after have been illuminated by the star of China, then the United States and the European Union, but also by the Eagle of the great Russia, and after the United nations have been directed then advised by powerful occult forces, including in particular by the Zionist Israel star.

THE chapter of ROSWELL and 1947 giving within the globalization of POLITICO-FINANCIER FUNDAMENTALISM that, before your eyes, is followed by his new FUNDAMENTALIST POLITICO-FINANCIERE of the 21St century, because the link between ILLUMINATI, ROSWELL, CREATION of the State of ISRAEL, JERUSALEM, Star SIRIUS with SLIDERS MHD (Magnetohydrodynamics) that are UFOS and FURTIVE ANTI-GRAVITES DRONES belonging to the great PYRAMIDS of GIZA are the 3 systems MATERIALSITE 3 of the SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM AND CAPITALISM HAVING BEEN SET UP BY THE PRINCIPLE OF SECULARISM.

Policy that will disappear from the surface of the middle and Near East, being replaced by a single State, one of the Palestine incorporated within a Muslim with Jerusalem as the spiritual capital of peace by becoming one and indivisible from the Muslim world which is without distinction of race and langagesen is actually submitted, and truly obedient has all wishes of the highest God, because no one is eternal, except God alone who is without partner (es).

Not only, unlike the fundamentalists and extremists of materialists and other tyrants that are hidden within the Muslim religion miscreants who do not teach the true Muslim spiritual religion of Islam which stands side material, in order to free the consciences by separating the material to the spiritual. Because in the true religion, the word “Kafir” Arabic which in French translates as “infidel and unbeliever” following dictionaries academician of Larousse, Hachette, Robert and other books, meaning infidel to the will of God for not teaching the true religion, truth and submission to the laws of Allah (swt) announced in the Holy Quran, and who have nothing to do with the laws of the secularism of the Freemasons, where there still, the term and the links that exist between the unfaithful words to the true religion which is ratach e and made the link with the word disbelief in God.

But also unlike Zionist Israel of children become rebellious and rebel alongside his father creator, what are the United States of America entered the era of modernity and high technology of the massih dajjal (antichrist) in rebellion against the will of God after you have created the State of Israel which had nothing to do with democracy, where his new world order followed by his new deal economic and otherwise, the corruption of politicians reign has all levels with been in place by powerful sponsors hidden in the world of the economic power of business and finance, which continues to take place within the fundamentalist world policies on the right, left and Center. And she or he who thinks otherwise, then this person may not be an impostor, a materialist atheist, see even an infidel, an unbeliever or a kaafir concealed within the Muslim community who does not preach the true Muslim religion.

And Yes, you find today this symbol of world domination passed by the imperial Eagle, but with headed the United States joined by all its allies in the NATO Pact, it is also the representation of the domination of the Russian empire on a large part of Asia and a willingness of rivalry with the West and domination over the rest of the world, just like the Eagle which was adopted by Napoleon Bonaparte in photo below, and just like the one which was adopted by the nazis with Adolf Hitler in photo below you will also notice and as described in this chapter by irrefutable evidence, but except for the Kafirounes (the unbelievers who do not teach the true Muslim religion) and who will not recognize their bewilderment by an alliance between tyrants and dictators, including the fascists of Ba’athists who pretend to be Muslims with the imperial Eagle of tyranny and the Nazi dictatorship that was other than that of the socialist imperialism.

And that at the time of the Prophet Jesus (aws) the imperial Eagle was none other than the representation of the rule of the empire Roman on the world at the time, the Eagle of the empire Roman represented on one of his coins in photo below, and who was other than the planning of oppression and tyranny on the religious world of the time, the oppression and the tyranny that was identical to that of today practiced on the religious world, but especially on the true religion which has not been altered and ten tampered with “one of” “real Muslims standing on the hardware side”, by disinformation, except of course the method has changed, but the principle is always the same, and that, in order to control the wealth of raw materials so that these tyrants can no only to preserve their throne in having it installed by the powerful lobbies of the New Deal (new deal of the established order), but above all, their system of the injustices of slavery, tyranny and oppression on the world truly Muslim, by the grace of their alliance between imperialist and secular nations want the conspirators for centuries and centuries

Because of the symbol of the blind eye of Horus representing the eye of the Falcon God in Egyptian mythology who is none other than the representation of the imperial Eagle adopted by the anti-religious, the anti-Islam and anti-Muslim, and then by the impostors making you think they believe in the existence of God, so that them even, and at most deep in their belief they do not, because these impostors believe and do believe has the existence of extra terrestrial life that would have created life on Earth, reference to the cabal of Masons francs hidden in the vatican, but also to those who in space into believing was their search for extraterrestrial life while implementing their plot of divisions of brothers and sisters of the same religion, and to the middle of Masonic globalization, in which Barack Obama, belongs well despite him, at the 32ND degrees of the lodge of Prince Hall Mason all located near Harvard University in which Barack Obama studied and whose emblem Masonic compass and square of the plotters anti-Islam is shown in photo below, around this obvious evidence of his speech on the war in Iraq pronounced on 28 December 2007 in the city of monks (Iowa) in front of the Center Scottish Masonic rites that is directly attached has the Grand Masonic Lodge of Great Britain presented to you sister Barack Obama Frank Mason in the 32ND degrees in order to gather a maximum of military forces in Afghanistan After having handled then created and armed the Mujahideen of the people against Red fascism, then closer to the Iran that its policy is being against the Zionist, as well as ideology, was near Saddam Hussein politics of the secularism, and everyone remembers the historical facts with false accusations of weapons of mass destruction having been implemented for a vile advantage of the plotters are Zionist children of Israel to have sow disorder then the corruption on Earth.

Then in the turmoil of the Imperial Eagles Russian and American, which are followed by their respective allies, comes that of the Chinese of today Dragon empire of materialistic Freemasonry of the single thought Asian with the cult of the personality set up with Communist and Socialist philosophies Dragon who is none other than the representation of power and the eternity of Imperial China with his intentions of war to dominate the world, while devouring the contents first she can find in the world, in Chinese philosophy the term Dragon is often employee as being “descendants of the dragon” to designate one of 2 people that were the Ya’juj and my ‘ juj, and who several hadiths of Muhammad (saaws) who you are presented at the end of the chapter at the end of a world of this website, it is stated that they will be swept away by birds has long neck coming out of a time warp, which the Chinese dragon looks suspiciously like the pterodactyl of the Jurassic period and which is another that the ancestor of the birds of today, including the plotters of Chinese while being hidden in the shadows, also seeks a controlling these same time distortions…

The dragon who in Chinese and Asian in General, spirituality is none other than a sign of ethnic identity a racist connotation in order to become the herities of the planet, while no is melengeant not with other ethnic groups, has only to reduce modern and feudal slavery other inferior races was that of Asians with a ruling caste system found in the Brhamaniquue Hindu ideology for the good be material of the population of the Chinese and Indian population at the top of the pyramid, unlike the religion of Islam or all ethnicities gathered without distinction of ethnic groups and of belonging has a social layer any for the well being spiritual and material all and by the principles basic equality and social justice with a fair and equitable sharing of all the leisures, also of spiritual and material, because without the other are inseparable, so that it can be a temporal balance in pure society that the peace between individuals is based on the divine commandments.

Besides, and as evidence, in China, the dragon always inspires a lot of respect in Chinese culture. It is a taboo to dishonour a representation of the dragon; Thus, an advertising campaign made by Nike, featuring the American basketball player LeBron James, who killed a dragon (as if it broke the figure to an old master of Kung Fu), has been; immediately censored by the Chinese Government after a public outcry noting irreverence to the dragon

The 3 major powers of the world are the United States, the Russia and China followed their allies rivaling block against block, ideology against ideology in order to dominate the world and better control the wealth of raw materials, as well as their prices to then make them climb for the good be material and financial elites of the 3 major powers of this world which sets up the leaders of tyrants and dictators who detaches from the Muslim religion of Islam based on ideologies totalitarian and dictatorial capitalism, socialism and the new red and green fascism of the left and the extreme left caviar, see even the indignant ideology of regionalism that has nothing do with real religion Islamic, be it either through coups d ‘ état of velvet or jasmine, for then better install tyranny, dictatorship and censorship followers of secularism based on a single principle of the imposture of the rights of man, through a democracy misleading and false freedom of religious expression in every part of society (schools, colleges, public service and universities)

“In the middle of globalization at all levels put in place by this false democracy, who as a prostitute of Babylon with nothing of theocratic, sell to the fundamentalist power of the lobbies that are minorities having nothing of Muslim” obedient Muslim laws”, that are very anti-religious, materialistic and political emigration from pressure groups by passing the religious fundamentalists, so that then these plotters can in the ground of Islam and after requested political asylum in the West for better politics, do pass laws that have absolutely nothing to do with the commandments of God (swt), after this same principle of secularism have been implemented in France with the 1905law, for then and by the grace of the plotters the export in countries with laws based on the Holy Quran, in order to implement the laws not having nothing to do with principles and Muslim laws, but rather with the principles of secularism and his single eye as for example was the case in Algeria, Turkey, in Libya, in Maritannie, Senegal, etc…, even in impostures monarchic as in the Morocco believing by the technique of a false seeming, has a certain freedom of expression by the grace of false Muslim semblants which directs what is haram and condemns what is halal in being immersed in their quests to dounia and the delights of this world for a vile financial profit of their elite in the country, but also for their powerful lobbies of emigration that are residents abroad (ERM) with dual nationality and believing themselves have been blessed by the Lord of the universe (swt) a.

The globalization of the elite close to the political, financial and commercial powers then the powerful lobbies of the emigration and residents has abroad with dual citizenship on the principle of the children of Israel, by being too close to the Council Permanent dictatorship of the United nations to better set up subsequently, not only the dictatorship of the single thought of the rights of the imposture of the elite of mankind which implements censorship, oppression and tyranny against the real scholars Muslim religion which orders the suitable (the hallal and morality) and condemns the blameworthy (haram and immorality), and the hypocrites in all countries are part of Islam, are the opposite of what Allah (swt) and his Messenger (saaws) ordered, by ordering the blameworthy and condemning the proper, hence the existence and reconciliation of the word of anti-Christ signigfiant literally against the true religion that was preached by all recursive until the last Muhammad (saaws) sent messengers as alarm a painful punishment, and as advertiser a generous reward for those who order the suitable (hallal) “my ‘ arouf” and condemns the blameworthy (haram), but also for those who follow the haram as well as those and those who follow the hallal, in genuine fear of judgment last of Allah (swt).

Ummah of Islam where the imperialism of each and the other took possession of your lands and your raw materials with the help of tyrants completely corrupted by the multinational political powers close to the United States, of France, of the Russia, of the China, the India, England, the Germany and their allies which places the dictators who directs you. By Allah (swt), Muslim Ummah of Islam, wake up you, but beware, especially not on the side of the lost that are followers of assassins close to the base of Al-Qaeda, and even less on the side of the unbelievers and infidels who created them, set up and then manipulated and exploited in order to harm the Muslim religion, because you also, you will be considered as being unbelievers and infidels against the laws of Allah (swt), you need to fear his judgment day, so really you do not pretend. that you be King or president life after having been implemented by States military coups in dictatorships are part of the Muslim religion, where reign in master dictatorship and the tyranny of socialism, as in Libya with Gaddafi and his family monarchy murdering the Ummah of Allah (swt) who is not blind, and which Kadhafi, his militias and its monarchy better fear the judgement last of Allah (swt), where then in nations claiming the Muslim religion as to the Political united Maghreb where reign in master the disorder, the vices, the depravity of mind, the betrayal of the divine commandments, then the lies and manipulation, as well as media indoctrination, bad manners, and corruption that becomes commonplace…

Because you have not been elected and chosen by Allah (swt) by receiving the revelation of the Holy Qur’an to become the slaves of these 3 empires political capitalism, socialism and communism, surrounded by all their small pyramids of green fascism as in Libya, setting up the new materialistic gives of their globalization of the mercantile of the multi-national listed, like for example the groups oil and gas Libya, then the multi-national as Veolia in the Areva group and Vivendi close to nuclear power, and then the multi-national as Carrefour with its GMOs, but also Monsento with pesticides, and finally Coca-Cola, Apple, Microsoft etc, thus making the most of demeusurement stocks close shareholders of powers in a hidden system of heat exchangers that are traders, shareholders and other hidden financial speculators in the shadow of political powers and multinationals reducing enslaving people located at the bottom of the pyramid.

