A strange, circular-shaped UFO appeared out of nowhere above the UK, and a man was lucky enough to record the encounter.

The witness believes that the object he managed to photograph was neither a drone, airplane, helicopter nor a satellite and could, therefore, be of alien origin.

The intriguing footage was filmed above Leeds.

The witness claims that the mysterious UFO had no wings produced no sound whatsoever, and appeared to hover effortlessly some 300 meters above the ground.

The object was described as being a massive ball of white light, moving with a sense of direction across the clear sky.

The object was photographed by James Goldman using his smartphone. He was unable to explain what he had witnessed.

“It definitely wasn’t a plane and it was too low to be a satellite. I know what drones look like and it just wasn’t a drone either. I doubt it was a military craft because they wouldn’t be flying something like that over a populated area,” he explained to Mirror Tech in an article published in June when the encounter took place.

The video footage provided by Goldman shows that the UFO seemed to be a bit smaller and dimmer than the near fool moon present in the sky.

The video caught the attention of several UFO investigators, among them Gary Heseltine, a retired Detective Constable, and UFO expert, who was unable to explain what Mr. Goldman had photographed in the sky.

“It was an interesting piece of footage and based on the information supplied by the witness it appears to be anomalous,” Gary, who also runs UFO Truth Magazine which documents unexplained sightings explained to the Mirror.

The ‘death star-like’ UFO was spotted on a Sunday night and is thought to have been traveling across the sky at great speed. Mr. Goldman estimates that the unidentified object was traveling at least 200 kilometers per hour, another tell-tale sign that the object was not your ordinary man-made craft.

“It was just around bright white lit ball slightly metallic in nature,” Mr. Goldman revealed, comparing what he had seen to when metal is being welded.

Interestingly, people were quick to compare the mysterious object to the Death Star from the Star Wars film series.

And while UFO sightings across the world have become an ordinary phenomenon, only in recent years have world-wide governments admitted that they have kept a close eye on UFO sightings through the years.

One example of Government UFO investigation is the recently-revealed AATIP program.

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