We the people of America would like to wish all of you that have been in this country illegal good fortune as you are rounded out and shipped out.

Just remember, this is not personal, this is the law. This country and Canada are really the only two countries you were allowed to get away with walking into or jumping the fence illegally and then grabbing benefits as if you were legal citizens.

ICE Deputy Director Homan: “As most of you know, our enforcement & investigative activities are handled by 2 distinct directorates within the agency; Enforcement and Removal Operations, or ERO, & Homeland Security Investigations, or HSI.”

“As stated in the @POTUS’s Executive Orders from Jan. 25, regarding interior enforcement, ICE no longer exempts any class of removable aliens from potential enforcement activity – in other words my officers were empowered to do their sworn duty: enforce the law as it is written.”

If you need to get angry at anyone, channel your frustrations at Democrats and their leaders. They sold you a bad bill of goods that couldn’t be covered when the check came due. They are responsible for this cluster pile up and leading you down the wrong road with failed promises. Once again, our country has laws that need to be followed or we do not have a country.

I am sure that each of you knows this because you left a country where you didn’t like those laws only for a country where you thought you could hide out for a couple of years while sending money back home to your other family members.

ICE will be following the law from this point forward based on the January 25th executive order of President Trump. If I were you, self-deport yourself quickly as you will not look good being forced on a bus or shipped out on boats. The camera angle usually adds a few pounds and you might not want that to be the last image people see you, am I right?

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