A documentary, known as The Pyramid Code, claimed that the evidence about the existence of aliens that utilized advanced technology, in order to construct the Great Pyramid of Giza, is quite evident. The pyramids in Egypt are ancient marvels. Even with the technology of nowadays, architectures stated that it is going to be hard to replace the detail and precision from these ancient monuments. So, the Great Pyramid of Giza is definitely one of those achievements on the planet, which are the most unbelievable. But, mainstream teaching made us believe that Ancient Egyptian civilizations constructed these pyramids with their limited technology. However, they haven’t even had the wheel. Therefore, the question is how they managed to build such enormous monuments? According to a documentary from Netflix, titled ‘The Pyramid Code’, aliens were the one that built the pyramids. With the use of higher technology, the aliens on our planet constructed these great pyramids which we all know today. However, why we were taught that human beings had the responsibility for constructing the Egyptian pyramids? Despite the proofs, we don’t have the tools for building; this is constantly taught as a fact. However, even with the technology of today, we would find it quite difficult. The host of The Pyramid Code, named Dr. Carmen Boulter, said that the proofs are in our hands. The human civilization was not capable of building such ancient wonder in the world. Hence, there was probably another civilization that took responsibility for this, maybe an alien one. The Great Pyramid of Giza was said to be constructed of around 2,300,000 stone blocks. A great number of them weigh about 50 tons, and even more. It is high 146.7 meters, and the length of its base is 230.34 meters. The design of the aliens A lot of other aspects led many conspiracy theorists to believe that alien life definitely has the responsibility for constructing the pyramids in Egypt. For instance, the pyramid’s coordinates match with the light’s speed when it is measured in meters per second. Moreover, The Great Pyramid of Giza sits right in the center of the land mass of the whole world. Additional evidence of the intelligent designs was shown in the constructions. Just a small number of people know that the Great Pyramid of Giza is the single pyramid that has eight sides in the entire world. On its corners, it was cut really precisely, in order to create the eight sides. So, Egyptologists think that they are smoothly polished. This is going to permit them to gleam and glow under the sunlight. However, the Egyptian pyramids are still holding a lot of secrets, just like the culture of ancient Egypt. Is this true after all? Are aliens on our planet the builders of the pyramids? The mystery keeps revolving around. However, let’s look at Gods in Egypt in order to try or also understand the answers to the questions from above. Egyptian Gods A lot of people once asked whether the Gods in Egypt were aliens or not. Well, every ancient civilization is telling tales and stories of extraterrestrial creatures visiting this world. Our forefathers considered these creatures Gods. From this, can we say that the tales about Gods living among mortals are documentation of sightings of aliens? However, as time was passing by, the images of Gods faded in mythology. By definition, Gods are aliens. In fact, they don’t come from our planet. But, a lot of ancient theories about aliens point to Turin King List as documented evidence that Gods once existed. The Turin King List This is probably the complete list of the kings that lived in the ancient Egyptian world. The list is comprised of every known pharaoh that ruled Egypt, together with every name of every God or demi-God. Moreover, it was said that it originates from the Nineteenth Dynasty. The Egyptian Museum located in Turin, in the country of Italy, acquired this papyrus scroll somewhere during the 1820s. It is argued that when we take all those names which we know seriously, we also have to consider the probability of Gods. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM HERE Image Source

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