Speculations about extraterrestrial forces in the country arise after claims of crop circle sightings in Nasugbu, Batangas and Nueva Ecija. A video from Spookify Pinoy sparked the #UFOmg discussion online where drone shots of crop fields in Nasugbu and Nueva Ecija show crop circles—a crop formation or pattern that is usually associated or said to made by UFOs.

People on Twitter expressed mixed reactions and hilarious theories about where the crop circles came from and what it could mean.

Hello Philippines! #UFOmg
I’m coming home soon… They missed me.

CTTO of pictures pic.twitter.com/v5i3Ac0R75

— Alien (@ixieme) August 9, 2018

Is this UFO? #UFOmgpic.twitter.com/8UZIC4bNIV

— Googled Facts (@googled_facts) August 9, 2018

Pakibigyang linaw po ang lahat ng ito.”Aliens” were invented and reported on so much during the 50s to hide US military activities and tests.The notion of extraterrestial Aliens being able to fly here. (c) Gelian to Catsmoke #UFOmgpic.twitter.com/yjlzUEaC7Y

— 💀Lex (@laperadipogi) August 9, 2018

I knew UFOs were real, there were many proofs of UFO sightings on space and even in some countries. But were they the one who drew this? And who did it? ALIENS?! 👽😱 #UFOmgpic.twitter.com/Zz3PUyXGMX

— M I A 🔅 K I L L I N G•M E 🔰 (@OPchichoo) August 9, 2018

The thing abt #UFOmg is that theyre “REAL”. There are billions of people on Earth, its impossible that none of us has knowledge with “them”. The Nasugbu & Nueva Ecija thing isnt proven to be the works of “them” but its unearthly.

— Meow (@CaaaaaathCath) August 9, 2018

Maybe it is photoshopped, maybe it isn’t. We don’t know what’s real or is it even possible to be that real where two identical marks can be seen on two different places on the same ground where crops on both places are growing on a two-day mysterious event consecutively.#UFOmg

— odinson (@realgaro29) August 9, 2018

Some are saying that it looks more like a WiFi signal. Is this their way of telling us that we need better internet connection?

They actually look like wifi signals to me. In circles, oc. #UFOmgpic.twitter.com/s0841UGhFc

— Angel Lach (@lachangelica) August 9, 2018

#UFOmg kayo dyan.
Ibig sabihin lang nyan may WiFi. 😂 pic.twitter.com/xk5xKHAuw6

— money♥️evrythnKissEd (@moneyandeveryth) August 9, 2018

Others think that maybe it’s a teaser for an upcoming TV show.

Are these teasers for @ABSCBN‘s up and coming TV shows: #MeteorGarden2018 / #StarHunt ?
If they are… genius ang nag-isip at gumawa. :))

TheRoadToMeteorGarden / TheRoadToStarHunt

— ☀️🌟🤩📺📶📊❓#⃣📈🥇🏆😊 Kapamilya itsShowtime TNT (@PollTrendHugot) August 9, 2018

Or a sign of comeback from one of our favorite extraterrestrial creature.

kokey is coming back home!!!!!!!!!! #UFOmg

— uga (@bertabrates) August 9, 2018

But some are confident that we’re safe from alien invasion as long as “Ang Probinsyano” is alive and still kicking in Philippine television.

Hindi tayo dadalawin ng mga “Alien” hanggat di napapatay si Cardo HAHAHAHA #UFOmg

— « Taekook is definition of Love » (@Taekook_Vkook05) August 9, 2018

Maybe change is really coming and Mocha Uson’s jingle is just the beginning.

@nasa@dost_pagasa@AncientAliens is this the symbol for federalism? 👽👾💀🕵 #UFOmg

— Ralph Cruz🌴 (@ralfcrus) August 9, 2018

But after all the buzz, it turns out that it was actually just a marketing stunt for an upcoming show called “Ancient Aliens”.

Message deciphered! Cignal brings you H-CON 2018 featuring Ancient Aliens host Giorgio Tsoukalos, Aug 10-12! #UFOmgpic.twitter.com/XInoZTQMYO

— Cignal TV (@CignalTV) August 9, 2018

Crop circle makers your Alien God is here, nice viral marketing. 👽 #UFOmgpic.twitter.com/TWuhiFyEIp

— Brian Sombero (@briansombero) August 9, 2018

See, this is why aliens don’t want to visit us. Ayan, kakacompter nyo!

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