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Footage has emerged of scores of dead birds littering the streets after they reportedly fell from the sky due to a ‘UFO Attack’.

The footage shows dead starlings across roads in Utah on Monday, though the exact nature of the incident is unknown.

This has sparked some conspiracy theorists to believe that the mysterious incident is linked to an alien attack.

One such believer posted an analysis of the incident on YouTube channel secureteam10, positing his theory as to just what happened.

He said:

Last year, and especially the year before, we were having these just mass events of these birds just falling from the sky all over the world.

Regardless of what you think, if there’s a supernatural cause – many people have said that there was some sort of cloaked object in the sky that they maybe flew into – but in many of these instances in the past, it was found that none of these birds suffered any blunt trauma.

They hadn’t hit anything in the sky. The trauma we’re talking about is different from them hitting the ground because many of the birds that landed in bushes and things like that had no trauma whatsoever…

In the video, the YouTuber criticises one of the police officers involved in the investigation in Utah, Sergeant Carpenter, who claimed the birds flew into a large vehicle.

Sergeant Carpenter explicitly ruled out the possibility of an alien explanation for the strange event, calling it ‘just one of those freak things’.

Thankfully, 17 of the birds were reportedly still alive and have been transferred to a local rehabilitation centre to recover.

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The secureteam10 video claims that there are actually dozens of such incidents since the beginning of this year, saying:

Starting on the 1st we have 358,000 found lifeless in Saudi Arabia, thousands upon thousands of dead starfish, crabs, fish of all kind, turtles washing up on beaches around the world.

Eight dolphins and whales washed up on the coast of Ireland, hundreds more fish mysteriously washed up in the waters of Adelaide, Australia…

The most recent report from January 24 was 170 dolphins who had perished due to a ‘virus’ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This means there is way much more than just this happening in Utah…

Is there a correlation with all of this mysterious activity happening in our skies as of late, and in our oceans?

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The YouTube video typically gives absolutely no explanation of what actually happened, but instead appeals to the emotions of the people who are watching the video.

The instinctive reaction of any of these YouTube channels is to point out the peculiar and instantly insinuate that the reason must be aliens because it can’t be anything else.

We’re absolutely being lied to by the government about the existence of aliens, but the aliens can still manifest their incredible technology to kill a few animals, despite it having absolutely no effect on popular discourse or even doing anything to convince the majority of people they exist.

But, you know. Reasons.

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