During an interview, TTSA member Chris Mellon spoke about a UFO video. It took some doing, but eventually I was able to track down the video. It wasn’t easy, because I haven’t been able to find it on the internet… anywhere. Thanks to Mark for this lead and Giuliano Marinkovic for helping me figure out which video Chris Mellon was referencing.
First, here are Chris Mellon’s comments during the interview:
“I did tend to keep my eye out, and because I had this interest, and from time to time this issue would arise. Or I might be working with a colleague, for example, who had been the senior intel officer at spacecom. And I remember one night working with a Brigadier General whom had been the Senior Intel Officer at spacecom in his last assignment, and so I… just you know, informally asked him about that and he looked at me sort of like, “What are you crazy?” He gave me this look like I had a third eye on my forehead and you know generally speaking it’s not an issue that is talked about or has a lot of credibility. You risk your own credibility if you express too much interest in it. So it’s just something that I quietly, you know, it was always in my mind because I had this interest, so I would keep my eye out for things, and occasionally that was something that would lead to something or bear their fruit.
In one case in particular, I had a friend who was a colleague at that time on this Senate Intelligence staff and he was doing some oversight at Maui Optical Tracking Facility, which does space surveillance, and I said that ‘While you’re out there, you know they’re civilian nice guys, why don’t you just ask them’ – ‘You ever see any strange really anomalous stuff you can’t identify?’ And so he called me up, he said, ‘You know I asked that question. Sure enough there’s the tape right here,’ and these guys got video of these, you know, fireballs going through the night sky and I said, ‘Well can we get a copy of it?’ I called this airforce officer he said, ‘Sure it’s unclassified too. You know, I’ll just send it to you.’ Actually they sent it through Congressional Affairs or something, but anyway I got the tape and one of the interesting things about that was that one – it showed these sort of five objects, four or five objects, look almost like a formation, moving low in the sky, fast… but slower than a meteorite. Normally how you see meteorites, it’s kind of a flash, and this was much slower than that, but much faster than you would expect an airplane to be and there was a lot of heat, intense heat, probably due to the speed. And I knew there were a few other folks who have an interest in this topic and so I asked the…decided to, you know, ask people if they were interested in seeing the video, and a few people did…”
Maui Optical Tracking Facility
Later Chris Mellon continued:
“…so in this case the source was totally unclassified. The data from that, they were collecting there, on that instrument at Maui, was open source unclassified data. So you know it’s derived from the source. Now some of you might be wondering, ‘Whatever happened to that that tape?’ I had a copy of it, I can’t find the darn thing, but it appeared on national television . I mean this didn’t get, you know, lost in some drawer. It ended up in the hands Ted Koppel, who you may recall had a long-running nightly television program called Nightline, on ABC I believe, a major network television show with high ratings and he did the segment on this, and he played the tape and had some guests on to talk about it. So this is not a case of another one of these stories where you know, ‘Yeah it sounds interesting but you know, how come there’s nothing to back it up?’ You know, that went out and probably millions of people saw it on TV but nothing happened afterward.”
Dr. Bruce Maccabee also commented on the video, back in the 1990s.
Dr. Bruce Maccabee: “This thing is not going fast enough to be a meteor unless you assume that it’s so high up that it’s beyond the atmosphere. At which point it wouldn’t be glowing, and you couldn’t see it.”
Interviewer: “Because meteors don’t glow in space, they’re glowing because they’re burning up in the atmosphere.”
Dr. Bruce Maccabee: “That’s right.”
Interviewer: “So does this intrigue you? Or what does it do?”
Dr. Bruce Maccabee: “Oh yeah. This is up at the top as far as credibility and pretty far up there in terms of strangeness.”
Interviewer: “So if you had to classify this in a case folder, how would classify it?”
Dr. Bruce Maccabee: “With a big question mark.”


There may not be enough to conclude either way whether these are a fleet of UFOs or meteors, but after the comments from Chris Mellon, this video is extremely interesting.

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