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Italy isn’t exactly the first place you think of when someone talks about UFOs and alien invasions, that accolade is truly reserved for the USA.

With Roswell and Area 51 the concept of UFOs in America has really permeated the culture, but on a fine night in October 1957 in Francavilla, on Italy’s Adriatic coast, something completely alien happened.

Dr Roberto Pinotti, 73, claimed the humanoid visitors came to Italy numerous times in an effort to become friends, even posing for pictures. Apparently it was wearing the glasses to protect its eyes.

Philip Mantle, who runs Flying Disk Press, says this incident, and the others included in the book UFO Contacts In Italy, prove that alien invasions aren’t just a phenomenon reserved for the dusty parts of the USA.

Philip Mantle/FlyingDiskPress

The former director of investigations for the British UFO Association told UNILAD:

You only have to look at Dr. Pinotti’s book to see that if people think that Italy is not a place where UFO close encounter cases are not reported then they are sadly mistaken.

This is a large catalogue of such cases and it is only Volume One, there is a lot more to come in Volume Two.

What the Italian cases show us yet again is that whatever the UFO phenomenon may be, it does not recognise any international borders.

Philip Mantle/FlyingDiskPress

These rare and extraordinary photographs display what is known in ufology circles as The Friendship Case, which involved a group of people between 1956 and 1990.

The aliens in question that have visited Earth have apparently done so from more than one planet in our galaxy.

They apparently lived underground in a bunch of bases, and their population even reached a peak of 200 at one point.

The aliens came from a few different places across our universe, from as close as 100,000 lightyears away.

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According to an unknown source who contacted the aliens, the ‘Friends’ visited Earth to help us move past the ‘very high level of hate, violence and injustice on the Earth’, and ‘the anti-humanistic trend of our science and technology’.

Despite this claim, Philip remains more diplomatic, he told UNILAD:

We have to remember that this case is a lot more complicated than you would first imagine. We can only guess what the meaning is behind it, the same goes for its nature and origin. Misconceptions about such cases are many and varied.

The diameter of the UFO in the pictures was 24 metres, and the control cabin was 10 metres, according to Dr Pinotti.

Alien Wearing Sunglasses Visited Earth In 1957, UFO Expert Claims Roberto PinottiFlying Disk Press

While all this is incredibly interesting and a good bit of fun, it’s always a bit of a coincidence that these photographs look like they were taken on a potato.

For reference, here is a picture of Elvis Presley taken in 1957 in which you can actually see the thing that has been photographed.

You’d think people who were about to walk onto a spaceship and take a photograph of the interior and an alien in sunglasses would take a better camera so people could definitively say aliens were real or not.

But then again that would be way too easy, wouldn’t it?

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