These same groups of illuminati conspirators who are other than the merchants from the temple “changers” and their crowned heads “seats” reported in the Gospels then displayed below, which according to St. Matthew (may Allah be pleased with him) reported a fact history of the life of Jesus (aws) and teaching important has learned in the purification of the temple for the powerful financial lobbies of traders, speculators, multinational and shareholders very discreet and very quiet hidden in the shadow of places market and financial globalization, while working for the powerful of this political world that is socialism and capitalism, that deceptive democracy and as an organization maffieuse very discreet breast sells has the power of lobbies and multinational companies, by creating the ups and downs of the global economies, but for the good be material to an elite of the population in a suit tie who steal money from the people, the maffieuse Organization against which laws the charriah would be applied.

The Gospel according to St. Matthew, chapter 21, verses 12 and 13
“Jesus went into the temple of God. He drove out all those who sell and buy in the temple; He threw back the counters of the moneychangers, and the seats sellers of doves. And he said to them: “Scripture says: My House will be called a House of prayer.” However you have made a den of bandits”.

The doves are the symbol of peace, that of Islam, having been manipulated and then exploited, while being subsequently stigmatized, to better destroy it from the outside with the complicity of the Interior. Then my house, that of the Al-Aqsa Mosque which has nothing do with the dome of the rock also called Mosque; e of Omar.

Masonic symbols shown below then created by powerful politico-economic-financial systems of this world who have implemented their multitudes of projects from the Star Wars program initialized by the pyramid triangle belonging to the Masonic builders of pyramids, shown below, including those of their 3 great pyramids of Giza , who by order of magnitude led the new world order of the 20th century which was only a transition period implementing the new gives materialistic integrism politico-economic-financial of the 21St century, as demonstrated by evidence that you are presented and displayed in this Web site, including their pyramid triangle that is other than their fleet of sliders anti gravity start remote seeking to acquire technological capabilities to open a vortex in the worlds of the past, to implement the principle of space-time travel and whose experience of the Philadelphia occurred in 1943 with the USS Eldridge was that the most obvious evidence having rpovoque temporal distortions and abnormal phenomena occurring in the world, after having set up by the powerful of this world having build ancient civilizations pyramidal God (swt) has already destroyed in the past.

The powerful of this hidden world was inside of a very special group of the United Nations located at the top of the pyramid that is part of the 4th dimension in the relativity theory put into practice by the plotters from the future of humanity having been illuminated by their massih dajjal, including their organization chart presented you in chapter NWO this website, while personalities unknown to the general public and most of the powerful of this world by being hidden in the shadow of the 3 pyramidal and timing of the international capitalist, Socialist, and Communist powers.

And, since the creation and the independence of the United States who have brought humanity to the era of high technology and modernity of the 20th and 21St century, which UFOs and stealthy drones, as well as since the revolt of 1789 who established the secular Republic French than that of the Bolsheviks in Russia, and their revolutions, be it that of France, than that of the United States wherever that of Russia have all been funded by powerful lodges Masonic pro-sioniste, with in Exchange for their funding and as a compromise in a reciprocal agreement as compensation for these powerful lobbies that are hidden in the world of finance and politics, lead a day of 1947 to create the Zionist State of Israel in the middle of the Muslim world, which was the day of the nakbah (catastrophe for all mankind) to any instability it would bring to the world not only and primarily for the Muslim world which is without distinctions of races and languages, but also and especially for all mankind with the avennement of the Chinese and Indian powers which these elites enjoy materially and financially for this modialisation.

Because the evidence that are presented to you in to website, it is obvious that it is the advice of powerful lobbies francs Masonic sioniso-Evangelical posing as victims of the shoa, and after not only infiltrated the world of the political, economy and finance, but also and especially by creating within the world of the United nations an international Masonic Lodge, founded on 3 thoughts single totalitarian and materialistic communism, socialism and capitalism that resolution 181 of United Nations aboutissa in 1947 to the creation of the Zionist State of Israel in having been adopted by 33 Coalition (al-azhab) with their 13 allied nations hidden in everyone of their thinking unique totalitarian and fundamentalist the world masonry, but for the sake to be material to an elite of the developed world population up by their 3 totalitarian, whose oldest materialistic systems that is capitalism having founded on Zionist thought Judeo-Christian Protestant evangelicals who pretend to be angels, while being in the middle of a herd of lambs (Muslims) part of a world order which is certainly not based on the real wills of the true God, Allah za wa jal, the one true God, and without partner (es) who cannot die, which doesn’t have a single eye.

Evidence of the conspiracy of the global elite in order to censor the Muslim religion as well as this website, after that this same elite have implemented the system totalitarianism and dictatorship political communism, then the Capitalism then towards a period of totalitarian transition with the international socialism, including the firstof (Communist) ideology was implemented by Karl Marx (from a Jewish family converted to Protestantism) in photo below, and including Moses Hess mentioned below in this chapter, was one of these very close associate.

On the other hand, it is interesting to know that this is also the masonry from extreme right with Adolf Hitler who was a member of the secret society of Thulle who manipulated and exploited Islam, with the complicity of the masonry Arabic which the ideology of national socialism leaned on secular politics policy of the neo-destour which is be the opposite of the policy of the Islamic and Muslim religion to preamplifiers be inseparable from these peoples and their leaders, who during the second world war have organized the genocide of all Jews, by the shock of the extremes between Communism and national socialism enjoying a capitalist doctrine for the good be material to an elite of the middle and upper classes. who subsequently organized tyranny and censorship against religions.

Moreover, it is also important to note that it is also by the grace of the principle of secularism that the Jews who were in the West as well as in the maghreb Arab countries was sent to Palestine in order to repopulate the land of the Muslims in Palestine lying in the middle of the Muslim world, such a policy of the Trojan horse in order to create fitna (the division) in the Muslim world, and at the same time, a Western policy of Pro-Zionist Evangelical then the followers of close to secularism the international socialism implementing globalization, to regain control of Jerusalem a capital Zionist one and indivisible in the Western world, on the foundations of the true Holy Mosque of Al-Aqsa located behind the wailing wall which is not covered with golden leaves (symbol of materialism and the gold calf who was loved by the children of Israel and then by the impostors of today ‘ hui), unlike the mosque of the Dome of the rock called the mosque of Omar near the materialism which is located in the center of the haram Esh Sharif (see below map demonstrating very clearly the difference between the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the dome of the rock).

And this, in order for the masonry International also his spirituality is founded on the ideology of the Templars, but also for their accomplices in the Muslim world and then in all sects kind set up by the media, such as for example the star if smaller has 6 branches of the Raelians interlaced with the range displayed in photo below cross can rebuild the 3Rd temple of the Jews become idolaters, which the second temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 a.d., and after that the plotters of the political groups of the illuminati in the service of Satan attempted to murder Jesus (aws) making you believe his death then and the dawn of the 20th and 21St century do you believe has the existence of aliens who created mankind, see even to make a threat to mislead you and continue thus build their materialistic paradigm, eventually make you (people of down) their slaves, while believe it would be these same groups of Illuminati them even in the service of Satan who created humanity by genetic modification of DNA, it not to take much so that the whole universe collapses on him even (on weight) in order to understand was how tiny humanity is a scale of the universe, and that if God (swt) wanted him, humanity would never have existed.

Then in the dance of the world conspiracy against religion Muslim, come the churches of Scientology and other churches evangelists in the United States who financed and armed with the Freemasonic Socialist complicity, 6branches of the star of Zionism in a Satanist globalization policy, only that to repopulate the Holy Land of peace that had been banned until the end of time, all used and manipulated the genocide and the victims of the Shoah, through a deceptive democracy is that of materialism, finance capitalist and Socialist consumption or humanity is immersed in racing to riches, thus, becoming an ignorant humanity subject to the power of the industrial lobbies of the consumption, but also has the military power of the lobbies, nuclear power and other multi-national, like for example Coca-Cola and the pyramids of the followers of the Antichrist to frizzy hair and has etteint eyes lit up at the top of the pyramid and its stones dresses, where the democraite of the policies which as a prostitute of Babylon, especially Freemasonry on the left just as the tyrannical dictatorship of a doctrinaire Communist and Socialist, not only sells has the power of lobbies from a emigration has nothing of Muslim by being immersed in his own races to riches, then in his immorality and his vices, to achieve political power, to then install the dictatorship and censorship that Muslim peoples experience in Africa, by putting in place and against religious freedom, the prohibition to order the suitable “my ‘ arouf” and ban the blameworthy in following the commandments of God (swt) revealed in the Holy Qur’an, and on the path of God (swt) fisabilillah.

But also and above all has the power of industrial groups, then those of the multi-national and other sects of all kinds, as for example the dictatorship capitalist, who not only corrupt the democracy of the majority of the people and now the people in total ignorance, but murdering the peace between peoples and global stability, as this evidence is shown below, except of course, for the deaf and the blind, who on the day of judgment will remain silent in front of Allah) (SWT), the own testimony of a Jewish Rabbi who you is broadcast in the video below, in a nod to the hypocrites who pretend to be Muslims (leslaics), but above all, in a sign intended for this Zionist regime in Israel created by the father Creator (USA) who on Earth thinks God while partnering with the Lord of the universe (swt), including its ideology sioniso-Evangelical anti-Islam in the races to wealth for those of power and of Muslim souls has conquer is supported by the power their powerful lobbies in the world, or all United with each other in their conspiracy international anti-islam plotting in the shadows of power political, financial and economic with the fortune of the Illuminati that they could acquire through their sects francs masonry, but also with gold bullion, to rebuild the 3Rd temple of the Jews instead real Islamic foundations of the Saint of Al-Aqsa Mosque which doesn’t have nothing to do with the dome from the rock, in a sign of the plotters who want with the complicity of the dynasties Aalouite, Chérifienne and Saudi close to the United States, the European Union, the Russia, England and China, to break down all the real foundations of Islam, so that eventually the conspiracy of any edge and after dividing the Muslim world, which some (es) with their policy of pan-Arabism on the basis of disbelief that is different that that of secularism, can for a vile economic, financial and political of their worship time, profit change the unique religion having been the only approved by Allah (swt) and who on the day of the last judgment, will be the one and only religion approved by Allah (swt) that is unique and without associated (es).

With 2 videos posted below, including the one for the grown and introduced the English to Shekspeare, and the 2ND address for the grown and introduced language French of Molière, who among other evidence that you are presented in this chapter, supports the thesis and the reasons for the global conspiracy advised by the plotters are the rebellious children of Israel, and then set up by the permanent UN Security Council suite has the case of Roswell occurred a few months before the adoption of resolution 181 of the United nations.

Resolution unilateralle the major plotters of the 5 of the United Nations want to preserve in the biggest secret of global security, following a secret ultra experiment of the Philadelphia Experiment gone very bad at large American sides in October 1943 that caused a force field around the destroyer USS navy ELDRIDGE (-173) who disappeared a moment of its naval base in Philadelphia in Virginia, to reappear moments later to Norfolk (some 350 kilometers from Philadelphia) to explore the possibility of time travel by folding and 2 180° curve of time/space of 360°, all as confirmed by several testimonies of time, including that of Carlos Allende who was around the destroyer.

