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The US government is renewing interest in UFO sightings that have so far gone unexplained.

Particularly a case from 2004 where two US Navy pilots encountered strange crafts in the sky while flying F/A-18 Super Hornets as part of a Carrier Strike Group over the Atlantic ocean.

The pilots, which have subsequently been interviewed, filmed a bizarre fast-moving object with no wings or rotors that was able to out-run their jets.

‘It accelerated like nothing I’ve ever seen,’ one of the pilots, Cmdr. David Fravor, said in an interview.

UFO stalked US aircraft carrier METRO GRAB taken from:
Footage of the UFO from the F18s

The case is now being looked at by the Senate Armed Services Committee on the one hand and the House Armed Services Committee on the other.

The idea is that although UFO sightings have been falling in recent years, the Washington top brass wants to try and understand if there are any threats they need to be prepared for.

‘It’s now beyond dispute that the US Congress is taking an interest not just in the Pentagon’s AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) project, but in the UFO phenomenon more generally,’ explained Nick Pope, who used to head up the Ministry of Defence’s UFO investigations here in the UK.

‘Understandably though, everyone’s bending over backwards to avoid using the phrase ‘UFO’, which has generally been replaced with ‘UAP’ (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) in government circles,’ he told

US Capitol building on Capitol Hill in Washington DC which is the seat of the US Senate

Documents that came to light last year from the mysterious AATIP first revealed the 2004 incident. And although there’s no mention of ‘aliens’ or ‘UFOs’, it appears to confirm the US Senate ordered an assessment of ‘far term foreign aerospace threats’.

This could well be what is sparking the current interest from the US Congress.

And if it does result in public hearings, we could be about to find out even more interesting details about how the US handles these unexplained mysteries.

The UFOs in 2004 could outrun an F18 Super Hornet

‘I’ve said that if current Congressional interest evolves into formal hearings, I’d be happy to testify,’ Pope, who is now a journalist and speaks widely on aerial phenomenon, told

‘I’ve already supplied Congressional staffers with some limited briefing material based on my experience of handling this issue for the MoD, and have supplied a number of documents, on the basis that the UK government has already declassified and released most of the files relating to my old MoD job.’

‘Congressional hearings on AATIP and on the phenomenon more generally would be fascinating, and I look forward to cooperating, though some information may still be classified, meaning that not all proceedings could be held in public.’

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