Watch – US Navy Aircraft Carrier Spotted With A UFO On Board

YouTube footage appears to show a UFO beside a Navy helicopter onboard a US aircraft carrier. It shows a US jet about to land and a fighter shadowing it while a triangular object can be seen beside a Navy helicopter.

YouTube channel Section 51 slowed down the footage for effect.

Many commenters of the video believe the object is a TR-3B, an alleged anti-gravity spy plane of the US Air Force black project.

Some explain that the object in question is being developed with the use of reverse-engineered alien technology, but it is in any case not alien as it is built on Earth.

However, sceptics suggested the object was altered using CGI technology. They explained that CGI was improving, making it almost impossible to know what was real and what was fake.

Meanwhile, tweeted a video showing the supposed original US Navy video without a UFO in sight to prove that it had been edited.

The group called SECTION 51 hoax promoter and CGI artist.

Sorry Guys,even though this person did a hellava Job. It’s not real. The UFOs shadow is totally wrong. I’m an airbrush portrait painter I know a masking job when I see one. They made the front of this shadow way to sharp. The front end of this craft is blunted, or what you might call “Trunckated”. Its not a sharp point, besides I’m pretty good with shading. Not often does a shadow cast by the sun get LIGHTER at one point and darker in another area, all in the same shadow. This only occurs with artificial lighting .In other words you need two(2) light sources to create this effect. This would not occur outside in the daytime because there is only one(1) source, Our sun, one shadow.Our Sun cast only one shade…DARK.

Seriously? That zoom-in-and-out effect is like they scream in your face it’s fake with bells and whistles and still you post this sh**? No wonder we’re never taken seriously, this is damaging the community.

“Watch – US Navy Aircraft Carrier Spotted With A UFO On Board” .. Dismisses as fake 4 lines down. effing clickbaiting should stop. stop wasting my effing time with this obvious fake shit.

I am not sure of course – but a man who was in the US military tol his story., he said that most of the three-sided ufos were from Earth. I believe him. We have had ships for the last 50 years!!

I’m surprised that people don’t quite grasp how great CGI is now, and how anyone can learn how to create such effects if they simply take the time to learn. There’s a lot wrong with the composition, the shadows are indeed very wrong as pointed out by Phrank Ochoa. But the model itself is identical to the Tr3B model kit provided by ATLANTIS Toys and Hobbies. You can by the darn things on Ebay. Paint and light it well and you could have worked for the effects teams behind Independence Day or the original Star Wars.
“They explained that CGI was improving, making it almost impossible to know what was real and what was fake.”
Understatement of the century. I can’t understand how so many still deny it’s use in UFO videos.
“No way look at the shadows” “But the Alien blinked! That proves it’s not fake” Total ineptitude.

Nice try. “A” for effort. Close, but no cigar. Shopped in.

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