For the future and the past to meet the present by a distorssion of the light of the stars, causing thus a feeling of ettirement of any material, but by attraction ofdark matter found in abundance in and around black holes that we meet at the centers of each Galaxy which has a rotation of the Galaxy around this force graviationnelle of the naked eye invisible dark matter, allowing to navigate through one space/time to another, thanks to the curvature of space/time and according to the principle of general relativity of our space and time, to navigate a curve (fold) (travel) from one point to another, without having to do long distances, such a circle O representing the formation of vacuum intersideral on 360 °, corresponding to the Arabic “Sifr 0″number zero you bend in 2 of 180° to form a half circle like a rainbow, objects of an era of the future of humanity to join another time, by one time loop, such a ing with has the era of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) formed his thumb and his forefinger, and which the hadith in question is recorded by Sheikh Mohamed Hassan that you can see in the video titled the’s ‘ juj and my ‘ juj that is presented to the chapter to the end of a world of this website…

A secret ultra experiment of the Philadelphia Experiment causing temporal distortions in all the worlds of the Lord of the universe (swt) by the effect of gravitational and temporal dilation, see even by the effect of the waves gravitational or by the effect of Lense-Thiring, as well as the revealed an article entitled swimming in space/time published in the magazine for science number 384 of October 2009 whose coverage is displayed at the top of this chapter. and just as demonstrated by scientific evidence conducted by NASA which has been recently confirmed with the mission satellite Gravity Probe B launched in 2004 following several research works scientific recently performed in the greatest secrecy, with mission, attempt to perform temporal bonds by sending stealth drones antigravity a Hyper time drive from our time on principle of operation vortex in order to navigate to the past and return at present, without having to carry out long-distance was visiting, and whose appearance of these objects were observed by several witnesses has different eras of humanity.

Some of these flying objects are other than stealthy remote-controlled drones equipped camera distance, see for some, led by the experienced pilots belonging to the fleet of the United nations close to the Dajjal Massih, not only after have been built on the foundations of the Hypersonic propulsion, which to the end of the second world war, the nazis had successful a build don the famous flying wing prototypes of the HO229 displayed in video below in this chapter, as well as the principle of propulsion Hyper space in order to achieve the hyper time drive, and whose research in quantum physics are based on rather difficult equations then formulated by the German Aerospace physicist also awesome that unknown that is the Professor Burkhard Heim, but also and especially on the research in quantum physics to another awesome teacher that unknown than the previous, what Professor Ronald Mallett, an African-American of the University from Connecticut to the United States in order to open and check the vortex that caused the time distortions, which the superpowers of this world cannot control its openings, simply because not only, they can be a several places in several worlds and then a different time has a single moment.

With then a diversion of these experiences organized by politicians and their powerful lobby groups implementing the global conspiracy of the 5 major of UN nnon believing only the existence of extra-terrsetres who would have created humanity, even to the alien threat which was created from scratch by the illuminati, to cover their technological mastery of time travel which is established according to the laws of quantum physics and the space/time relativity described below, but after recovering several places on Earth, including other in 1947 in Mac Brazel ranch and everything close to the very famous city of Roswell, flying one of their object, an anti-gravity slider having been expelled from the corridor time in which he was.

Sliders and their drones stealth of the 21St century that is being the basis of all foundations pyramid of the antigravites of the 20th and 21St century have all been built on ancient foundations pyramid which were destroyed by the Eternal God in having expelled them from all their temporal corridors (vortex) and then found by archaeologists, including another by Nazi archaeologists of Adolf Hitler on the flying wing from HO-229 German of the 2nd World Warwas built, and are other than at the level in the United nations archaeological parts banned to the general public, by being located in the flowchart presented in chapter new world order from this site Internet.

The archaeological items prohibited to the general public that are the sliders and another anti-gravity having been throughout the history of humanity found buried underground or in the oceans, which in the bible and as evidenced by second book of Kings to the verse 11 of chapter 2 which is shown below, these anti-gravity flying objects are clearly revealed in a coded language as the chariots of fire (carts of hell) where it is clearly transmitted that when the Prophet Elijah in Arabic Ilyas (aws) who lived some 900 BC years J.C. crossed on foot dry the Jordan with his son Elisha, in Arabic al – Yâs’a (aws):

” […] When they had crossed, said Elijah Elisha “ask me what I can do for you before I leave you” and Elisha said: “I beg you to let me inherit a double share of your mind” and he replied: “you asked a very difficult thing If you see me before I leave you, it will be for you, but if you don’t see me, will not be for you.” And while he continued to walk and talk, they contemplated one another a chariot of fire and horses of fire which separated them. And Elijah arose in the sky with a gust of wind. And Elisha saw him and shouted: “my father, my father are the chariots of Israel and their riders” and he saw them more […] “.

You read the very important passage above or in a coded language it is clearly stated:
“and Elisha saw him and shouted to him: my father, my father are the chariots of Israel and their riders.

Because in all reality, these objects of fire called the chariots of Israel, are other than the anti-gravity flying objects treasures to the fleet of the United nations of the 20th and 21St century, then built by the sects of illuminati, and driven from their riders (pilots a inside of devices).

Similarly in antiquity and throughout history, there have been many stories of apparitions of these anti-gravity objects, which has their time, were called “fiery shields” due to their fiery and dazzling brightness after radiation electromagnetic that these antigravites can produce, as well as a sparkling oval shape that is similarly due to the reflection of the Sun’s rays, see photo below of the avrocar which is oval in shape, as well as being it was shields at the time of antiquity.

With including many testimonies that have survived since antiquity and up to date, which the writer Romain Julius Obsequens who witnessed a light observation to sites to 80 kms from Rome in 203 BC J.C. dazzling like a torch and which was observed in the sky moving from East to West, and that this eblouisssante light was accompanied by another object.

Then then comes in the satanic conspiracy of one and the other “including that of the elite so close Arab monarchies of petro-dollars”, further evidence of their conspiracy occurred nearby in Roswell 1947 in Mac Brazel ranch in photo below, with the discovery of one of their antigravity spaceship powered hyper space built of titanium-based because it is being the most resistant to the atmospheric pressure which is due metau has the distortion of the environment by the laws of the space/time relativity, then with fiber optics so he can be communications through time and space with the high command military, scientific and archaeological, and on a vector thrust which is be based on the principle of the British Harrier fighter taking off with a vector thrust, and then on the foundations a hypersonic propulsion as well as on the foundations has nuclear-powered to allow jumps in time due to the opening of wormhole created in space from a temporal world to another by folding the space-time curvature without having a make great distances.

So that subsequently, and after having recovered their matches different eras and different places of the globe in to keep on the path that we should not follow, the armed forces General LeMay in photo below and after being warned not to corrupt the you RRE, have started again by rebuilding the foundations of this prototype anti gravity-powered hyper space, following the destruction of the world of the builders of these anti gravity (humanity of today ‘ hui) who is playing with the fire of hell and that of a loop time having started with the first universal cataclysm, which this time and after the second universal cataclysm, will last forever after folding the universe in 2 and after having closed the book.

And all these temporal distortions are possible according to the principle of the laws of quantum physics of the quantum established by Planck in 1900 , having been able to create a “quantum of light” to later in the future perform jumps in time, according to the laws of Astrophysics and Hyper space propulsion, only to the past and without being able to change the course of the events, in being made possible, by contrast of a dark matter anti-matter which consists of atomic particle, to provoke a collision of positive and negative energies, and creating thus a mini big bang of propulsion, giving rise to a dematerialization of Antigravity by a process producing inevitably a electromagnetic radiation and a distortion of the space/time continuum known as time distortions, hence the existence of ghosts and the appearance of ghosts or spirits materialized in a body from a parallel world to our which are also called in Arabic “Jinn” having the ability to appear out of a world and an era to appear toward another world and another time then, like ours for example, without having a perform large distances by the process of dematerialization and materialization, in another common point with the 10 great signs of the end of time listed at the end of time chapter which is other than that of the pyramids and the dresses of the Franks stones masonry secular and their supporters are the lay moutoons flocks in rebellion against the establishment and the implementation of the laws of Allah (swt) in Muslim lands.

This world of the pyramids helped build some like this UFO are identified “avrocar” flying and objects which is shown below, and which is only further evidence of the global conspiracy of the United nations and francs-masonry then the Illuminati that is highlighted to you with this prototype has thrust vector dating back to 1961 , which was built by the laboratory of James Forrestal of Princeton University, wearing the insignia of the U. S. AirForce and the U. S. Armed Forces in memory of James Forrestal which was against the creation of the State of Israel brought from any global instability, but also and above all against the establishment of the order established by the cult of the blind eye and unique implementation per the franc masonry of the global dictatorship of the neoconservatives and the followers of the fascism of secularism who created his greenback in 1933 with his single eye printed on the US dollar, socialism and capitalism of the followers of near Antichrist of the United States, the European Union, China, the Russia, England and Israel.


Therefore, and given the dating of this research on the called object Avrocar built here now more than 40 years, today in 2012, it is logical to infer that the US air force and NASA have in their possession an advance technology significant work of sharing with the 4 other world powers that are China, the Russia, the France and Great Britain followed by their allies, the United Nations, which initially are the coalition 33 nations of infidels who in 1947 created israel against even the wishes of Allah by being immersed in their races to the wealth of archaeological to retrieve their own UFOs on the 7 continents having been already destroyed. in being too immersed in their race against the clock in order to escape once again has their own destruction having already occurred once, that their fleet of UFOs and their crews who will not go far this time in being reduced to the Lord of the heavens and the Earth to be judged by Allah (swt).

The Lord of the doors of Heaven revealed in the Holy Qur’an, and, as a warning to all schemer who would be tempted by the Devil with very bad intentions against the owner of this Web site and in a common point with the Roswell would that occurred in the United States in July 1947, the Russians, the Chinese, Africans, Arabs, and South Americans as well as the Australians and Europeans then the British have also faced their Roswell on their continents, and has different times that God with expulsion from their UFOs out of their temporal corridors and a warning as, their crews were really not beautiful to see, and here again, a warning for all schemer who would be tempted by title the Devil with very bad intentions against the owner of this website, which stand in his the road to Mecca in order for Muslims not secular and not corrupted by the dounias (reward) of the children of israel and its allies could not recover Jerusalem under the authority and el control no secular Muslims and not corrupted by dounias Israel and its allies, but also by those of the evengelistes and convinced lay, as became the infidels (kafiroune) to the laws of Allah are Arabs, black Africans and their descendents in the West without forgetting the Berbers very close to socialism or the caitalisme with their globalization, where everyone gathered in coalition it was misplaced by Allah (swt) to have been very close to the children of israel then U.S. and secular European Union, but also of the European and South American evangelist Unon and Anglo-Saxon, with their worship of globalisation of the disorder and corruption on Earth having generated international terrorism for the good be temporal children of israel, and all their friends and allies that have the infidels to the will of the Lord of the heavens and the Earth, but also the Lord of the gates of Heaven which is without partner (es).

And, based on the evidence that will are presented in this chapter with the photos and videos, so can see you that the grouupe of illuminati within the United nations and in their greatest conspiracy with spirits or human genies (jinns) located in one to the be temporal dimension of ours, who with their scientific experiences, which in this case, that of the expirement of 1943 Philadelphia, which caused the time distortions, where the appearance of some of these objects which appear in the sky in coming from nowhere and then disappearing suddenly and quickly.

In order to allow travel in time or it is necessary to have benchmarks and historical dates that match has facts to be able to make the leaps in time and to the past in order to reappear in the present and r Enter as well at its base while plotting in the shadows in order to manipulate the present to better predict the future, where the need for archaeological research in order to draw the dark matter with anti-matter.

Because no one knows the future, except God alone, unless an event is deliberately prepared beforehand with the complicity of Satan, as that of 1966 occurred at Point Pleasant in Virginia, including Satan appeared during this event with the appearance of the wave of UFO, which event and evidence you are presented a bit further down in this chapter, then God, sometimes and to warn that an event will occur, and to save lives, during your sleep, and by his will you receive pictures of an event that will take place, this was indeed the case with Mary Hyre a few months before the collapse of the Silver Bridge to Point Pleasant in Virginia who was voluntarily caused in causing the death of 40 people.

With other signs yet of the global conspiracy and its elites implementing space-time travel, while believing in the existence of extra terrestrial, which would be rather beings earthly humans, following the discovery of the remains of the crash of a stealth device found at Roswell in 1947 that possessed the ability to make space-time, and all trips as brings it the evidence below sent in video, because look at the still image video which dates back to the end of years 50, see the beginning of the years 60 with 2 hunters stealth F-117 lying above the inscription NORAD UFO picture by comparing it with the 3 photos that are displayed below.

