According to the information, the man on the mountain accidentally he saw an object flying across his eyes. Thinking that it was a plane or a helicopter so he did not pay much attention.

Until he stood outside the empty space, he was startled because the object was beyond his imagination, he shouted “An UFO!” and took the cell phone to record the moment.

Everyone was very panic when they saw an object hovering in the air for a dozen minutes and then disappeared into the middle of the clouds.

The 10-minute video recorded a mysterious flying object hovering in the air and disappearing into space.

According to the information, it is not the first time a mysterious flying object has appeared on the Earth. Previously, flying objects of the same shape were discovered by people in the sky.

Are aliens real? Is there life on the other planet?

Astronomers looking for alien signals have examined only a few thousand star systems so far. But as SETI Institute senior astronomer Seth Shostak has noted, the rate at which researchers are able to process the massive amounts of data that radio telescopes receive doubles approximately every 18 months to two years, meaning it grows by a factor of ten every six years or so.

The Milky Way has around 100 billion (1011) star systems that could conceivably host intelligent life under our current assumptions. An estimate of 100,000 (105) active civilizations in the galaxy would mean one per million star systems. At the exponential rate of growth in signal processing, researchers will have examined one million candidates by around 2034, bringing the odds of a discovery into the probable. Adding or removing a zero from the estimate of the number of civilizations out there merely adds or subtracts six years from the estimate, respectively, since that’s how long it takes to expand our search proportionally. See you in 2040, aliens.

Many people also consider about the truth of this video. Experts are continuing to study and verify the authenticity of the video.

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