Max Spiers died days after sending his mother a message that he was in trouble and “If anything happens to me, investigate”.

00033665A British UFO and paranormal researcher recently died under mysterious circumstances during a trip to Warsaw, Poland. Max Spiers, 39, had previously expressed concerns that his work had made him some powerful enemies as he was set to expose politicians and celebrities linked to the occult. Many have speculated this upcoming exposé had something to do with his death. Just days before Spiers was found dead, he sent an alarming text message to his mother saying “Your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.”

Equally suspicious was the assertion of Polish police that he had died of natural causes despite no post-mortem examination having been carried out on his body. Friends of Spiers have ruled out “natural causes” as a possibility as they claim Spiers had “vomited a black liquid” before dying on a sofa inside a Warsaw apartment. These shady circumstances have led to calls for an independent investigation into Spiers’ death.

Spiers had made a relatively successful career out of investigating UFOs and alleged cover-ups. Spiers became involved in these alleged “conspiracy theories” at age 31 after claiming that he had been part of a CIA MK Ultra offshoot aimed at creating “super soldier” and a “master race.” Declassified CIA documents have in fact shown that MK Ultra, a mind control program that experimented on human subjects including young children, did exist.

The CIA has since claimed that the program, which allegedly ran from the 1950s to the 1970s, was shut down, though “conspiracy theorists,” such as Spiers, have claimed that this is false. MK Ultra is said to have been the “brain child” of Nazi scientists brought to US after World War II via “Project Paperclip,” which has also been declassified.

Some of Spiers’ other claims are harder to verify. He has made claims that the US government works with alien intelligence and that many underground bases throughout the US and throughout the world are the sites of alien experimentation on humans. Spiers had told Polish YouTube channel PorozmawiajmyTV that he had been digging into a particular case regarding a military base in California, where Lt.Col. Michael Aquino, an army officer at the base, allegedly ritually abused children.

Aquino later founded the Satanic movement known as the Temple of Set and was never charged for his alleged abuse of minors despite a police investigation and widespread rumors hinting to his involvement. Spiers was allegedly investigating connections related to satanic ritual abuse that spanned the military as well as high-ranking politicians and celebrities before his death. Whether Spiers’ suspicious death will give these theories greater credence remains to be seen.

Here are some incredibly interesting videos of Max Spiers talking about things that will most likely blow your mind.

Max Spiers RIP Exposes the Hidden Controllers [FULL VIDEO]

Please don’t let Max’s death be in vain. It is vital that we spread this information to help keep people informed. Share his blog and other research with others; if enough people realize that this kind of thing is taking place on a regular basis then the more we stand a chance to do something about it.

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British UFO Researcher Dies Mysteriously After Texting ‘…If anything happens to me, investigate”

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