Since ancient times, people have reported seeing strange lights and mysterious objects in the sky. The stories of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or encounters with extraterrestrials have managed to fascinate thousands of people and have even become centers of pseudoscientific studies, known as ufology. But in the canon of UFO legends, there are some incidents that continue to be unexplainable.(UFO on a mountain in Siberia)

Almost everyone knows the Roswell case, the Kecksburg UFO in Pennsylvania, or the Rendlesham Forest sighting in England. However, there are many more incidents throughout our history, with numerous witnesses and involving starry UFOs. Moreover, there continue to be reports of unidentified flying objects around the world. As in Russia, where apparently a strange object hit a mountain, causing a landslide and blocking a river, leaving nearby populations at high risk of flooding. And the strangest thing of all is that Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent the military to investigate the incident.(UFO on a mountain in Siberia)

The strange incident in the Bureya river

The Bureya River, of a length of 623 km, flows southward in Krai from Khabarovsk, in the far eastern Siberia. Well, that was before a strange incident. Sometime in early December, a mysterious object crashed into a mountain, causing a landslide and rocks in the river. Since it is located in a remote area, there were no witnesses to what happened. Because the Russian government has denied that it was the failed launch of a rocket or military evidence, some people believe that it is the accident of a UFO. And no wonder, since the incident occurred in early December, but was not publicly reported until December 24.(UFO on a mountain in Siberia)

“It smells like hydrogen sulfide and steam goes out in some places,” Zubko told the Siberian Times“We even found a place at the top where there are hot stones, we use them to warm our hands. It seems that it was very hot there. The edges of the ice are thin as if they were in boiling water. “(UFO on a mountain in Siberia)

The other version is that the cause could be a “seismic earth slide” caused by an earthquake.

“It happens very often in the Russian Far East,  explained Aleksei Makhinov, regional president of the Russian Geographical Society. “The whole coast of the Okhotsk Sea is covered with these landslides when half a mountain falls.”

Although it seems that these “scientists” have not taken into account that there was no record of earthquakes in the time interval corresponding to the month of December. The presence of meteorites was also not detected, according to the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Putin sends the military

But here it does not end everything since the Russian president Vladimir Putin has envied the military to investigate the incident. According to the British tabloid Daily Mirror , an Antonov An-124 and four other transport aircraft have been mobilized to the area loaded with military equipment. The official version is that the collapse of the mountain could unleash a tsunami in the river of almost 50 meters high. Although some doubt this version since the use of explosives could cause another giant wave.(UFO on a mountain in Siberia)

“The height of the waves was at least 50 meters (after the December landslide),” said Russian scientist Alexey Makhinov. “If there is an explosion and the debris collapses, there will also be a tsunami, but a little smaller. If they blow up the dam that has formed here, then, as a result of the explosion, the remaining part of the mountain could fall into the water. There is a high probability that this will happen. “

Did UFO crash?

The truth is that, with so many contradictions, with the military presence in the area and the lack of information it is inevitable that a UFO crashed into the mountain. Also, Russia seems to have a strange connection with incidents coming from space. As you may recall, the city of Chelyabinsk, in the southern Urals area, was shaken by an explosion in the stratosphere in 2012. This explosion caused damage to buildings and thousands of people were injured. Experts said the accident in Chelyabinsk was caused by a meteoroid.

The incident in Chelyabinsk was strangely similar to the Tunguska event in Russia in 1908 when an exceptionally powerful explosion (comparable to that of a thermonuclear weapon) in Siberia swept the vicinity of the Podkamennaya River. And to this list of enigmatic events in Russia, we add the one that occurred in the Bureya river.

Unfortunately, the inhabitants of this remote area of Siberia will not be able to see what the army finds because a state of emergency has been declared (of course) and the area is being evacuated due to “possible flooding”. And if it were really a UFO, would the Russian government reveal the truth to the world?

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