Hunters stealth F –117 , which is, that they have been commissioned in 1983 (year of the implementation of the Star Wars program) with a fuselage that is identical to 2 hunters stealth F-117 in video below taken into flagrante delicto by NORAD built the 1St August 1957 to become the future command of the aerospace defense of the North America, with a view to monitor the sky in the North American continent for there get some Stealth devices because proof on video below with the shadow of 2 hunters stealth F-117 Americans in combat position, lying to 400000 feet (109 km of altitude approximately) out of a temporal distortion, need to know that there are unu time warp with abnormal phenomena that will occur there including the United States in a region of the Canada seeks to control these temporal distortions to better manipulate everything in is placing it on the path of God (swt) in order to control his wishes, which in particular, the 10 major signs of the end times that the United States and its allies can and cannot control.

With also the scientists of the time who took these items for 2 UFOs, while they have absolutely nothing of objects flying no identified, like all other flying objects that have absolutely nothing extra terrestrial, as for example those posted in video and photo a little further down in this chapter with the series from the project Dark star that supersonic combustion Scramjet thermo stato-reactor X 43A of NASA and other objects flying anti-gravity including the TR3 – B nuclear energy requires Astra.

Then in the continuity of star wars that was initialized by Ronald Reagan in 1983 following the case of Roswell which was voluntarily and knowingly placed in silence by the MJ12 (Majestic 12) including the thesis and the reasons of this plot are presented in this chapter in function clues and evidence, not only below in the video with several testimonies of appearances of objects flying anti gravity built based on titanium, like for example the Astra TR.- 3 B who was spotted by hundreds of witnesses, both in France, in the Ardennes and filmed in camera, to the Brazil in Rio de Janeiro at Copa Cabana, but of course, with the complicity of the authorities European NATO, because on this confidential secret class project all the allies are working hand in hand, including with the Russians and Chinese allies of the West and everything especially, sitting at the table of the permanent Security Council Nations who want to preserve their company within a new system order world and his new deal of the 3Rd Millennium they don’t intend to change.

But above all, with and for the Zionist unconditional ally of Israel created by Freemasonry, which he also owns objects flying anti gravity because of its nuclear program with its first nuclear power plant of Dimona, built by France, the Central which is necessary has the power of these future anti gravity, because in this case, the ideological barriers, political and religious do not exist, as evidenced the existence of these anti-gravity which are already operational by the evidence of the date of the video above, and, since 1998, which for the first taken in Great Britain on 4 July 1998 and for the second prize in France on 10 AUG. 1998, and then for the last to Brazil in 1998.

Of the events which otherwise would prove that these devices anti gravity of triangular shape that are series Astra (slider in space and time) born program Star Wars initiated in 1983 by Ronald Reagan, as well as the proves in videos below, with the complicity of the media very anti-religious everything as journalists from France 3 and Canal + claim in the video below by being put in place by large industrial groups has a multi-national who would have you believe has the existence of alien by a monndiale of disinformation of the public campaign that these powerful media lobbies owned a large industrial and financial groups turns to the account of the illuminati who created these same UFOs in order to divert your attention from their global conspiracy, which you have the right to know the truth of their conspiracy who is censored.

With in addition to other identified below sliders which are only be antigravity flying objects built on the foundations of the TR –3B of the code name Astra: TR = TRiangle to the 3 sides of the series B and the name Astra coded has been given him and which corresponds to a slider with the ability to slide in time and in space at the speed of light, not only without being detected, but according to the laws of quantum physics by drawing the n material swing which is in abundance in the universe, but you can see has the naked eye with anti-matter, the physical phenomenon of a black hole energy that attracts the matter to move at another time and to a different place of the universe by the s Wormholes, hence the relativity between the dimension of space and time that caused temporal distortions and the appearance of these objects has different eras and in different world of the past.

With sometimes objects heading in and out of the secret base and under suburban Dream Land which is that area 51 (in the photo satellite below) in the Nevada desert close to another sensitive nuclear site which is none other than Los Alamos location in the New Mexico where its construction was necessary in order to produce the material needed for his power having been created from atomic particle, to collide with of the antimatter, which she, consists of anti-particule of atom necessary for the replenishment of these flying objects able to travel in time and space.

Here is the reason why many aucullaire witnesses were able perceive these flying objects sometimes identified as the antigravites or the aircraft such as the X47A Pegasus of Northrop Grumman in photo below, in order to hide the existence of the anti gravity, and that sometimes correspond to the device in video above with the ability to travel in time and space by drawing the material with anti-matter, such as many testimonies of the middle age, antiquity and of ancient civilizations have put us so far because of the representation of many statues and paintings by taking these objects flying deities.

Where the birth of ancient Amerindian civilizations and Egyptian who could appear in the sky these objects flying anti gravity (picture and videos below) and many others yet, and maybe same land from builders of these civilizations, as well as with those of the Pacific that were offshore Japanese sides where there are more than 13000 years they built buildings of architectural perfection unimaginable for the era, as well as in Europe as well as in China in the Xian area, such as the archaeological evidence on the destruction of these pyramidal foundations you are presented in this Web site and displayed on the first page of the chapter of the Holy Koran entitled Noah, the flood, scientific evidence the pyramids and the sphinx

Because one thing is certain-all as many testimonies have been reported, including through the Gentiles who have come to us since antiquity, which in particular through the Greek philosopher Plato, and then by those of middle age, the builders of these ancient civilizations dating back to more than 13000 years were no doubt these objects flying anti gravity for gods come down from heaven, and notably, triangular, oval shape objects, see same in cigar shape lying with inside the crews dressed in spatialle combinations and anti gravity (a bit like tourists from the future).

Pyramidal human civilization which were reduced to nothing by the Eternal God during the last glacial period of the Quaternary, there are more than 13000 years after a violent change of axis of rotation of the Earth that caused a cataclysm planetary occurred as a result of a violent earthquake, see same and God only knows, that could happen well before where species that had no resemblance to humans, were destroyed to make way for humanity, classified in the family tree by the nickname-scientist as being “Homo sapiens”, but that was none other than Adam (aws), the first human being and first Prophet of the line having the ability in the language, where the company of the archaeological research s having recovered bones from different species dating back millions of years, but species that had no resemblance to the man and have absolutely nothing to do with Adam (aws) which was not designed on Earth down here, but in paradise in the in the past.

The obvious link between Bermuda triangle and electro-magnetic cloud with Massih ad-dajjal, including 10 triangles of the same type where it appears to the temporal disruption are distributed on Earth, who are also known as the gates of heaven, having been revealed in the Holy Qur’an, all these temporal doors, are due to a temporal distortion, and how one of these doors will get out of his time and his world, Massih Dajjal (the anti-croyant), which at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) was a young just as man attested here again the testimony of a monk converted to Islam his name is ad-Dari Tamin was accompanied by thirty sailors of the country of Lahm and Judam that after a month of sea and stormy winds having them run aground on an island in the Atlantic (to the sunset of the Sun and West of the Mediterranean) had met this massih dajjal, after going through one of the gates of Heaven revealed in the Holy Qur’an, and which are other than temporal distortions which bend space and the time in connection with abnormal phenomena happening in the triangle of Bermuda during the appearance of a cloud in the shape of spiral where the notion of time and space no longer exists.

Moreover, it is interesting to note that in several Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) it is clearly stated that when Massih Dajjal will appear on a path between the Iraq and the Syria, and who will be other than the 1St of10 great signs that will precede the supreme time, the Antichrist will be a young man with frizzy hair and brown red skin, and that between the time of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) or the Antichrist was young and the time where the Antichrist will be released on a path between the Iraq and the Syria, he will remain young, therefore, it will have not aged, in connection clear between time loop, vortex, with temporal distortion, case of the Philadelphia experiment and the Bermuda triangle, and doors of Heaven revealed in the Holy Qur’an United nations seeks has control the passages of his vortex on the way of the Lord of the universe (swt) which is without partner (es) in her will, to better control his wishes and the big 10 signs that leading up to time Supreme Court of the resurrection.

Which means more clearly, for massih dajjal (false Messiah) of the United States, Israel, of the European Union, of the Russia, China, the India and their allies, that between his time and our present, time stopped momentarily in a clear link with our future that will stop without that person and that no unit of Western technology cannot recorded anything, so then the clock time can gradually increase its course has the normal, but attention, from the output of the Antichrist coming out on a path between the Iraq and the Syria. Because there too, and always as evidence, there is always the authentic hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (saaws) who said that the first day of the release of the deceiving Messiah he will be the equivalent of a year, then the second day of its output will be equal to a month , the third day of its output will be equal to one week, and the 37 other days that he will remain on Earth to do this kill by true Messiah (aws) which will also come out of a wormhole opened by the wishes of Allah (swt), will be equal to normal. This means that time stops a moment without anyone realizing (such a black hole: A loss of corporate memory), then it will pick up, but beware, time will resume gradually, first and the first day by a slowdown of the time, in connection with the 1st day of the release of the dajjal Massih, who will equal a year, so then time can gradually resume its course has normal, therefore and if you summer gifted with intelligence, you’ll understand that currently the Massih Dajjal (Antichrist) is trapped in a time loop while being chained to this island and then monitored by the beast (Al-Jassassa) which on the orders of Allah (swt) will deliver him from his time in which it is located so that it is followed by those who have followed his world order having been established by his followers (illuminati).

THEN projects American AURORA has implemented the records classified X
first series of STEALTHY DRONES 43,
then the folder class ASTRA as a slider TR3 series B
order to RIVAL programs Chinese, European and Russian,
but in reality, they are United by the standing of the United NATIONS Security Council
like the 5 FINGERS of the hand of a star of the Pentagon

So here’s the AURORA research project which is the basis of all the anti-gravity projects with mission to make trips space-time at the speed of light then kept in total secrecy of area 51 in Nevada, like all devices in photos below referred to by their code name, with first the Scramjet thermo stato reactor X 43 A NASA supersonic between 5 Mach and Mach 15 burning a having reached a speed of Mach 10 (10 000 km/h) during a test in 2004 which was built on the foundations of the Dark Star, which was built on the foundations of the stealth fighter F-117, itself built in 1975 and commissioning with the US Air force in 1983, stealth device indetectatble radar, and leaving only a very low infrared signature.

Moreover, there are so-called experimental projects that repeat his general appearance without the real technological solutions, to sow disorder and decrdibiliser the presumption of the existence of an operational unit, a well-known trick of Americans to décridibiliser the existence and the thesis of a worldwide Masonic conspiracy.

But with coins to irrefutable beliefs to those who doubt the theory of anti-Christ conspiracy (against the true religion of Allah), as below with administrative indices in the direction the device above is nice and well, even the last “Science and life special aviation” of June 2003 which suggests speaking of the SR-71, and I quote:

“This aircraft built in titanium base would have replaced within the Air Force by a stealthy Hypersonic aircraft derived from the research project Aurora.”

Objects flying identified American Dark Star then Scramjet thermo stato reactor X – 43A NASA constructed from the research project Aurora (dawn) from surah 113 of the Holy Quran Al-Falaq put in place with the program Star Wars (Star Wars) as the triangular object that is none other than the A12 Avenger in the photo below, the volanst objects that were other than prototypes to try on the realization of flying objects anti-gravity placed underground in databases under suburban secret, or triangular as the TR-3B, see same-shaped elongated cigar like a bus rounded or oval as a “shell scallops” which in here one example shown in video below with the 22X series.

Including a title on evidence and as an appetite, for the purpose, and if God (swt) to get you into the religion of obedient to the will of Allah (swt), and if your heart is ready to receive the message of truth revealed in an encrypted then encoded in language the Holy Quran here below a few pictures of these identified flying objects “anti-gravity” built by the close plotters of the UFO which their position is located in the chart that is displayed in chapter new world order from this website. in order that these same conspirators who have implemented this program can travel in time and space, in order to escape the divine wills while believing that heaven will be on Earth, after believing that heaven was on Earth, one that with a single universal cataclysm was destroyed by the big bang that was none other that the wrath of the Lord of the heavens and the Earth (swt) after having rebuilt its creation a second and last time to then reduce to nothing and the risen one last time so to judge one last time and her run here where it will be God (hell or Paradise), which I invite the plotters a reveal the truth for then to reform itself in order to be forgiven by the God who is merciful, merciful (swt).

