UFO Seen Near Mexico Volcano is Proof of Alien Base

by Sean Martin                     January 21, 2019                      (express.co.uk)

• Near El Popo, a volcano located near Mexico City, there are webcams that continually monitor the volcanic activity there. The webcam recently picked up a UFO sitting at the edge of the volcano, and then leaving. (see 57-second video below)

• Alien hunter Scott C Waring blogged on UFO Sightings Daily: “This particular volcano is famous for its UFO sightings over the last five years. I personally have recorded about ten videos of flying objects near the mouth of the volcano in the past. I believe the UFO is hovering over the left side of the volcano it pick up or drop off passengers or cargo for the alien base that sits 4-6km below the volcano. Even the locals have reported seeing UFOs and even alien creatures on the volcano, so this video is not a surprise, but is excellent evidence that an alien base does exit there.”

One eagle-eyed conspiracy theorist spotted a strange bright light hovering near the mouth of the 5,426 metre tall volcano, colloquially named El Popo. The sighting was made on webcams which constantly monitor the volcano. In the video of the sighting, a bright light can be seen darting around the source of the volcano, moving erratically in a circular motion.

YouTube user Kate Martin2016 quickly uploaded film to the video-sharing website, asking if what she saw was a genuine UFO or if there was a simpler explanation such as a bug.

She wrote alongside the video: “Could be anything from a UFO to a bug.

“Interesting how it is still, then zooms off in the same direction it came from though! I don’t know, I have seen bugs look that way on film, but it seems pretty big.”

However, other conspiracy theorists are convinced it is a UFO and more so, is evidence that aliens are using the volcano as a base.

57 second video of UFO landing on a Mexican volcano, and then leaving again

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