Huge UFO Spotted Near Moon Sparks Invasion Fear

by Nirmal Narayanan                April 15, 2019                 (

• The YouTube channel, UFO Mania, has released mysterious video that shows a huge UFO trying to hide behind the moon. The video was taken by Daniil Tumanny of Indianapolis, Indiana.

• The UFO seems to be so large in size that it appears right next to the Moon, and looks like a classic Hollywood space vessel. Is it going behind the Moon toward a ‘dark side’ base?

• Some YouTubers think that it is an alien craft. Others say that it indicates that Donald Trump’s Space Force is already operational and patrolling in ‘near space’.

• “At this point, people are so dumbed down you could have space ships flying all over the place and people wouldn’t even notice because they are too addicted to looking at their cellphones. I have seen many UFO’s flying around over my house in the last two years but who would believe me? It is sad how most humans are now just zombies,” commented YouTuber Synthia Burns.

• “A 500km diameter object not seen in any other country in the entire world… I don’t buy it. Besides it’s a computerized model of Kubrick’s space station in 2001: A Space Odyssey,” commented YouTube skeptic Diego Rucci.

Conspiracy theorists and alien enthusiasts have long been claiming that extraterrestrials from deep space used to visit the earth to monitor human activities. As per these conspiracy theorists, the rise in UFO sightings all across the world is an indication of alien activities, and some of them even believe that disclosure is going to happen soon. Adding heat to their views, popular conspiracy theory channel UFO Mania has now released a mysterious footage that shows a huge UFO trying to hide behind the moon.

The video was originally uploaded to YouTube by a user named Daniil Tumanny, but it gained popularity after it was shared by UFO Mania. In the video, the UFO which seems so large in size can be seen hovering very near to earth’s natural satellite. Interestingly, the shape and nature of the flying object spotted near the moon seem very similar to the alien vessels that we have seen in Hollywood sci-fi films.

As the video went viral on YouTube, most of the people who watched the clip argued that this UFO is nothing but an alien spaceship from the deep space. Some conspiracy theorists even went a step ahead and revealed that aliens have a secret base on the far side of the moon.

2:18 minute video of circular object hiding behind the Moon

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