Mr. James Forrestal who was one of the most senior has a key position in the U.S. Government in quality of Secretary of State for defence, is positioned openly before president Truman against the creation of a State of Israel in the middle of the Muslim world that was created only by unbelievers and that extremist evangelists of the neo-conservative branch of the South of the United States, which the Bush family who has always been a member of Freemasonry at the breast of the American policy by the ultra liberal Masonic sect heading to anarchy and chaos implementing the neo-conservatrice of the Skull and bones 322 through the think tank American who happens be the Foreign Relations Council which foreign, is other than the Adviser to the American Government in foreign policy, and particularly, policy has take in respect of the Muslim world by manipulating the other against each and others in being advised by some furtive conspirators hidden in the shadow of the White House, that policy has taken in the Zionist creation of the State of Israel, are supporters of the close pro-sionisme of socialism and capitalism with Jerusalem as its capital Jewish one and indivisible, but attention, I want to warn anyone, that the Jewish people who are believing and obeying all the wishes of Allah za wajal (swt) which ones do not repopulate the Earth which no longer, belonged to them has absolutely nothing to do with the Zionist regime and their pro-Zionist allies who are followers of Freemasonry of the unbelievers close of secularism, but also Freemasonry of the unbelievers who don’t profess the true Muslim religion, also to understand, then head on this chapter on this website for good masonry secular and the rights of the Dajjal understand that when one is an Arab or a black one is not necessarily a Muslim by a amalgams that plotters are between strangers and Muslim, just like the fact that when one is a white or a Zionist one is not necessarily a Christian or a Jew.

The Skulls and bones of the Bush family who led the most powerful in the world, and after nation push to the creation of the State of Israel, whose skull and bones emblem is displayed below, after inheriting the bones and skull, then the cross than the me NES Templars had discovered, not only as a result of the first Crusade and during the reconstruction of the said Holy Sepulchre, Golgotha also known as “the place of a skull” from the Aramaic word gulgota meaning “skull” thinking and believing to be the os and c Jesus Rane (aws). And that this Aramaic name of “gulgota” which also was the language of Jesus (aws) probably comes from the presence of bones and skulls.

Besides has the way, it is very telling of the expression and meaning of Golgotha by reading the chapters and verses of the Gospels which are displayed below, because the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was built on Golgotha says ‘the place of a skull”by the Roman Emperor Constantine the great to the approximately 326 to 332 a.d. to commemorate and according to the plotters who knowingly translated texts to a wrong direction in having falsified them, not only do believe according to their writings, to the crucifixion, then to death, but also to the resurrection of Jesus (aws) which took place in Jerusalem, in an obvious link to the conspiracy between Zionism, hypocrites of the Arab world, occult powers politico-economic and financial, lay Masons francs, Evangelical sects, Scientology churches, followers of the theory about the existence of aliens by passing for Angels clothed in combination spatialle white as snow with their UFOs (see the Gospels according to Matthew chapter 28 and verse 3) by linking very close with the Spatialle International Station and free masonry from all sides, including the most obvious and the most famous of all what is the less hidden from all of them, with that skull and Bones 322 translated into French as “skull and bones 322 reference” in an obvious link between rebels in connection with Geronimo (his skull and bones have been dug by the ancestor of G. Bush) and the symbolism of rebellion against the established order of the masonry with Golgotha said “the place of a skull” Franks who is none other than the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem called the Resurrection Basilica which according to their conspiracy and in their rebellion against the laws laid down by Allah (swt), is be the place where according to their words, Jesus would have been crucified, tortured, tortured, then died and risen in Jerusalem.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem called Basilica of the resurrection which in Arabic translates into Kanisat al-Qiyama “كنيسة قيامة” and who is none other than the false resurrection of Jerusalem was put in place by the occult world hidden in the Nations with the help of their program space international established by the program hidden from Star Wars decreed in 1983 by Ronald Reagan who competes with the wishes of the Lord of the universe (swt) on the path of God to mislead the Community of humanity, after this false resurrection of Jerusalem was by a coded and encrypted language communicated in the Holy Quran with surah 75 Al-Qiyama, which in French translates the resurrection.

Because as stated in the Holy Qur’an, the false Jesus the cross, Calvary and of torture having taken place on Golgotha in Jerusalem, was only a false semblance, an optical illusion by having taken the traits, the face, corpulence, the sound and tone of the paro the true Messiah (aws) which his memory was reactivated in a place or God (swt) has wanted to, not only so that the true Messiah (aws) be saved of the conspiracy of the children of Israel and their partner (s) to be sent at a time of the future of humanity in having revived his memory in order to be a witness against the plotters, not only for each witness of their infidelity, and the other claiming of the Muslim religion, their deception and their hypocrisy on the implementation and the application of the commandments of God (swt), to then be sent back at a time that the God (swt) will be wanted for believers and believers who veritablemement the fear of judgment last of the Lord of the universe (swt) that is unique and without Associate (es), one of the 10 great signs of the end times.

The place of the skull more known under the name of place of Calvary, Calvary who proclaimed himself King of the children of Israel at the top of his pyramid and Arab and Berber tribes that is other than the imposter, and after took the place of Jesus (aws) on the cross for s We infidelity to the laws of Allah, in having received on his cross, registration Roman in latin (INRI) of “Jesus the Nazarene King of the Jews” for will be proclaimed Kings of the children of israel and the Arab and Berber tribes, just as it is indicated in the Chapter 19 of the Gospel according to Saint Mark below.

Gospel of John in chapter 19 / verses 17 and 18.
‘So they took Jesus; with him even his cross in the direction of the place said: the skull or Calvary, what is said in Hebrew:
Golgotha. There they crucified him, and with him two others, one on either side, and Jesus in the middle. »

Gospel according to St. Luke in chapter 23 / verse 33
‘ when ‘ they came to a place called: the skull or Calvary called Golgotha,
put Jesus on the cross, with the two criminals, one right and one left. “

Gospel according to Saint Matthew chapter 27 / verses 33 38 a with stated the reason for his conviction and his torture wanted to by Allah (swt), not only will be done impersonating the Messiah in this self proclaimed King of the Jews. and after betraying the true Messiah (aws) who is not dead, who has not been crucified, which was not tortured and who has not been resurrected from the dead, puisquue the true Messiah (aws) didn’t die on the cross which was located on Golgotha.

“Came to the place called Golgotha, that is to say the place of the skull, or the place of Calvary, they gave to drink Jesus to the wine mixed with gall; He tried, but didn’t want to drink. After the have crucified, they shared his vetemennts by pulling the fate; and they stood there, sitting to keep. Above his head it scored the reason for his conviction, “This is Jesus, the King of the Jews.” »

And that answer with the word etrenelle to Allah (swt) having passed in the Holy Qur’an surah 4 An-Nisa (the women) /versets 154 to 159 which is displayed below in a warning intended for all Schemer, but also for all hypocritical materialist who nne professes not true Muslim religion “we made above their heads Mount Sinai, in Exchange for the alliance which they have contracted, and we told them:” bow in “.” crossing the door!” And we have added: “Don’t break not the Sabbath!”, making them take a solemn commitment on this. But what became of their commitment? They did not hesitate to denounce, to deny the signs of God, to murder the prophets unjustly and declare that their hearts were unresponsive to any belief, while in reality it is God who had sealed their hearts, because of their infidelity, to the the point is that only a small number of them can be considered as true believers. This punishment, they got were deserved because of their infidelity and because of the vile calumny that they did run on Mary, and also for having said: “We killed the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, Prophet of God”, while they killed him not and what they don’t have it point crucified, but were only victims of an illusion, because even those who are then engaged in controversies on the subject are still reduced, for lack of evidence, to mere speculation. In reality, they don’t point killed, but God raised him up to him, for God is powerful and wise. He is not a person among the people of the Scripture, who will believe in him before his death. And on the day of judgment, he will come to testify against them. »

And, because of their plot and their global conspiracy to regain control of Jerusalem after removing the real Muslims of Palestine, not only and in a first step of the plan, to hold a Zionist regime who thought that the time of the redemption came, so that he was not, as evidenced by also a Rabbi of the people of the book which his testimony is shown in the video below called rabbis secular Zionism and evangelists to make the second stage of the plan is place in order to rebuild the 3Rd temple destroyed in 70 a.d., but about the very foundations of the mosque Al-aqsa, the spiritual Holy that there will remain the 3th and last place Saint of Islam where.

And the idea of the establishment of a Jewish State in palestine was initialized in 1839 by a great financier who financed the England in its war against Napoleon Bonaparte, Sir Moses Haim Montefiore (24 October 178428) July 1865) in photo below, sheriff of London ennobled by the Queen for services to Grand Masonic Lodge of Great Britain which you can contemplate their Masonic rites in the video titled esotericism Anglo-Saxon of Evangelical sects in action located in the chapter the Islam and faith of this Web site, and which I recall that this Internet site was created not to lynch anyone, but to reveal the conspiracy that is global, because God alone, single and without Associate (es) will judge the guilty, and only God (swt) will punish them if they do not repent and don’t beg not his forgiveness until it was too late in entering the Muslim religion in full and total submission, and all by revealing the truth to the rest of humanity.

Sir Moses Montefiore, a Jewish British with family ties, including in the area of business with the Rothshild family and through Nathan Mayer Rothshild whose daughter is none other than one of the initiators of the new world order with the other wealthy Rockefeller family, which is only one of the members of one of the sects of the masonry of the illuminati who organized the creation of this new world order chaotic that is followed by its new gives.

Sir Moses Montefiore, who as early as 1812 was initialized to the masonry with the Masonic Lodge of Mount Moriah from Great Britain, and certainly also in the lodge of Israel which is be the oldest Masonic lodge known as Jewish recorded by the great Masonic Lodge of England founded in 1793, so found and associated with it, while in Judaism, as well as in Christianity and in Islam, any association of God with a Masonic Lodge is forbidden, because membership in the masonry is to of the assiociationisme with the will of God (the shirq) by creating them same their own codes of laws and their own worship and religious rites by their multiple deities.

While below, and because of the 3 photos that are posted, you can see the symbol of the masonry representing a half man half animal entity, while God looks in any way to any creature, including that which is posted in photo above, the creature who in 1966 and in 1967 was spotted by many witnesses in the United States in Point Pleasant in Virginia, and, at the same time of the apparitions of UFOs belonging to the fleet anti gravity United Nations,. and, just before causing the death of 40 people who was not accidental, but voluntarily caused during the collapse of the Silver Bridge shown in photo below, besides it is also interesting to see the link that makes following the investigation of an independent journalist New Yorkers on Silver Bridge anti-gravity and Mothman

Later Moses Montefiore will give its name has several maconique lodges for the continuity of the program in order to achieve the creation of the Zionist State of Israel in 1947 with resolution 181 of the United nations, through the the rich and powerful family of Rothshild by practicing the marriage between rich and powerful families, such as with Moses Montefiore who fomanta all the warring coalitions in europe, and, since Napoleon through Hitler with his secret society Thulle, but with the complicity of powerful illuminati, as for example the Group Bildeberg, which, because of their tyranny and their dictatorship, wanted to establish their new world order by the grace of their fortune, not only acquired in the millieux banking and financial, but also in areas of armaments while infiltrating the media as environments for example was the case with Theodor Herzl, as well as the circle of political environment, so far, from where many titles can many decorations and awards them being attributed by the monarchies of the time, among other Moses Montefiore ennobled by the Queen to postpone the House of lords to have contributed to the financing of the wars against the enemies of the monarchies European, including another Napoleon, all as confirmed by this link you can contemplate on the rich and powerful Rothschild family that in exchange these same European monarchies then new American founded by free nations masonry, can implement the creation of the Zionist State of Israel, against the powers that would oppose the creation of the Zionist State of Israel in Palestine, in the context of globalization by Red fascism the International Socialist, then in 1990 by the inernationnale of fascism neoliberal, then today, by the facsisme of the International Red and green that brings any instability and chaos in the world by dividing the religious communities of humanity.

