An Amateur astronomer snapped a few extremely interesting images from the Orion nebula, and UFO hunters are turning towards his images as proof as massive, interstellar alien spaceships.

The Amateur Astronomer from North Carolina was exploring the Orion Nebula when he spotted a strange cigar-shaped UFO. Further analysis of the footage revealed a few mystery objects.

While the astronomer was focusing on his Newtonian telescope, he observed a massive cylinder-shaped UFO that popped up on the screen of his laptop, capturing the enigmatic event in a single frame that lasted for 30 seconds.

Immediately after noticing the object that ‘should not have been captured’ near the Orion Nebula, the amateur astronomer turned to MUFON for explanations.

“I was out collecting data on M42 Orion nebula, as I was fine focusing my 8 in astrograph / Newtonian Telescope this appeared on my laptop screen after the 1st I ran 5 frames @ 30.2-second sequence and it shows the movement of the objects at the bottom of the frames. The single cigar-shaped object was captured in a single 30.2-second frame and the 5-frame sequence followed because I’d thought the thrill was over Not the case. It had backup right behind it in the sequence. It’s not the 1st and surely not the last as I search the night sky for galaxies, nebulae and the truth that’s out there.”

Furthermore, after observing the UFO, the amateur astronomer noticed that the UFO sighting was not over as he identified several ‘other’ cigar-shaped objects which he also captured in a sequence of 5 frames at 30.2 seconds, and they clearly show the movement of objects at the bottom of the frames.

However, Facebook page UFO of Interest takes a closer look at the alleged UFOs, and offers a possible explanation proposed by Dave Greg and Jerry Bell from the Facebook group “dazzathecameraman”:

Here are the images of the mystery objects spotted by the amateur astronomer:

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