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In this episode of The TrutSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Ben Vonderheide as he explains Ancient Aliens and The Nomoli Sacred Stone Sculptures and Deities. The Nomoli Stones were said to be found buried deep in the dirt of west Africa. Some statues have the iconic reptilian look as depicted on ancient aliens, others seem to look like humans wearing reptile head coverings. The stories that tag along with these statues are as interesting as the creatures look themselves. While on exhibit in an African museum one passerby claimed that the figures seemed to be calling out to her as if they were trying to communicate. There are other reports of the Nomoli Statues having properties to them as people have reported being healed while in their presence. There is also a new Dogon tribe connection that just came up concerning these figures as well. Some skeptics believe that there are no longer any Nomoli Stones to be found and that everything out in the public now are faked replicas. One thing is for sure, whether ancient or aliens these statues are very bizarre and I think we are just scratching the surface of what their true identity.

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excited for everybody hanging out listening to us live in the chat maybe 30 minutes or so in if you guys have questions type them in the chat and I will try my best to relate them to today’s guest but today I have with me Ben von der HOD did I say it right yes Ben von der Heide so we’re gonna be getting into some really cool stuff today you said this is your second podcast that you’ve ever done and you guys have been trying to get a lot of information about this subject asking around all over Facebook and things like that there’s a lot of gray area when it comes to this but it is a very interesting subject and it’s multi-layered and we’re gonna be talking about the physical side of what you do as well as the spiritual connections that it has as well but we’re gonna be talking about the stones which are the no MOLLE is that how you pronounce that no MOLLE stones yes no Marlene stones no Morley’s stones from Africa man so if you want to go ahead and a quick background introduction about who you are what you bring to the table be a great place for us to start moving forward yes well thank you to the seeker for inviting me on your show I’m very grateful and honored and welcome to the world of know Molly conversely it’s got to be good yeah no Molly I can I can assure you well but this way as I said it’d be nice if someone on any one listener out on your show has any information they will contribute because we are on a truth-seeking mission about normally stones along the way we have found information and amassed that which we’re going to share today with your your listeners and I’m confident that we will impart information about these stones that that they’ve never heard and they can then be the ones to share it with others and that’s what I’m here for is tissue to a campaign of awareness and exposure if you will having had the stones for many years and then coming out and going out more to the public a couple of few years back and finding that there were so scarce information on them that in one sense it would put you in a position where you recognize the responsibilities that you now have something that you need to spread as as you do with your show do you have information that is valid the pertinent in today’s world and can change lives and help perhaps and you want to get it out so what are no Molly stones no Molly or sacred car stones found in West Africa and only in the countries of Sierra Leone Liberia and Guinea they’re found deep in the bush and unlike other stones that are found in grave sites burial sites or at ancient temples these are found randomly in the jungle quite often well very independently and I will share with you some of the theories but in fact the bottom line is no one knows who buried them and no one knows how long ago they were no current African would state that his great-grandfather was an artistic genius who created no Mali they would claim their gifts from the gods so it’d probably be publicly be best to start back up with what are normally over all the know Mali diet deities if you wrote and know Mali were the tribal beliefs are that and I thought we forget we just had a recent development with the relation to the Dogon which is very interesting I’m sure many of your listeners have heard of those but the no Mali gods but according to tribal beliefs were lived in the heavens and misbehaved and were banished if you were forced to earth some of us might be feel the same way punishment anyway so they were they were reigned as they rain down upon the earth from the skies long ago and time before time if you will and they lived with the natives they imparted wisdom information knowledge and helped out the natives in in the ways that they could and they were said to have left these stones as tools to be used and as messages from them to the society now the normally stones are known they have been they were first discovered by the outside world by Portuguese sailors in the 1600s and they were there a bit on a couple of shelves back in the mysteries did a short piece on some that were found in strata that dated to about people in the African art world I found having now spent some time with the museum African art museum and having exhibited these stones there and on to the functions various various functions and met many people looking again for information I’ve found that there were very few people who know of them as African art so they’re known but I know now why are the unknown the professor would say my friend professor Kokua for anza would say that is for a variety of reasons the first is because they were berrykin de Graaff so they are underground and unknown for many years but more to the point it is social religious political scientific these various realms cultural reasons and start with the religious in those in those areas of West Africa the primary religious movement has been from the Muslim and the Christian sect mostly your more radical of those sex would be going in to have an influence on the tribal nations and to convert them those both of Muslims and Christians when