Then in 1862 the idologie materialist Zionist was taken over by Moses Hess 18121875 (in photo below) political writer, German philosopher and close collaborator of Karl Marx, who in 1862 publishes the newspaper Rome and Jerusalem – the last National Question which calls for the creation of a ‘Jewish State’, and, as a result of the revolution of a certain bourgeoisie on the left that took off in 1848 to put in place a materialistic movement and policy in Palestine based on materialistic and Socialist left, thinking that she too, and just as much as the middle class right, manipulates the Jewish religious movement to the establishment and consolidation of a Jewish State, but with Jerusalem as capital one and indvisible based on a Zionist, materialist, Marxist and Socialist idologie which is only the transition period toward tyranny communism frankly anti-religious, and especially anti-Muslim anti-Islam that detaches from the materialist spirituality of different movements political instrumentalise religion.

Then again in 1896 , but with the help of the large coin of the Baron Edmond de Rothshild, all as materialistic as the previous Marxist movement ideology, returns to the front of the scene with the publication of the journal Der Judenstaat the ideology of the creation of the Zionist State of Israel in Palestine was taken over by Theodor Herzl (in photo below), an Austro-Hungarian Jewish journalist who knew nothing about the religion and who hated religion just as evidenced by the video titled The people of the book remained loyal to Allah who is shown above, see Theodor Herzl and the birth of the International Socialist new world order Zionist conspiracy

Moreover, the ideology of a Jewish and Zionist State, was not followed by Jewish religious groups remained faithful to the Lord, as demonstrated by the people of the book in the video below, we Muslims, must protect against the political temptation the Antichrist who founded his world order and its new deal, only on a materialistic and political will of each and the other leading division within the religious by the materialistic wishes of finance within an order policy world where; individuals who made up this company think that their well be materialistic and forgetting to apply part of the will of God (swt).

For example, the Laity of the BASS party be of pan-Arabism which, because of their tyranny on the pan-Islamic and all religious world by manipulating each and others, made the game of the enemies of Islam are the Zionist regimes, Evangelical-based and anti-Muslim sentiment, especially when you are a layperson, so there is nothing of a sounnite which includes also the laws of the charriah, the Holy Quran and the Islamic objectionable, and certainly not those very anti-religious secularism that have nothing do with the laws of Islam, and even less with a any precept of modernism, as they advocate the separation of the religious worship of the State.

In fact in 1991, that is indeed why these armies had been sent by Saudi Arabia against Saddam Husein in Iraq, because he had nothing sounnite, but rather a layman from the party BASS Iraqi implementation to the Iraqi throne, and which the principle of secularism is based on the policy of pan-Arabism and the separation of the religious Muslim faith of its leaders, after that this principle was introduced in the Arab country by a certain Michel Aflak, who in 1943 was a Professor of the Sorbonne in Paris in the middle of a secular France hunting the Jews, when it was occupied by the nazis in order to bring the Jews in Muslim countries, which particularly in Palestine, so that the secular masonry very antireligious can subsequently and on a long term policy, create a secular State in Palestine hiding behind religion Jewish with Jerusalem as capital one and indivisible a secular State serving the common interests of the masonry very anti-religious policy, but especially very anti-msusulmane, because of the Islamic charriah on financial, stock market and banking, legislation of the ban to the interest rates, financial speculation on any matter, and the prohibition to grow demeusurement capital.

Then the height of all this materialistic parody coming materialists anti-religious, when on 5 July 2006, a memorial plaque in honor of this expensive Theodor Herzl was installz and deposited in Paris in the e 3 District, at the intersection of the streets Turbigo and Réaumur (metro Arts and crafts) filed by these dear, Pro-Zionist leaders of the Socialist Paris, and parties, in the presence of Bertrand Delanoé (PS Mayor of Paris) and Pierre Aïdenbaum (PS Mayor of the 3) e district), then in the presence of the Manager of the Embassy of Israel, whose ideology of a Zionist State, was at the base, a mainly secular, rather Marxist movement and frankly very anti-religious in order to be in favor of the repopulation of territories occupied by anti-religious Jews based on a Jewish ideology of the Torah have been falsified, to be occupied by the Zionist movements in political, materialist and nationalist trend, see for some with 2 nationalities.

Not only because of the political support of France to the United States, with at its head, the Sarkomania of Obamania, then especially by supportive political Socialists and Communists that the atheistic materialist ideology is based on Marxism, as well as by the international Zionism lurking in a political party where any other lobby of a political nature, including the powerful Zionist AIPAC lobby in the United States whose Zionist ideology is support on the Protestant philosophy of evangelicals who have nothing angelic in their evangelization of the Muslim lands policy including that of Palestine, but especially the very reformed Protestant churches proselyte and very virulent, even almost see very aggressive in the lands of Islam, as well as the proves this video below titled pro-sioniste and anti-Islam evangelists, a video having a direct link in the Masonic conspiracy world between evangelicals, lay masonry, Israel, Jerusalem, Zionism, Roswell and 1947 to by evidence that you are shown on is Web site who wants to gather all the Muslims of the world and unite against the enemies of Islam who create fitna (the division) between brothers similarly religion, including evangelicals who have nothing angelic in their policy for the evangelization of the Muslim lands, including that of Palestine, Zionists who have nothing of Jewish believers in their policy of colonization of the Muslim lands, then above all the apostates of Islam having embraced the political evangelism of Muslim lands, as well as the secular right, left masonry and extremes that create the division between leaders and Muslim clerics.

With evidence, here is a video of the speech, which was not broadcast on all TV channels from around the world about the idea of a revival of colonization Zionist of Jerusalem taken over by a certain Barack Obama, in having preached for a Jerusalem one and indivisible as state capital Zionist of Israel, therefore, Morgan under the control of the Zionist regime, and then indirectly and not only under the control of imperialism of powerful lobbies and different sects evangelicals and Scientologists to the United States and around the world in having infiltrated the world of finance, media and politics.

Especially after having set up the Zionist ideology which is harmful for the intended humanity, by a unilateral policy of one without sharing the Holy City of peace with the Muslims, and this, whatever their age, their race, their nationality or their ethnicity, following the plot which is also a minority of misguided that aren’t murderers within the community wahhabitte and close to the movement of Al-Qaeda Salafist has which I run a pappel in order to lay down the arms, because this minority in the vast majority of Muslims did a lot of wrong a whole community, being without realizing, at the service of the enemies of Islam, are the American neoconservatives and the laity followed by all allies, including Israel and its Zionist regime followed by the Covenant of NATO, that of the Atlantic alliance North with the Russia and China of the permanent Council of the nations-uniess security once these plotters of the Covenant of their alliance with the British empire, have created the decadence and the fall of the Ottoman empire, which was caused by an agent of the British and archaeologist services was Lawrence of Arabia (in the photo below in the dress which was not the monk because of his agnosticism) in a Western conspiracy Pro-Zionist having leads to the Balfour Declaration, which in 1917 was an open letter, but to whom? and Yes, the powerful Zionist Masonic family of Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild (18681937), and, after the invasion of the British troops in Palestine who were led by General Sir Edmund Allenby (photo below) and who engaged in a military campaign against the Turks, who parenthetically, general Allenby by visiting the tomb of Saladin (Allah be pleased with him and “swt” Allah be pleased with him), will say on his grave in order to wake him up in striking the heel of his shoe: (here we go again “in Jerusalem” to stay), personally as a believer and submitted to Allah (swt) only single and without partner (es), I am less certain.

On 31 October 1917 (the same year and the same month of the Bolshevik in Russia), the British won a decisive victory in the city of Beersheba, which led to the surrender of the Muslim ottoman empire, then causes the fall of Jerusalem who then was placed under British control, so that in 1947, Jerusalem to be placed under the control and authority of the Zionist regime of Israel, by resolution 181 of the United nations, in order to y introduitre the Western way of life in Muslim countries, but with the complicity of the Saudi dynasty in Exchange for the oil that the West had coveted with in Exchange for this Exchange Abdel Aziz Saud Ibnou in photo below placed on the throne of Saudi having taken power has the dynasty of Hashemite established by the Ottoman empire which fell into decadence and the taste for luxury, after that the Hashemite dynasty have rule over the Hejaz and the Holy Mecca and Medina cities for more than 1000 years then, and by the new world order of secular Freemasonry, set up for centuries and centuries, tyrants and dictators in Masonic and secular countries which are close to the ideology of the neo-destour to censor the truth on their global conspiracy, including secular proponents of socialism and capitalism and Zionist ideologies are the direct responsible of the Shoah and anti-Semitism in the world, see the statement Balfourt of the reusnis by franc evangelists masonry with the Zionist cult

And that this conspiracy is Zionist children of Israel having expulsu (Muslim people), especially after that the hypocrites in lay claiming hidden within the Arab world, Western, Indonesian and African Muslim religion. then the infidels, apostates from Islam, and the rebels have turned their backs on truth (the Holy Qur’an), once a certain Barack Obama part of the family clan of the very famous Bush family, which is also near a man named Dick Cheney was put in place at the top of the American pyramid by powerful lobbies very anti-Islamic, including those of James Afreux of evangelicals who have nothing angelic in their policy of evangelization of the Muslim lands, are sects of all kinds, as the very famous Church of Scientology which is be widespread in Canada including Alain Juppe went into exile a time, as well as California in the middle of the film world of Hollywood, then in Africa, in Russia and in Europe, as evidenced by the speeches of Barack Obama having been uttered before the powerful Zionist lobby American AIPAC 4 June 2008 that broadcast you video below titled Obama Illuminati and Zionism, Jerusalem, in a message address has this powerful lobby during his 2008American presidential campaign.

Illuminated Barack Obama in the middle of the new world order became a member of this group of illuminati who think have created God, religion, humanity, Angels and revealed scriptures, after having been set up in the world of politics by the intermediary the Council on Foreign Relations, but with the help of the powerful Zionist lobby,AIPACAmerican, just like proves it the still image in the video below that shows you Barack Obama in his full youth, within the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) who is none other than the secret organization designed to become the master thinker of American policy to take on the economy and foreign policy, also in Israel and around the world, just as says it a stock site the stock market and the Council relationships Foreign as well as the G-20 financial policy and the Council on foreign relations but of course, if these have not been voluntarily changed even censored by the dictatorship of the plotters, on the internet and in the media monopoly of information, in order to be at the service of finance and and the masonry of the coming Illuminati of the movements political on the left and right including their chart is shown in chapter new world order from this website

The Council of Foreign Relations in the service of materialistic and financial policy of Zionism, some evangelicals, hypocrites of the country golf and the laity are part of the Muslim religion, but especially a Council of Foreign Relations in the foreign policy has take in respect of the Muslim to better the reform by being placed within the new world order and its new deal of the 3Rd Millennium, quite simply, because Islam who happens be a way of life, a philosophy, spirituality, a way of being and to behave with others, in fairness and according to the laws of God that is unique and that is not associated with policies, seriously affects the way of life and culture that is Americano-occidentale Ultra-Violente, based on disbelief, hypocrisy, lying, decadence, him retrograde, perversity, ethnic communitarianism and materialism in a totalitarian system and within an exclusive cult fake democracy dedicated to the powerful lobbies, is that with certainty is identical to the Communist and socialist system based them as unique totalitarian right-thinking of unbelief and thinking of the imposture, (those of secularism atheist and agnostic philosophies very) virulent and ultra violent against religions).

And all this, put in place after the signal from the Gulf war, when Saddam Hussein having been manipulated and then manipulated taken the decision to invade Kuwait, so that American intelligence knew perfectly by its Ambassador in post Bagddad, that is only the most obvious evidence of this Masonic global conspiracy of unbelievers, laymen, Zionists, some evangelicals and hypocrites of laity Arabic, then apostates of Islam and the impostors of tyrants in Arabic countries who have interest to quickly change policy leaving freely brothers of same religion are Imams and no corrupt Muslim sheikhs who are actually inked in knowledge and knowledge of the school of Medina in Arabia, in order to bring the true education Muslim from the Islamic to the peoples of Islam, and not that of the pan-Arabism of the tyranny of Arab leaders.

Therefore 2 identical and totalitarian lifestyles imposing the doctrine of a minority of the people on the majority, and because of their unique thought right-thinking, but also a tyrannical minority doctrine of lobbying financial and economic that is needed on an entire people, and especially on the world of Islam, which is found in the new world order, which therefore becomes tyrannical regimes and oppressif eager to export and impose on others their way of life and their culture, by trickery and deceit as is currently the case, either by blackmail and threats (economic embargoes as is currently the case in Palestine with Israel) where or by armed force as was the case in Iraq with Saddam Hussein.

