Would finding gay aliens change prejudice on earth?

In just a few short years – in the year 2020 – NASA will launch a brand-new rover to Mars. Attached to the mission’s payload will be a small helicopter (3 feet tip to tip) that will hover around and study rock formations.

That’s kind of cool when you think about it. This will be the first time a helicopter will be used on another planet. That has to count for something, right?

And while the media will focus on the capabilities of this new technology, make no mistake about it – the purpose of this mission is to search for signs of life, including microbial, on the fourth planet from the sun.

Recently, a group of us started talking about the 2020 launch here at the blog. Not that the LGBTQ community is a monolith but let’s be real – a lot of us get stoked when it comes to science.

“I wonder how far the rover can dig down?” asked one writer. Another was curious about who controls the helicopter. “Does NASA use a joystick?” chuckled another.

But an interesting question – asked by our editor – really got us to thinking.

What if NASA found alien life and it was gay?

Obviously, if anything living were to show up on Mars, it would be a big deal. In fact, if even a trace of life were discovered, like a fossilized plant, the discovery itself would change the arch of history.

But because we are a gay blog, we couldn’t help but look at this [hypothetical] scenario through rainbow glasses. Hey, it’s not like we haven’t imagined shit before. Consider our vapid post on Thor and Captain America hooking up.

Now work with me for a minute, OK?

What if that helicopter stumbled across a Martian cave? And because the copter is equipped with artificial intelligence, let’s say it decides to go inside.

Are you with me so far?

In your mind’s eye, pretend when the whirlybird enters the cave and it’s internal sensors start lighting up like crazy. That’s because the copter has picked up on massive oxygen levels, along with nitrogen, argon, and carbon. It even detects water vapor.

As NASA receives the transmissions from the copter, mission specialists quickly realize the cave’s atmosphere is almost identical to earth.

A decision is made to start taking video.

Moments later, the first live images start streaming into the Johnson Space Center. And that’s when it happens – the unmistakable signs of life.

Greenish moss can be seen growing on the walls. Water trickles in certain spots – an indication of melting ice somewhere nearby. A Martian lizard scurries into a hole.

As the folks at NASA get more and more excited, the copter begins transmitting jaw-dropping material. It’s two male aliens that look an awful lot like humans. They are holding one another in the corner.

Instructions are given to the helicopter to focus exclusively on the Martians.

Moments later, the folks in Houston see the aliens embraced in a kiss – with obvious signs the duo are super stimulated (use your imagination here).

“Oh my God, there’s extraterrestrial life on Mars and its gay!” shouts one of the mission leaders. “Who do we tell first? Should someone call the president?”

The purpose of this fictitious story is to simply get you thinking. What if NASA found alien life on Mars or any other planet … and it happened to be gay?

Would it change perceptions of LGBTQ people on earth? Might it cause the many other prejudices that exist (gender, color, etc.) to fade away?

Or, would conspiracy theorists say it was a bunch of B.S? Would the Jesus crowd say it was the work of the devil?

Exactly what would happen if NASA found aliens that happened to be gay?

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