they find something like an O’Malley stone if they found it was being used they would assign automatically not only that it was not valuable because it was a lot of their beliefs but they would assign negative evil onto it and thereby destroyed and and toward any any knowledge or threating of that word politically in those countries generally speaking again Muslim the Muslim the leaders of the country are going to be with the predominant religious group and that is again back to that same beliefs and they will go along with those religious trends so they can be popular if you want to succeed financially etc etc now culturally it’s interesting if you were to related to say the Native American culture where there is a huge resurgence and has always been an honor and a pride with their antiquated rather their primitive beliefs and their ancient beliefs and practices people are picking up the value of those they use those they go to POW wells or myself I’ve gone to powwow in West Africa and in Africa there’s a great desire to be seen as modern and anything primitive is not popular it’s not something they want to be identified with even when I’ve spoken with Professor African professors at universities around the United States they will wear the garb and they will be attached to the society in the certain regard but when we start talking about into the old least the tribal practices they will immediately distance themselves because they feel that they begin wouldn’t be seen as modern and civilized and they do not want to be identified with primitives so that has also been a factor into why they have been suppressed I think the reasons here so what are they there are stones they start from a couple of inches to foot and a half and they’re primarily made out of soapstone hand carved events were carved out of soapstone and somewhere out of granite and we have some that are out of iron stone what you see they come in various designs if you will you could categorize them and traditional normally but traditional normally is one that I’m holding in my hand right now would be a female fertility figure and that one would represent the standard characteristics of animali their legs are always squatted and their eyes are exaggerated because the native says that their eyes were like looking into the Sun you cannot look at them and their lips are often exaggerated as well be other features and as with this one this would be a fertility figure for a female so it would be used for those specific rights purposes etc then you would have a male traditional and this is the no Molly or the natives believe that the normally gods infused their powers into the crocodile and that the crocodile were a representation they also they were amphibious then he went to the Dogon I was mentioning a new development which is covered but they were invidious and that was one of the reasons why the natives revered and they could live on in the water and underground and in fact they could they were prejudiced who could take the man on the ground or in the water and so this would be an O’Malley against squatter figure a male figure this would be a chief who would be what chief would be infused with the qualities and the attributes 15 normally would have inspire and the crocodile is infused if you’ll see crawling up the back of this normally figure and the head of the crocodile almost forming a hat if you will on top of the of the figure looks like a mohawk yeah like a mohawk of out of a crocodile oh thank you I just did something here I still see you okay okay then I’m not going to worry about so we’ve got the traditional normally then we have some of them that are more that are infused that are if you will conjoined between set more human figures more humanistic and with no Mali attributes also so and then you have others that are purely humanistic in their images you have some I’m not sure if you have them but when I was doing my research on these there were some that look like reptilian-type beings that look like what people would say the you know the reptilian race of aliens look like is that some of the ones that debt that are you have as well or well yes over the years we have collected there’s quite a few stones in fact I came to find we have them very world-class collection from with the festered and some of the ones that I have personally been able to connect to and find are unusual in that they have the most prevalent most predominant the feature is the elongated heads and I’ll pull it up and if you can see that one now this again is a chief figure because he has a staff he is a revered figure he is does have the shortened or legs of an O’Malley not completely but relatively and he has some features but his head is extremely elongated similar to the stones from Central America and others which we’ve seen on the television programs etc that they would attach to ancient aliens so that’s why we have the ancient alien stones calm sight and that’s one of the things we are looking for information on such a connection so out of all of them this not a lot but there are a few they have the elongated head there’s another one with elongated head and almost some type of a head so something on its head and and then we also have along so we have a small group of them that are would be configured in a manner that would be consistent with the ancient alien mm-hmm genre just from their stature they look like they could be some type of pygmy type species like they aren’t very tall when some of the other reptilian statues are really tall and slender have you looked into the pygmy stands up in all of these were physical beings that showed up how tall would you think that these entities or beings would look well according to the natives they were very very large they were large okay it’s in fact excuse me there is a there’s a stone if you look online there was one that sold at sotheby’s auction some years back normally and it is the no molly riding on an elephant the elephant is dwarfed by the no mom okay there’s another one we have with the know Molly’s standing on an elephant or riding an elephant standing on a turtle and in something dogon another some believe that oh god some tracks of their visualized the earth as a turtle and so the image again is the Dogon dwarfing the elephant and and large compared