Also, the people of the book who want peace, then the reconciliation and an alliance with the Muslims, in an appeal that the latter have launched video below titled Zionism Israel Palestine and UN, we Muslims just as the 4 first Caliphs guided of Islam have always done, following the teachings of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws), to return to Jerusalem under the control of the Muslims, have a duty and an obligation to protect, because of a hadith that Jewish believers fear most (a reference to the trees and the rocks), because of the very close links between Nazi racist fascists with the misguided with a black heart of darkness that support their policy on the national socialism of pan-Arabism that is hidden in the 3 religions and which are reported in the paragraph below.

Here is the link between Jerusalem, 1947 and fascism with the policy of pan-Arabism of Palestine that has nothing do with the policy of the Islamic community of pan-Arabism which does not say all the truth and nothing but the truth, straightforwardly , or lie, and without any manipulation any within a single religion of truth that will only be the unique philosophy approved by Allah on the day of the last judgement, in order to obtain his forgiveness.

When an elite of the Palestinian Arab population have sold his land to the Zionist settlers and eventually lead to the creation of the Zionist State of Israel who came to Russia in 1904 , and this sequel to the appeal made in 1896 by the Zionist movement created by Theodor Hertzel, who was none other than the Zionist world in order to raise funds with the Jewish national fund to redeem is the land to the Palestinian Arab people, which at the time of 1291 to 1917 it was under the occupation of the decay of the Ottoman empire, which is that the person responsible for having trained the British intervention in order to avoid a civil war between Jewish and Arab, that then caused the setting in place of Moustapha also nicknamed Kemal Ataturk, translated in French by the father of the Turk who is nothing more than a cult of personality based on Turkish nationalism to put in place the disbelief of the principle of secularism to then be protected temporarily by Mustapha Kemal, and military juntas was other than a fan of the secular masonry after there have joined in 1907 with his companion Fethi Okyar.

From elsewhere when a community sell its own land has a another community that was never to return to the land that he had been banned, then the punishment of God is then inflicted on the entire Palestinian community, as indicated in a Hadith of Muhammad (saaws) who received consensus of the scholars which is references by number 1830 and which you can read below as well as in chapter Hadith regarding signs of earlier located at page 848 in the book titled Riyadh’re-Saliheen’s police station “gardens of virtue” Imam Yahya Ibn Sharaf Ed-DIN An-Nawawi, and that after Abu Houraira (Allah the authorized and may he be pleased with him) the Messenger of Allah (saaws) says:

“When Allah (the Almighty) sent down a punishment on a people, this punishment will affect them all, then they will be resurrected every man according to his works”

And this, for the following reason: when the Holy Land of Palestine has ata sold for cash to the highest bidder and by a certain Palestinian elite who didn’t tell the truth “frustrated of the property be material within the community close Arab of the principle of” secularism and love doing politics using the religious issue to achieve the power to then censor the true religion”, the punishment of God takes place on the entire community, then each one will be resurrected and judged according to his works.

Then, when the community of the hypocrites at the end of the 19th and early 20th century sell his land to the highest bidder for cash, it (the elite thirsty of good material being frustrated political lust) she don’t Maybe a community of unbelievers, who then and as if by magic, plays its policy on nationalism, which is that of the facisme by an alliance with the racists of Adolf Hitler who thought that race Aryan (blue-eyed blond) is was be the superior race has all the others, therefore, and as stated the hadith of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws), the punishment of God takes place on the entire community, then the culprits will be resurrected and then punished a punishment painful for having caused the damage has all Muslims.

As a result of this Ottoman decadence that 2 years later and in 1909 following the Foundation of the first kibbutz by the Zionist settlers from the secularism of the Socialists who came from Russia resulted in the creation of Tel Aviv, which Thus encouraged an influx of settlers Zionist and restocking of Palestine by Zionist settlers in the middle of the Arab population, but after these last “the Zionists have sworn to not pa back in the Holy Land”, and which at the time, to from 1936, the Arab population was very hostile against the Jewish population having been re-invite this land of Islam by a grace of their allies are the evangelists, following the British occupation, which during the three years of rebellion massacra rivals Palestinians, who in Zionist terminology is called “events” and where the Palestinians will attempt more, what they killed opponents British evangelists and Zionists

And after these peoples plotters (evangelists British and Zionists, then lay people) close to their false Messiah with frizzy hair and thick, have manipulated and exploited Adolf Hitler with his secret society of Thulle to send Jews to peoples Palestine and recolonize Muslim countries, in a plot of a monadiaisation and reconquest of Jerusalem, which was set up by francs-masonry and the Illuminati of which some are known under the name of Templars since the time of the Crusades and well in the past.

And, following the decline of the Ottoman empire, in the only goal for the plotters of all stripes, to mislead the peaceful community of Islam and make sure she kill each other so the pesticides of the surface of the Earth, dividing it from all sides thing that the God Allah your ala soubbahna za wajal, all cautioned us in the Holy Quran in had been transmitted in coded and hidden language broadcast below.

Holy Qur’an: Sura 7 Al-Araf (the mountain of judgment) / verses 11 to 17
“we created you, then we have given you a form, then we said to the Angels:”Prostrate before Adam.”.” They prostrated except Iblis, who was not of those who worshiped. [God] said: “What is keeping you you bow when I ordered it you?” He replied: “I am better than he: you created me from fire, while you created him from clay”. [God] said: “get out of here, you don’t have to swell you of pride here. “Get out, you amongst the scorned.” “Give me a time, said (Satan) until the day when they will be resurrected.” [God] said: “You are of those to whom time is granted.” “Since you put me in error, said [Satan], I’ll sit for them on your right path, then I assaillirai them front, from behind, from their right and from their left. And, for the most part, you won’t find them not grateful. »

And today with this conspiracy against Islam, you will find the strange alliance and Covenant of the followers of the separation of an Islamic Khalifat with his people’s Muslim majority, by military and economic agreements between the secular with Turkey the Zionist regime of Israel and NATO under domination of the forces and the command of U.S. evangelists and bases military of NATO divided on Turkish soil, especially after you have created the decadence in Saudi Arabia and everywhere in Arabic countries having gives rise to the settlement of the Holy Land of Palestine by the supporters of Zionism.

Furthermore and in a very close relationship between Mustapha Kemal with the Turkish Grey Wolves is nothing more than a fascist ultra-nationalist party of extreme right of the Turkish Gladio (sword) of the secret services of NATO to become the military arm of neoconservatives Americans and those of the Italy in being bound by the NATO Pact in an all-out war against communism of atheists then against Agnostics socialism, it is also interesting to see the manipulation and the handling of religion through the person of the Pope Jean Paul II (that Allah gives him his forgiveness and peace), it is important to note that this conspiracy has existed with the secret service Turkish and the Stay Behind network of the CIA by a withdrawal policy , that is to say standing behind each network intelligence but advising them.

But with at the time and as Assistant to the Director of the CIA, Black Hawk from the White House that is Robert Gates affiliated with neo-conservatives of the party repiblicain, the current 22ND Secretary of defense of the United States of Barack Obama by the time , and in 1981 since 1979 served the interests of the CIA, then Ronald Reagan, having been advised him special with Jimmy Carter the 39th president of the United States, having him even, also did believe in the existence of UFOs He would have seen in 1969, then the request of the International UFO Bureau (international Office of UFOs), Jimmy Carter had completed a form of observation in 1973 when he was Governor of the Georgia, as evidence in a very close relationship between this chapter in 1947 with Roswell, UFO, Israel, Zionism, Jerusalem, the masonry world from extreme right, including that of Italy, Robert Gates, gray wolves Turkey, Mehmet Ali Agça and the attempt assassination of the person of the Pope John Paul 2 which the 14 but 1999 and following the Catholic symbolism, by kissing the Koran, Pope John Paul II he recognizes a divine inspiration, thereby acknowledging in Muhammad (saaws) his prophetic mission, when Pope John Paul II (that Allah give him peace) publicly kissed the Koran, to show equality of religions, everything as confirms the picture that is shown below.

Even Robert Gates who served as an assistant to the Director Stansfield Turner, then primarily as an assistant to William Joseph Casey in a very close relationship with the gray wolves in Turkey and the assassination attempt on the person of the Pope Jean Paul II broadcast video below, to have a gun then led Mehmet Ali Agca through Yalcin Özbey arm who took part in the attack on the Pope, in order to believe has the guilt of communism, but through the services Bulgarian, and this, admission of his comrade, the gunman, Mehmet Ali Agca who if self proclaimed Messiah and who must be released in 2010, but for what purpose? God only knows, but either way, their Machiavellian plan will be swallowed up, then they will be ressussite and judged according to their hidden intentions, and not depending on their actions, just as the Muslim scholar is Sheikh Mohammed Hassan says in video called Hadiths on Al-mahdi, which is in the Introduction section of this Web site, as a warning to any plotter.

While more is, then as evidence, in 1979 Yalcin Özbey and Mehmet Ali Agça were two members of the gray wolves a fascist party ultra nationalist of far right of the secular Turkey very close to the Turkish army, as well as demonstrated an investigation go unmentioned by the plotters, and as clearly indicated a parliamentary investigation report Fikri Saglar, Member of the parliamentary commission Susurluk cited by Enis Berberoglu in Hürriyet then published 3 October 1997 . for the Turkish and Italian maffieuse with Abdullah the Catici links, then the fascists ultra nationalist gray wolves, then the ultra conservative Italian Silvio Berlusconni (today the ruling party) and the “Stay Behind” network of the CIA in a clear link with the secret service Italian general Pietro Musumeci at the service of the neo-conservative Illuminati Italians who is none other than the link hidden between Yalcin Özbey and Mehmet Ali Agça. with the Gladio (sword) of the NATO network.

You will also notice that since his release from prison in 1997, Nelson settled in Belgium (the NATO member and ally of the United States), that the Turkish authorities requested his extradition to Belgium in 1997 and 1999. application was refused on the grounds, that at the time the Turkish legislation provided for the death penalty, for what reason? in order to reduce to silence, plotters Turkey close to the Freemason lay is Harun Yahya, it would be preferable for the secular nation of Turkey close to his false propaganda, of is reconvertir to the true Muslim religion, and abandon defintitivement principle of secularism, if really, close neoconservative fascism Turkish nationalists, sincerely have real belief in the existence of a day of the last judgement which will be terrifying for all plotters, and, after have been risen, as the fascists near Turks of secularism, believe it or not, no matter, after having been warned, the Turkish nationalists, see.

Moreover, it is interesting to know that Melvin Goodman demonstrates all these conspiracy theories against Jean Paul II in its own investigation, he must also know that it is a former analyst at the Department of statistics of the CIA from 1986 to 1996 all According to the survey of investigation that is present on the website in question, you can contemplate on Turkish secularism, gray wolves, Mehmet Ali Agca, Yalcin Özbey and Pietro Musumeci

While in the Gospels according to Saint Matthew 26 verse 52 chapter it is clearly indicated, and in a solemn by divine justice warning has for example, at the time where the Prophet and Messenger of God Jesus (aws) which said to a man who wanted to lay their hands on his sword: “get your sword, because all those that take the sword shall perish by the sword.”

This clearly means for the fascists of wolves gray in Turkey and for those hidden in Italy who worked on behalf of secularism and the Turkish army, then on behalf of NATO and the materialist system of capitalism, but through the Gladio (sword of NATO) concealed has inside the network Stay Behind of the CIA whose logo is shown below, in having lifted the gun that is nothing other than the sword against religion and through the person of Pope Jean Paul II while manipulating religion “the.” Islam”in Afghanistan and in manipulating it against a system someone materialist ‘ it, then he shall die by the sword of divine justice.

