Over the weekend, The New York Times released an exhaustive report on a secret and not fully declassified government program that studied U.F.O sightings within the Department of Defense that seems to indicate there have been documented alien visits to our planet. 

— CNN (@CNN) December 19, 2017

The reports says there have been many sighting of aircraft, as well as recovered materials that include alloys that don’t exist on earth and which had “strange effects” on the people who handled them. Whatever.

Perhaps this would be big news literally any other year, but with the pressing and overwhelming issues in politics, culture, and abroad, the most anyone seems to be mustering for aliens being real is a “meh.” Folks are responding with less fervor than they do to a Trump tweet, perhaps because a tweet from Trump is more likely to start a nuclear war. If aliens have been visiting, that’s fine. But did they vote third party?!

I can’t stop laughing at the fact that our government is so desperate to make us look elsewhere for five minutes that they’ve resorted to alien footage. LOOK, YOU GUYS. REAL ALIENS. ALIENS ARE REAL. <Jim, erase those files.> pic.twitter.com/oHi5wJW82r

— Delilah S. Dawson (@DelilahSDawson) December 19, 2017

In any other year I’d be like OOOH UFOs but now I’m just like, can we not? Aliens, can you fuck off for a while? You don’t want this place anyway, we’ve got some real cleaning up to do, k, thanks, shoo, bye-bye. https://t.co/TsDn7Fgiyz

— Chuck Wendig (@ChuckWendig) December 19, 2017

Our politics is so fucked up that it has overshadowed the government admitting aliens are real.

— feminist next door (@emrazz) December 19, 2017

been saying aliens are real and as soon as they release video proof everyone acts like it didn’t even happen😂😂

— Ryan (@09_Ashton) December 19, 2017

— Sam Havens (@SamHavens24) December 19, 2017

2018 Prediction: The Aliens come down, but are only interested in buying up Vancouver real-estate and Bitcoin.

— King Zora (@Camdogfish) December 19, 2017

the news be talking about how aliens are prob real and I’m just sitting here like. yeah that makes sense, bc all other news has only been convincing me more and more that the world is going to end soon so unless aliens could save us it’s not a huge deal to me

— Icarus (@RemissToReality) December 19, 2017

2017 is so fucked up that the Pentagon knew it could admit aliens are real and include *video evidence* and everyone would be like “yeah okay whatever, but did you see that Trump robot?” https://t.co/oZbSFp5Y5G

— Rob 🎄🎅🏻 Sheridan (@rob_sheridan) December 19, 2017

if you’re so busy worrying about the GOP tax plan you haven’t had time to think about the literal possibility that aliens exist, you’ll understand why 30-day voter registration deadlines can disenfranchise working class folks

— sean. 🎅🏽 (@SeanMcElwee) December 18, 2017

2017 was a government conspiracy to make things so messed up they could safely disclose the existence of aliens without anyone giving a fuck

— JuanPartridge in a Pear Tree (@jpbrammer) December 18, 2017

I try not to make “Boy, America’s writers sure are crazy!!!!!!!!!” jokes, but bringing in aliens this late in the season makes me think nobody’s pitches are getting rejected in that room.

— Todd VanDerWerff (@tvoti) December 19, 2017

The NYT published an investigative story about freaking aliens this weekend and more people will tweet about how Trump drank a glass of water kinda funny

— Daniel Victor (@bydanielvictor) December 18, 2017

I feel like aliens probably being real should be a bigger deal on here. Not to distract from other stuff, but haven’t we all been waiting for this.

— Miranda July (@Miranda_July) December 19, 2017

Until a space ship literally lands on the White House and crushes the entire Trump administration, I don’t think anyone will really get as excited about this as they should be. We want to see them, if you know what I mean.

do you think the aliens are thicc

— hired goblin who thinks he can ‘thieve’ ‘the loot’ (@thetomzone) December 19, 2017

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