to the earth so the the beliefs are that they were larger than normal humans by far this one’s interesting – this is now there are a couple of variety of twin stones I know there’s a twin movement in and out there 11:11 movement in the twin movement and there are some twin stones that have two heads in one face in each way some have divided where one side of the head looks like a different being and the other side the head now this is an interesting twin stone and this is I’ve seen this image one of the time online this is young stone such as this I’ve been able to acquire and this one has to know Mali and as you can see they are squatted and they’re facing their feet are touching them they’re laying down and what could be considered half of us are coffee cos and they are so this is the age of this is kind of a good piece to tell about some information that we get from a stone let’s take this piece as an example from the bush and just came out of the bush the word was this was a tombstone it was to be given to a mother when she had twins for the care and protection of the twins and the mother both and it was a highly revered stone would be used in ceremonies and then she would keep it near her now when we show this to Professor Carranza who was the art professor Howard University for 37 years I believe and was born in Ghana very genius and very well knowledgeable world-class knowledgeable or in these things he would identify that this image represents when the physical and the spiritual beings of each of us joined together and become a higher human if you will yet when you show this to someone from the ancient alien theory they would say that this potentially is the image of two normally has they rained down from the heavens in a sarcophagus when they came down this would have lifted up off the top and this would have been what the natives proceeded so again interesting then we will also show them two and hand them to stone whispers if you will who can hear the messages inside the stones or and that’s it I mean that’s something I want to talk about as well because one of the really intriguing things about these these stones is the connection to something spiritual and you said you went to a event at MUFON where a lady talked about being healed from one of the stones I listened to some of the presentations on the website well another lady at the antique place or whatever was talking about how our lady came came in and was talking with her and she couldn’t stop looking at her like it was trying to communicate with her or just calling out to her or something like there’s this vibration or something behind it and it really intrigues me for the thing you’re talking about whether they’re they have messages that are stored in the stone a really interesting thing for me is understanding like Terence Mckenna talks about a lot of psychedelics and mushrooms and things like that but there’s these different artifacts that the ETS have left behind for us to communicate with them through almost like a walkie talkie like this statue or this plant or whatever it may be there’s you know talismans with which we’re in the Bible and stuff like that that they use to remind them of their essence so when you see this you’re gonna be reminded of me and literally we can communicate when you look at this almost like if a Christian or a Catholic would look at the cross or look at Jesus hang the cross it immediately reminds them to Jesus they feel warm at heart and they feel protected and secured and so this type of stuff going on with that what were some of the the spiritual or supernatural connections that you’ve heard or experience with these with these stones well yes I was actually raised Roman Catholic in and I know there was always a trade in the Saints yeah whether it was their garments or their teeth or their hair or exactly passed down yeah they said you wouldn’t be a true Catholic Church without having one of Peters bones in your church right have you heard that I wouldn’t surprise me well yeah and I’m a person who supports anybody’s right to believe what they want and just remain open-minded myself I know God didn’t check with me when he made things you see if I’m agreed he would understand them so I know there are great things after occurring as far as the stones yes I had had the stones for some years and and and I have myself I’ve meditated all my life and and I’ve used the stones of meditation I also personally am NOT a American Medical Association individual so much I have actually hadn’t have a doctor since in seventeen that’s for two years I’ve been grateful to God I haven’t been plagued with any disorders that require data and I understand there are many people who do need doctors or not as blessed with health as I am but I tend to think that way and I have surrounded myself with those type of individuals so I would have found others who have used two stones I guess we could start off with a funny story my brother in Florida my brothers are skeptic so I sent him a stone a while ago some years back now it’s been maybe a Turk Ain and he had to stone I think he was using as a doorstop or something he wasn’t revering it very I and his neighbors who are great people were over there partying he’s a big big party guy central party USA over his ass all the time a lot of fun and and these they were talking about the neighborhood to talk about how they couldn’t get a child have a child and they’ve been to many doctors and they had not been successful and he said well that stupid goofy stone over there supposedly fertility why don’t you take that with you so I took the stone with him half heartedly just for a chance and she got pregnant and she took the stone back and she lost a baby and she took the stone back again and got pregnant and she now has two children and I think eight of nine six eight and she believes that the stone was responsible and she then gave it to another friend of hers who was having trouble having a child and who used it also so I I can’t say that there’s any documented evidence because as I’ve said there’s no that we can’t find anybody who’s used to stones but I thought that was interesting my brother is now still somewhat of a skeptic but he’s skeptical on his own skepticism because how did that happen and whether anybody else believes it or not those