Spanish journalist and ufologist Jose Antonio Caravaca rejects the traditional ETH for UFO presence, arguing that were it true, “we would have to admit that the irruptions of flying and saucers and their occupants all over the world is a kind of silent invasion.” (Those last two words coincidentally form the titles of two non-fiction UFO books.) Caravaca and commenters debate the finer points of what UFO (and other anomalous) reports, versus bona fide events–a seriously difficult effort–should be subsumed under Jose’s novel “Distortion Theory,” which from this exposition sounds more like an hypothesis. As one extremely important ufologist recently observed to me, it would be helpful were Jose to suggest a way his explanatory system could be tested. Jose here notes his “love” for J. Allen Hynek, subject of his Face to Face: Hynek and Ribera. This is a concise description of Hynek’s core assessment of the UFO problem, said to be from the professor’s own mouth. With ETs vs Time and Distance Rich Reynolds takes the reins of his blog to make points against the “preposterous” idea that alien civilizations could have gotten all the way here from there. The astrophysics textbooks Rich instances remind one of the notion that “Engineers accomplish what scientists reject,” the tendency that history has of disproving constrictions imposed by the best researchers of a given time, and an article this reader read in around 1995 mapping out a way humans could achieve star-travel. (WM)

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