Ancient aliens, Harvest and the Law of One

There is only one God. The Infinite Totality that stands outside of space and time and upholds the universe of universes, which then projects an abundance of intelligent energy into our universe, is known as the Father of All. This Being is Love, Free Will and Light. According to the Law of One teachings promulgated, preserved and duplicated free of charge on the Internet, Free Will, Love and Light are the three distortions of the Father. They can be viewed, perhaps, as the Trinity: Father, Son, Spirit. However, they are part and parcel of one Infinite Being that truly is within and without.

This universe and indeed, this very planet, can be looked upon as university and a K-12 school, respectively. We are meant to graduate (i.e. be harvested as good fruit) and leave for college.

This is final exam time for those of us students who have been here for 12 years, metaphorically speaking, of course. Depending on your belief system or your awareness level, you may be awakening to the fact that you have reincarnated both on Earth and on several other local worlds in order to gain the kind of life experiences prerequisite to graduating this third density of light-love or love-light.

Now, regrettably, due to the Lucifer Rebellion and the Adamic Default (i.e. the forbidden fruit of procreation outside of the violet race), Earth is a school where the learning is slow and ponderous and fraught with pain, isolation and alienation. We feel separated constantly. I awaken every morning with a pain in my heart that is inexplicable aside from the words—loneliness, longing and sincere indignation. There is nothing we can do for the majority of those who will not be able to graduate and instead will have to repeat the course of third density awareness on a different world. Earth will be rendered inhabitable for a time.

We will be moving to fourth density while the poles flip and the electromagnetic field blinks out of existence just long enough to let us depart.

There are so many species of helpful beings that are here to help with the harvest that it truly staggers the imagination. They will help if you call out with a sincere heart. Angelic beings are allowed to help as well if we are well-grounded mentally. Otherwise, we will not receive help because the reverse to the law of free will is the law of confusion. Higher beings are under orders not to confuse us or give us an inflated senses of ourselves. We are fragments of One Infinite Creator. This is already enough to calm the imagination as well as rekindle the fire of liberty, at least for me.

Ancient aliens did come with the desire to help us once they saw the state we were in following the Lucifer Rebellion, which left us rudderless out in space, so to speak—no destination in mind.  We still don’t believe in life after death, which leaves only life and the pursuit of security, power and money. We don’t believe in higher densities or dimensions in which relatives, friends and family wait to reunite with us after our life is completed.

According to Ra, their teachings and their technology (i.e. the pyramids and crystal-based healing) was misused to form an aristocracy by the Orion Group, which I simply connect back to the Luciferian rebels. Either way, service-to-self beings gained a foothold with the chosen people.

Jesus came to help restore the balance after Machiventa Melchizedek incarnated as the King of Salem and made a covenant with Abraham. The fact that both Jesus and Melchizedek have been taken as God the Father is not the fault of God the Father or the local universe administration headed by Michael of Nebadon—it is our fault.

We are the ignorant ones who refuse to seek so we never find the truth. The Urantia Book, like the Law of One, is freely available online so that you do not have to purchase the books if you do not wish to.

You also have free access to this website as well as YouTube, where an unrelated Planet X News Research channel is demonstrating that Earth is being tilted by a brown dwarf. This brown dwarf is Nibiru and it is also the Black Star. It is accompanied by what Dr. Claudia Albers has referred to as stellar cores, which are hollowed-out dwarf stars that have gone through the nova process and now cannot perform nuclear fusion because they no longer have a thermodynamic inner core. They are being rejuvenated by the sun.

The Bible does not mince words. The Earth will travail like a woman in child-birth. The Earth will rollick back and forth like a drunkard. Isaiah’s brilliance lies in how he ties in the pole shift to the Lucifer Rebellion:

“The earth staggers like a drunk. It trembles like a tent in a storm. It falls and will not rise again, for the guilt of its rebellion is very heavy.”

Eventually, the poles will flip. The elite plan to go underground and/or off-world, but their higher density masters know that the Harvest cannot be thwarted or delayed longer. The Earth will receive her rest and her reward as will the good shepherds of this world who simply wish to guide the sheep to fresh water.

It is the Law of One that is important. The Golden Rule is easy to follow if we are all God. We are all One God. Peace is the only way and it is the only way to progress and pass the course. Hardening the heart, ridiculing, being afraid, hording one’s knowledge or wealth … these are symptoms of ego-fear or creature-fear, which can be replaced by a fear of missing out on God’s infinite Love.

I don’t know what more there is to say. The Earth’s liquid metallic core will re-polarize very soon. Until then, earthquakes will help clear the way for changes that need to occur. Of course, the elite are piggybacking on the Earth tilt caused by Nibiru to create even more weather-related devastation than would be expected, such as blizzards, avalanches and soon-to-be tsunamis.

There is no such thing as death so that’s not a fear I have. For me, it’s more like the words of the Beatles from their song, “I’ve Got a Feeling”: “O God help me. I hate to miss the train. Oh yeah. Oh Yeah!!!”

At any rate, here is the part of the article/rant where I share all the info that I have alluded to throughout the writing. Let’s start with Sky Watch Media’s latest video on YouTube which you can watch here.

Remember that has published an article titled, “Did the Mysterious ‘Planet Nine’ Tilt the Solar System.” You can read it here.

If you want to learn more about Michael of Nebadon’s incarnation as Jesus Christ, then please watch this video.

If you would like to listen to Dr. Claudia Albers, then please watch/listen to this video.

If your focus is on geoengineering/chemtrails, then here is the latest Dane Wigington video.

All the best in 2018!

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer’s own.