mothers believe and that’s what matters can it help them out I have had other friends of mine but yeah we talk about the the show MUFON now as I was telling you is interesting we went about trying to find out about my own stones at first and that’s when I found out there was such a lack of information eventually I hooked up with the professor we exhibited our stones at the Museum at the African Art Museum of Maryland small but very prestigious and that’s where you saw the video yes where one young lady said she couldn’t take her eyes off the stone and as Doris said to the director of the museum the results were well beyond what she had envisioned the response at that at the Museum I then met people there and went to the different functions and well let me get back to the the the after that what I found out was there wasn’t much information about him either that there was very few people in the African art world knew about him so much but let me just take this through this so you see where I end up then I went to the Internet I had my son contact all the groups on Facebook and start putting out feelers to groups that have hundreds of thousands of members over and over again for six months with pictures of the images of the stone different ones saying has anybody ever seen these stones you have any spirits I think you tell us about we’re working on the assembling information for the book and we can find nobody that’s ever used or has any knowledge of these stones in America for the most part and over that period of time we found no one absolutely no one got back to us would ever heard of those stones at these all the ancient alien sites the ancient civilization sites the healing sites the psychic sites amazing so I took him to some shows with psychics that powerful powerful readings you could see them just like electric Jones went through them when they held the stones and then I said okay well let’s take him to the MUFON so we went to MUFON international that was July this year summer and then we went to MUFON Philadelphia and we set up a booth and we exhibited the stones and I anticipated that there would be people there who were experts in this who would know of these stones and again we found that with one exception and I could explain that in a minute there was only one exception not one person who these people who spent their whole life underneath the alien theories and they know the stones from all the other places not one person had ever heard of Noman stones with the exception of bill burns neat guy actually we ended up driving him home that night after the show very nice guy he’s the gentleman who started the show UFO Hunters he was the keynote speaker and he started on the show UFO Hunters most of you viewers probably remember that show and he said he’d heard of the know Molly day at deities in Africa but he did not know they were stoned so it’s amazing to me that well and then at the show yes there was a gentleman he came through and him and it is he him and his to his sister and his friend who was a healer and they picked up one of the stones they say could we touch this down and try the stone and it was the twin stone here that I have and they took it Nate they sat down and some chairs and it was just striking there was you could just feel something going on over there and when he first came this gentleman when I first showed up he was just kind of not alert he apparently had been having great neurological issues and he was essentially being led for the most part by his sister and he didn’t seem to recognize all that much of just didn’t seem to be real alert I’d say that was one nice guy very friendly but just not alert didn’t seem like he was fully there and after that occurred when he came back he seemed like he had just been woken up and he said he had experienced a phenomenal healing they all three had tears in their eyes and yes it was quite impressive he called me a few days later and said he had felt a shock as if he had been lit up again while he was sleeping and had visualized that stone were in his own home at the same event I was there was a woman who was on a motorized cart and she came up and she got about 6 feet away from mourning stones and she stopped and she started crying and she said she couldn’t come any closer right now and she came back later she did a reading on one of the stones and thanked us for bringing this down once and said you were doing great work well they are having a impact on people in in in different types of ways right um so I haven’t asked you yet and I wanted to ask you and other people are asking in the chat how did you acquire these stones how did you get your hands on them and they’re also for sale you have some for sale on the website how much does something like this go for and how do you get your hands on them well the story of how I acquired and we’ll take a minute so let me first answer them yes the stones no Molly stones are generally speaking if you if you look in the auctions you’ll see their track they six to twelve thousand is a probably an average price for some no Molly’s are stay in line with that although the value is somewhat higher because they were a museum exhibited I don’t think as far as I can find that you can find any museum exhibited authenticated no Molly available for sale other than these and we want to put them in people’s hands to have this impact instead of I’m sitting in museums we want to see as you you know our friend Jeff the shaman in Florida acquired a stone and it it told him it wanted to use it on all his healings and he’s used it on all his healings he one of his late one of his clients acquired another one and so okay back to the price I mean we have some traditional know Molly’s that are only a few thousand again between six and twelve is the average we’ve got to the large larger ones which are considerably more expensive and of course the ones that have the the ancient alien heads and those type of images they are very unique and and so they be at the top of that range as far as how to acquire you can contact me on the website and we do have some of them and we’re interested also and in tracking them after we put them out there so that we can get more information for the book and the documentary which I believe is inevitable at this point in time because