A SpaceX rocket was just going about its day, carrying 10 satellites into the orbit from California on Friday morning when locals from the region thought it was a UFO.


The Falcon 9 booster lifted off from the coastal Vandenberg Air Force Base and it carried a batch of 10 satellites for Iridium Communications. On its way, it left behind a trail of mysterious white haze that kept on changing shapes. 

This shining streak confused people widely and within minutes the phone of local police began buzzing like a busy street. People called to inform them about a potential UFO sighting. 

Cars stopped and many came out of their houses in Los Angeles to take pictures of this weird yet illuminating shape of mysterious light in the sky. 



— Ruptly (@Ruptly) December 23, 2017


— Mike Paule (@Mikep29) December 23, 2017


what if this “spaceX launch” is really just a coverup. what if our government is really just having a scheduled meeting with the aliens and they’re covering up this weirdness in the sky with a “launch”. hmmm.

— mommy (@CorinnaKopf) December 23, 2017


“People were wondering if it had something to do with movies, or TV or a UFO,” said one viewer, reports AP.  “It was very cool.” 

This was the 18th and final batch of the launch of SpaceX for 2017. 

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