Things in our world are really being uncovered quickly now. In the latest eye-opening revelation, the CIA has released online nearly 13 million pages of declassified documents. Some of the documents discuss Nazi war crimes, the Cuban missile crisis, UFO sightings and psychic experiments from the infamous “Stargate Project.”

This news happened because of public pressure to release the information, which was lead by MuckRock, a non-profit freedom of information group. MuckRock filed a lawsuit against the CIA and the process took over two years to complete. Now that process is over and the files have been put online for the entire world to view.

The papers show information on Henry Kissinger, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon, as well as hundreds of thousands of pages on intelligence analysis and science research and development, on a wide range of areas.

One incredibly interesting area of the documents were that of the Stargate Project, which has been well known for testing psychic abilities and extrasensory perception on human subjects.

In 1973, Uri Geller, a famous and established psychic, was able to partially replicate drawings of another person who was in a separate room. Some drawings varied in accuracy, but some were precise; similar to the ones below. The researchers wrote that Geller “demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.”

Though much of the material has been publicly available since the mid 1990s, it has been incredibly difficult for most of the population to access it, as it has only been available on 4 computers located at the back of a library at the National Archives in Maryland, between 9 am and 4:30 pm.

However, now that they just became available online, UFO researchers and enthusiasts will now be able to dig through these documents and put forth their findings.

The past year has brought many more steps in the UFO/ET disclosure process, which just a couple weeks ago saw the Chilean Navy release video footage of a UFO, which they also officially and publicly announced it as.

Additionally, Wikileaks revelations from the Podesta Files showed very interesting emails sent to John Podesta from former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell. In the emails, Mitchell discussed creating an official disclosure of extraterrestrial presence, free energy technology and the Vatican’s knowledge of these topics. He also discussed how certain ET races want to help us establish peace on this world and have very advanced technology to offer us. You can check out Dr. Mitchell’s words in the emails here.

More emails also showed how former Blink 182 musician Tom Delonge was also sending emails to John Podesta about UFO and ET disclosure.

Two-time New York Times bestselling author David Wilcock, who is one of the foremost lecturers and researchers on the UFO disclosure movement, recently put out a massive two part update and included many more examples of how the disclosure process continues to move forward. His books and articles are highly recommended.

While the 13 million page release by the CIA isn’t surprising to many who are aware of the reality of UFOs/ETs, it is nonetheless a big movement forward, especially for those who might be skeptical. It is yet again another move that shows how these things can’t and won’t be kept quiet for too much longer. There is too much public awareness about it, which by the way, is spreading more each day thanks to the internet, and there is already significant awareness of the topic within the intelligence community. Once the dam breaks open, it will be impossible to close, as many whistle-blowers will come forth telling the world what they know.

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What are your thoughts on all of this? Once researchers have enough time to go through all the documents, will they find other massive revelations? What do you think could be in the 13 million pages of documents?

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