that’s the way these things were more revealed in today’s but a book is going to be a nice start we’re going to use these also in the book this collection and we’re going to start off with a coffee book coffee table book if you will which is the pictures is the phenomenal thing that will attract and we will have information and then of course we’ll go back over to Africa and do some further research before we do a complete book knowing now that there isn’t a book that covers the subject matter how I acquired the stones is an interesting story – over the years a couple of times and one time in particular I was there was an attempt to recruit me into the intelligence community by my from a friend of mine that became a friend of mine showed up at my door one day and a shout-out to him as spirit has been long off the planet but he went by the name of Bill diamonds in West Africa and I want to be I want to be respectful and cautious because I know that there is further there’s a great animosity towards West African in the diamond area this gentleman was a diamond man there is and there were people that were hurt over there and maybe some of the relatives of those who were hurt will someday be listening to one of these podcasts and we don’t want to be insensitive it’s so we don’t want to be insensitive but at the same time I want to tell the story so my friend bill diamonds was a diamond smuggler if you will then he worked for the intelligence community of the United States he’s long enough off planet what to worry about that and he was a very rare and original a real adventurer character what a blast he would drop off he’d go over flying the free tango the kind of create jump up and go plane up to Guinea and he dropped out of there and he’d ride in the Jeep for a while and he’d be up in in the deep Bush we would refer to as jungle from our days of watching Tarzan we were young and he would go into the bush him and his guide and he would wander around he’d say hey I’ll be back in six months and maybe it’d be six months but more likely to be a year or two and he’d come out of the bottom of the jungle with diamonds and information so bill recruited me and then at the same time another individual recruited me to get involved in Nigeria I got very little bit involvement I it was not the right guy for that I’m not dubious enough I again I go on I understand both sides I understand it our government wants to be knowledgeable and needs to protect us on the other hand I’m not always sure that our government is doing the right things here my own investigative reporting is proving that often we’re not doing the right thing here and I’m not sure we do them over there and I’m just I felt I’d get in I’d probably fall in love with the people and end up fighting against the government and I think my government would leave me alone or I think the United States government would not be I could not count on you when I was in deep bush but anyway 4,000 regions the point is that I was not inclined in the long run to pursue that but I was inclined and always had been inclined Erdman interested in spiritual and healing and religious of all nature facts and experience I have always been open and I’ve meditated and worshiped and sang with everything from Native Americans to Hindus to the Christians and to with Jewish know no reservations so I had asked that my interest was more the spiritual and the those areas and when I began to collect some of the items from him he had I have some masks you’ll see wooden masks also on the site and a couple of swords but I asked him not to give me any more swords cuz I just don’t like places but they represent the energy is not what I’m and so I took an interest in the know Molly and acquired all that were available oh that word that were authentic and that were powerful over the many years thinking that there must be many other people out there doing the same thing but certainly my friend had access to and and and connections to the Chiefs deep in the bush that other people would not have now they would get them because of a couple of reasons one that’s we think of the the bush in Africa’s where scars are scarcely or sparsely populated I think is determined looking for you know we remember the again the Tarzan show whether it be a tribe with maybe fifty you know well there’s there’s a hundreds of thousands of people living out there this is quite a great world going on out there and the Chiefs are the officials of their own areas and they would have these local people bring them to that once the word got out that we were looking for them they they’d already been bringing him over but they they brought more when they became available they also have become more available because again of the Muslim primarily but the Christian over some periods of time they would use both they use the normally at the ceremonies and they knew they’d celebrate the Muslim events to to placate the entity connected to the money flow the political power but as time proceeded the Muslim power got less and less tolerant it eventually pushed B’s out yeah so where they are protected now because they won’t be destroyed if they are yeah that’s a ton of videos of some of the Islamic sects and stuff going into ancient temples and just destroying everything I mean there’s videos that I’m taking hammers and mallets and bats in there and just tearing everything up any type of statue and ancient relic that it’s contrary to their narrative they’re gonna try to destroy it I mean even when like some of the earlier stuff there’s some good documentaries out there that cover this when it’s it was the secret space documentary there was a whole I think Chris Evert put that out years ago there’s several of them but when we went into Baghdad and things like that showed the US government tanks just running through these you know temples and buildings with ancient relics and I’m just crushing everything and it’s really weird whenever someone you know even in biblical times when a nation gets conquered the first thing they do is they go to all of their holy relics and gods or whatever and they try to destroy everything so that there’s no more memory of it here on the earth and so that’s what the US has been doing that’s what the Islamic nations have been doing and trying to you know to push their