For as long as humans have looked to the stars, we have wondered if we are alone here in the universe. There are many conflicting reports in our world from those who believe in aliens or that they have seen UFO’s, and those who strictly believe in what we know to be fact. When stories like this one come out, it is often the cause of debate between both sides as they argue over whether or not aliens really exist and if they could possibly be in-contact with us here on Earth.

Former Defence Minister

Paul Hellyer is a Canadian engineer, as well as a political and social commentator and has had an extremely varied career. He is also the longest currently serving member on the Canadian Privy Council, ahead of Prince Philip. He is also a former minister of defence.

Hiding Secrets

Paul Hellyer has made the news quite a few times for his statements about aliens, and his accusations that he government is hiding various secrets. His statements are definitely intriguing, and that’s probably why he keeps getting invited back for interviews.

Is The Media Abstaining?

He has also said multiple times that there are ‘documents’ that the media refuses to touch that contain insight or evidence about the existance of aliens. It is unclear why the media would not want to interact with those sorts of documents–but Hellyer seems to insist that the media is avoiding them.

Here Right Now

Paul Hellyer’s statements seem to be pretty absurd when you consider that he claims that aliens are already here on Earth and are walking among us. His position as former defence minister, however, has caused people to pay to attention to his statements.

Sharing is Caring

Hellyer also says that these aliens that are walking among us have advanced technologies that we do not, but refuse to share them with us unless we change our policies on war and lower the amount of pollution that were are currently producing.

80 Different Species

Apparently, there are several species of aliens walking among us. Paul Hellyer even went as far as to tell RT that there are about 80 different species. Some of them, he says, “‘look just like us and they could walk down the street and you wouldn’t know if you walked past one.”


Throughout his strange interview with Russia Today, this former defence minister made some claims that seemed to be getting increasingly absurd. He has been vocal about his belief about aliens for many years, but this seemed to be the most wildly he spoke about it.


During this interview that RT conducted with Paul Hellyer, Paul even said that, “‘We have a long history of UFOs and of course there has been a lot more activity in the last few decades since we invented the atomic bomb.”

The Aliens are Concerned About Us

According to Paul’s statements, the increase in extraterrestrial presence is partly due to alien races being concerned that we might use the atomic bomb again in the future, and fear that it could affected the entire cosmos–not just life on Earth.

Friend or Foe

According to Paul Hellyer’s statements, most of the aliens here on Earth would prefer to help us rather than bring us harm. He spoke on the topic by saying “‘I would say that nearly all are benign and benevolent and they do want to help us, there may be one or two species which do not.”

Personal Experience?

While the former defence minister, Paul Hellyer, says that he has never actually personally met or been involved in meeting an alien, he does say that he has seen a UFO near his cabin that is located in Lake Muskoka in Ontario, Canada.

Sounds a Bit Like Sci-Fi

Some of Hellyer’s other statements are even more ridiculous. He spoke to RT about various races of aliens that are on Earth. Included in these is a race apparently know as ‘Tall Whites,’ an alien race who cooperate with the U.S. air force services.

Conspiracy Theorists

Due to Paul Hellyer former position at such a prominent rank in Canada, and his long career giving him some credibility, online theorists have used Paul’s statements as evidence in order to argue in favor of the existence of aliens.

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