Grey Aliens Show UFO Abductee Sherry Wilde the Future of Planet Earth

Sherry Wilde tell some of her fascinating story remembering her encounters with extraterrestrial beings from another race and world. In this lecture she shares highlights and intimate details of that journey and talks about the differences between being an abductee and a volunteer.

When Sherry was 17 years old, she had an incident of missing time. She always wondered what had happened, but put it in the back of her mind for many years. She finally had a hypnotic regression, where Sherry realized that she had been taken aboard spacecraft many times from a young age. Through her regressions, Sherry came to understanding that she came to Earth at this time be a volunteer, to be of assistance, and to transmute negative energy.

Your opinion?

I am sure she sincerely believes everything she says, but either she’s self deluded or the ETs are deluding her. if they are so super smart etc, how is it that they don’t know that female humans are born with more eggs than they’ll ever need, with No replacements? That’s what makes me skeptical that she’s deluded, and then some. I never have thought that these beings were benign.

I am sure she sincerely believes that what she says is true, but either she is self deluded or the aliens are deluding her.
If they are so super smart, know everything etc, how is that they don’t know that human females are born with all the reproductive eggs that they’ll ever have? No replacements, Or is that the sum of her knowledge, which makes me doubt her story.
I have never thought that these beings were benign but have their own agenda which doubtfully we will ever know.

Somethings wrong here! these beings take her without her having any say in it (a kidnaping} take parts of her body play with her mind and body over and over for years and now they are her best friends and now she go around telling everyone that these beings have the meaning to life and that her fellow humanbeings are all wrong and will distroy the earth so we have to think like these aliens want us to,- WOW she must be brain washed they are not benign they have an agenda.

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