Totalitarian regimes, regardless of whether those Zionists, of neo-conservatives or those of evangelicals and different sects, with their unique neo-totalitaire thought that have nothing religious, and all in having practiced with Saddam Hussein in Iraq the same policy of victimization, with it subsequently, accused of holding weapons of mass destruction, and after that the information of the false propaganda of the media of the West have been relayed by the media very anti-Islamic and very close to the movement Protestant Evangelical, but also very close to the movement of Zionist, as these weapons of mass destruction were delivered piece and labor by your predecessors of neoconservatives and Evangelical TV, then by the secular France, by the Germany and Russia, besides and since the American armies are stationnnes in Iraq since 2003, and found weapons of mass destruction, because the real victims of weapons of destruction massive made in Russia, made in Pakistan, made in India, made in Korea, made in China, made in Europe, made in America, are really Iraqi, where are they ones you can contemplate on Iraq nuclear Genocide in order to see the result of this disorder on land committed by this Zionist of Israel totalitarian regime and its neoconservative allies of Evangelical religion.

Then to end this chapter in the very close relationship between the secular Turkey, Turkish Fascism, extremism, neo-conservatism political, financial and banking interests in being close to the neo-conservative US and the European Union neoconservative with assassination attempt on the person of the Pope Jean Paul 2, to the last breath of his life, well said, that he did not believe it was the secret service Bulgarian or Soviet at the time who had wanted to assassinate him, but in his deepest thoughts “the neo-conservatives of Evangelicals close of Zionism, the CIA and the Grey Wolf fascists” who is none other than the armed wing of the Turkish army, in order to bring the murder of John paul 2 on communism of atheists who don’t believe in the existence of God, against which, the equally tyrannical and oppressive capitalist regime was at war.

And today because of the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, and an alliance between the former East-West blocks, these same tyrannical regimes and oppressif capitalism and socialism, which is only a transitional period on thinking materialist Communist to be immersed in a total war against the principles and the way of life of the Muslims, and, because of the obvious evidence having manipulated, then manipulated and armed Osama bin laden, Al-Qaida and the Taliban against the expansion of the Communism in Afghanistan that was close to the Iran, the Iraq and the Gulf, which particularly holy and sacred of Saudi Arabia, and all Earth pretending today for the victims of what they created, what they have armed funded, implemented, trained, manipulated and exploited by murder siblings of same religion not guilty of only corruption on Earth.

And all those who would deny the opposite, then you aren’t that miscreants where of the igtnorants of ultra nationalist fascists who have no knowledge and no know the reality of the historical facts in being manipulated by your leaders who installs their curriculum around their tyranny similarly that their fake imams rogue and entirely corrupt installed on their throne by your leaders who support their policy on the policy of pan-Arabism that is the opposite of the ideology of the Islamic that call has the union of brothers and sisters of the same religion in order not to exclude brothers and sisters of the same religion which are not Arabic, with an ideology of division, put in place at the base by Adolf ago which was only a Masonic member of the sect Thulle, and then its ideology was taken over by Mussolini with his band of black shirts, not only in order to save their policy of national socialism to better her globalize, in an alliance with the Franc of the Marshal Pétain and its 2 principles of secularism and national Catholicism that has not saved the Jews.

Following an ideology from the French revolution of 1789 was born to an elite which in the 21th century rules you, after having put into practice during the French revolution a coup d’etat, which at that time in the history of France was very anti-religious, moreover it is important to note that the ideology of the Communist revolution of 1917 in Russia was born of the French revolution having implemented the socialist doctrine which was only a period of transition to communism which could spread in Muslim countries with the anthem of the Socialist International of the final fight.

As in the past, a lot of true Muslim believers and all ethnic groups combined are dead, not only for the land holy ets acreated of Saudi Arabia, but also for the Holy Land of Palestine to preserve the 3lieux Saint of Islam under the control Muslims, see where this was necessary to get back them to the occupation of the Crusaders, to preserve peace among all communities, and whose best-known fighter sound, was a Caliph origin Iraqi non-Arab (a Kurd), Salah Ad – Din Yusuf (11381193) see biography on Salah Ad-Din Al – Ayyubi not only in order to understand is how Saladin has protected the place Holy and sacred of the Kaaba in Mecca, but also the Holy of Jerusalem Mosque and the tomb of the beloved prophet Muhammad (saaws)

Salah Ad – Din Al-Ayyubiplus known as Saladin 1er (the authorized Allah and Allah the reward), but after the Egyptian Caliph Al-Hakim Abu Ali Mansur belonging to the sect of Ismaili Shi’a Fatimid Egypt dynasty did burn a holy place and symbolic for Christian believers was the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, and that as a result of the madness of is unbalanced mind caused the first crusade of 1096 to 1099 , which was decided by the Pope Urban II at the Council of Clermont in 1095 and then during the taking of Jerusalem by the Crusaders, is followed in the massacres appalling on civilians in Muslim history than the Arabs historians, and especially those of the sect Shia have seems you they intentionally forgot to recount in their history book, while wanting to censor the truth by their own tyranny, just like the orientalists and other so-called doctor of theology as this expensive plotter is the doctor Dalil Boubaker to the Grand Mosque of Paris who wrote his imposture of the Charter of the Muslim faith of France close to the secular Algerian, while the example which was a follow, was one who came from the 2ND Sunni Islam Caliph, good guided companion of the Prophet (saaws): Omar Ibn El-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him, and may Allah be pleased with him) when he reppris Jerusalem by ordering not to touch to places of worship, Jews and Christians.

For finally, the Muslim civilian population of Palestine, Gaza and everywhere in the world, no longer have to suffer the consequences of each and others astray because tallion (eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth) Act was also also revealed in the Torah to Moses (aws), clearer meaning:

If you attack my civilian population, I’m suing you in self-defense of the civilian population, which is the cycle of the massacre of civilians, because of the distraction of some misguided for everything they have in their hearts, which one of lust and perversity of their spirit has all distort, with one, the race for material wealth and power because of corruption, and the other with hatred to the regard they have for the Jewish community, which made them the unjust just as God says in the Holy Quran below.

Holy Qur’an: surah 5 Al – my ‘ idah (the table spread) / verse 8 :
“O believers! Be strict (in your homework) to God and (be) fair witnesses. And that hatred for a people don’t encourage you to be unfair. Practice fairness: it is closer to piety. And fear God. Because God is all-aware of what you’re doing”

Especially, when misplaced murdered innocents not guilty of corruption on earth while creating the fitna in the middle of the Muslim world who don’t must never crossed sword, the world warning of Shiite and Sounnite, including the criminal events This fitna, took place 33 years prior to the date faditique of the moment of truth on this website of 2012, which occurred during the taking of hostages from 20 November to 5 December 1979 by a current of thought very minority in Wahhabism in who wanted to set up the Mahdi false that occurred more than 3 weeks after the period of the pilgrimage to the Holy Mosque in Mecca, and this, during the same time of the events of Afghanistan in 1979 with the Soviet Communist invasion, the same year was the preparation of the attack on the person of the Pope Jean Paul 2 , which was to take place in 1981, as well as the same year of the events of 1979 having occurred during the Islamic revolution in Iran with the overthrow of the Shah of Iran by the ayatolah Khomeini of the shiite sect, which is the same as has those of the Sufis.

And the proof of this great fitna in the 2 families sounnite and Shiite held in 1979 with the major of the great division sign set up by a minority of misguided, having done wrong has any Wahhabi community, instead of uniting the 2 families shiite and Sunni, because of the 2 major events that took place in the same year (1979), which occurred with the Islamic revolution in Iran and one in Mecca during the events of 20 November 1979 with the appearance of the fake Mahdi very anti-shiite “Mohammed Al Qahtani” belonging to the Wahhabi thought current set up by the British during the first world war, if not how is that the land where the waters have not swallowed up those who fought and killed in the Holy Mosque of Mecca?

Just as elsewhere the scholar of Islam that is Sheikh Mohammed Hassan says in the video by an authentic hadith that will take place, the video which is located in the chapter Introduction, major event which will take place in order to protect the true mahdi, in an authentic hadith that is not taken lightly by the Satanic masonry, that it is the countries of Arabic in Turkey where in the world.

The 2 major of fitna events created in 1979 between 2 families having already occurred in the history of the Muslim world, but in 1979 to quilt again 33 years before sign of the date of this website: 2012 the fateful that no one can push that is other than that of the solar Gregorian calendar with the date of 1433 of the Hegira calendar, date of emigration blessed to the Holy land.

And including the fateful date of the countdown for the men of understanding which will include the avennement of a major sign that is other than cellui of 2012 of the Christian era and 1433 of the Hegira (20121979 = ( 33 years) is be the return to the sources and family origins. And to understand then so visit and

Of the events that took place at the same time those of the seizure of power in Iraq by the fascists of Laity of Saddam Hussein’s Baath party in having supported their policy on pan-Arabism established by the secular western masonry in 1943 so that on a long-term policy, Saddam Hussein is put into place on the throne Iraqi 16 July 1979, the same year of the peace agreements between Israel and Egypt having recovered the Sinai desert, but having the care forget the fate of Palestine, the Cisjordannie and a Jerusalem that had to be shared with the Muslim community, if not peace, the same year of 1979 agreement allowing also the neo-conservative in Britain iron lady Margareth Thatcher to access power, as well as an another notorious neoconservative thinking has the existence of alien that is Ronald Reagan was elected a year later on 4 November 1980 in order to bring the 2 blocks East/West against a new enemy that they themselves created, manipulated, exploited, armed and directed against the other: Al-Qaida.

The plot of the neo-conservatives around the world in order to prevent the true Mahdi to perform hajj on holy ground of the qibla (the kaaba) taking control of a land where sacred and Holy Blood and war should not be paid by a minority of lost within the Wahhabis in order not to create fitna, which hopefully Inch’Allah, continue to follow their false spiritual guides of all kinds, calling themselves the Mahdi see for the Messiah returning on a single religion of the community submissive and obedient has all the will of Allah (swt) wajal za, and nothing else, by not only the true Sunnah that has not been altered and transformed in its interpretation by misplaced, the Holy Quran and Islamic jurisprudence who don’t should never be forgotten.

Then reflect and be realistic in not being of the utopians who think that everybody he is beautiful and that everyone there is nice, and most importantly, stop dreaming while going down on Earth to not be manipulated by mass media and other powerful s lobbies to character politico-economic and financial, as well as by extremists on all sides, but especially by policies that make you believe in the supperflu, those who, in all reality, don’t love that make policy for all the love of the power they covet by creating their own materialistic system, because this company to materialistic character it is made for those who have very long and sharp, teeth with eyes bigger than the belly, and those who love compete in a race to riches which distracts them and that takes away them from the religion that can bring them peace inside, and what else, read so the Holy Quran and especially the Surah 102 At-takatur “the race to riches “a lot of emigrants and their descendants born in the West who love politics and accumulate material wealth exploiting poverty, have seems – you they voluntarily forgotten the meaning of his door and its meaning, which one of” This video intended for those who have the thirst of gold, luxury and diamonds within a tower of Babel made of rivalries with God.

A word for the sharks with fine teeth sharpened which are very dishonest, deliberately distorting the sacred texts of all their senses, the sharks who have eyes bigger than your stomach and wanting all clean you out (the spoils) one located in West and who is referred to in the Holy Quran in a coded language, this message is directly intended to the hypocrites and the devil worshipers who associate with the Eternal God Iblis in being plunged into the race for material wealth, whether these political or financial by the grace of the illumination of the materialistic blind eye of massih dajjal to frizzy hair to the very un-Islamic masonry, but also, some lawless of fascists, in being illuminated at the top green and red of their pyramid, which is none other than deception, lies, provocations and manipulation, set up at the top of the pyramid by each other that there is a terrible torment, including religious anti, who played with the fire of Hell for having invented then forged hadiths from scratch, in order to mislead the other far from the truth, as a result of a policy of pan-Arabism that is the opposite of that of the pan-Islamic that brings together and United all Muslim peoples of all races and all languages.

The one-eyed man with frizzy hair and Overbite to stout which in the happened at the time of the Pharaohs, was worshipped by the Pharaohs of Egypt, the sign that is displayed and then illuminated on the American greenback, and which in 2007 was erased by the federal reserve American you can contemplate on masonry secular and the rights of the Antichrist as well as Noah (aws) and the flood on the Sphinx and the pyramids of the masonry Francs to contemplate what happened to the builders of pyramids reducing humanity into slavery in order to compete between blocks (United States, Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia, and Australia) in materialistic constructions very high, because of global cataclysms that occurred before the of the driace recent (13000 years ago) and up to the last glacial period which lasted approximately 100000 years.

But God is more scientist

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