Ancient Aliens is an American documentary science fiction television series produced by Prometheus Entertainment. It first debuted on 20th April 2010 on History Channel. This series offers theories of ancient astronauts, features archaeology, historical texts and provides us with evidence of first ancient extraterrestrial and human contact. This series had to suffer a barrage of critical remarks from cosmologists, historians, and other popular scientists for providing and presenting pseudoscience and misinterpretation history. The series was still loved by science enthusiasts from all over the world due to its impressive storytelling technique.

The series presents information about mythology and science and tells us how they are interlinked with each other. It is narrated by Robert Clotworthy, executive produced by Kevin Burns and distributed by A&E Television Networks. The series started with a special episode on History channel, and later on, it gained popularity. The channel premiered three seasons until 2011 and season 4 to 7 were aired on H2. In 2018, a two-hour special episode was featured on History channel. The series is hosted by George Noory who is also the host of a radio talk show. A hypothesis was promoted and presented on the show that included UFOs, Angels, ancient astronauts, various mythological stories and more.

Ancient Aliens Season 14 Cast: Who is in it?

Robert Clotworthy serves as the narrator in this series. Jonathan Young is the Founding Curator of Joseph Campbell Archives. Other cast members for Ancient Aliens include Giorgio Tsoukalos, David Childress as well as Erich von Däniken. Stay tuned for more updates.

Ancient Aliens Season 14 Plot: What is it about?

In the 13th season, the series sheds light on the UFO conspiracy in 2017 and that the Department of Defense has used more than millions of dollars in investigating the study on UFOs. The series reveals that it is one of the most confidential projects of the government. Researchers in the series study the artistic works of Leonardo Da Vinci. They also attempt to reveal the hidden messages and texts behind his paintings. The series explains the influence of extraterrestrial force and studies its footprints throughout history.

The researchers study an extraterrestrial craft that entered the solar system. Scientists uncover the cigar-shaped object discovered in 2017, and some astronomers believe that it could be an alien aircraft. Theorists learn more about the black hole. Does it really exist? is a question they seek to answer. They also reveal various unfathomable phenomena and strange disappearances. Researchers in the series unravel ancient alien code through giant ancient drawings discovered that was carved into the floors of deserts. The series also looks into Area 51 where not a  single soul is allowed. Some researchers also look into these private properties that are hiding some big secrets that hold extraterrestrial experiments or building nuclear weapons.

Ancient Aliens Season 14 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The 13th season has just ended on 31st August 2018, so it may be too soon to speculate the possibility of a new season. The makers of the series will already know what has been decided for the series, but until they choose to disclose the information, we have no air date pinned for the upcoming season. We can hope for a mid-2019 release. For the latest news, keep checking this section.

Ancient Aliens Season 14 Trailer

We will upload Season 14 trailer as soon as it becomes available. Till then, enjoy this entire second episode of season 12.