agenda and their narrative so years later we don’t understand what’s what anymore we don’t know what the Library of Alexandria had we don’t know what the Sphinx actually looked like and some of the other things that are there that have been destroyed over the years and stuff so it’s very interesting that that’s happening and it’s really cool that you guys have them in the museum as well there so I wanted to ask you as far as doing your research have you studied the work of Graham Hancock at all Wow definitely look up Graham Hancock he’s a researcher philosopher lecturer when it comes to this stuff with uh you know ancient temples and stuff like that a lot of big stuff on I think it’s go Beckley Tepe that was in Turkey that they found are you familiar with that temple yes yes ah with these huge statues of these reptilian type angelic figures you know mixed in in in into the the temples and stuff some really interesting stuff that was just recently found I want to say within 10 years ago you know so very interesting check out Graham Hancock’s work um what about this name credo moot wha have you checked out his work no I you know I’ve he’s from Africa as well and and definitely check out the work of credo moot wha David Icke has like a six-hour interview with him and he he’s from Africa he has all of these little alien statues and and he has all of these crazy stories where he talks about the Dogon he talks about communicating with these ETS and these different rituals and stuff that they would perform and they would give out statues and relics and stuff and they would have to do crazy like really deep you know makes the Masonic initiations look like a cakewalk type you know I’m saying rituals and stuff so Credo moot wah is definitely you got to check him out especially researching this stuff from Africa as well very interesting but it’s something about you know the space people that came here that there’s like a resurgence on it this stuff is blowing up we see ancient aliens and so you can put out a show you know and if it you know people are gonna watch it but there’s something when it just takes over in people there based on their religion off of it they’re changing their religion they’re changing their information then their narratives are changing going back to the Sumerian tablets and just some of the other ancient cultures that predate some of the stuff that we’ve been told and stuff so the ancient alien thing is it’s really cool because all of these different tribes and you talk about Native American we’re talking about the Indian tribes from you know the tops from India as well Christian lore like Muslim they all talk about these gods that came down to teach mankind and to change the DNA and you know what I’m saying these different things so every every religion in every tribe on the face of the earth talks about the so called Anunnaki type beings that you know the Zulu nations as well to talk about those from heaven who came to earth to to deal with mankind so Christian narratives are most likely going to paint the fallen angel picture it’s gonna be kind of weird to kind of you know I’m saying try to try to speak to some of them about it but even the gods or the Elohim of the Bible the gods of the Bible who came down that were with Yahweh and they had different talisman that they created and so there’s like different monuments and talismans and symbols and things that they would have that would they had power and stuff that they believed and it’s really interesting when you start talking about how when people hold the artifacts they’re able to receive information or get downloads as we would call it I have some friends who are who are in Hawaii who actually dig up really big chunks of crystal out of the earth and they call him Lou Mary and crystals and it’s talked about how these crystals are holding memories and so like you’re saying if you meditate with these relics with these pieces that come out of the earth you’re able to tap into some type of higher frequency and and they have memory too many you know it’s it’s very interesting to really talk about the spiritual aspect behind these Rhiannon that takes me makes me think of Rebecca also Rebecca recently bought a stone acquired a stone Rebecca came in as your name and Rebecca’s she’s a professor she is lived with indigenous tribes for decades and as a lecturer speaks around the world right now I think she’s in Singapore she speaks specifically on where science meets art and the effect of indigenous tribes upon where science meets art which was interesting she also happens to be in a group of professors that are joined between a number of universities in United States studying what are called nanoparticles the these ghost particles that they’ve only recently discovered specifically she’s in the study of neutrinos and the theory is perhaps these neutrinos that come from the Sun and they are these ghost particles pass through everything or so small and that’s why they couldn’t register and identify them there is some who believe this is the mechanism whereby we are receiving messages receiving enlightenment and she came into I went down to New Hope Pennsylvania for a few hours and set up the stones and at the end of that day she came in she was her birthday and she was 68 years ago I forget anyways she looked at the stone and she you knew right away you could tell by the way she held it and what happened to her and when she held it she acquired the stone and she feels that that stone it has his little tablet on the front lever it’s one of the ones some website and we’d always called it the the tablet it’s just a nickname for with Daphne named Herman and she identified after she meditated with it that it was actually described the tablet was the message to describe and you know was where the described witness message and described was delivering this message and she felt that this stone she meditated with it she put it in the center of all her meteors pieces and everything else she’s collected all of her life as the centerpiece and she felt like it has to do with her work on neutrinos now I don’t claim to understand any of what I just told you but that’s that’s my job is just to pass on what other people reveal but it is interesting what and there were some guys from that it worked with NASA at the MUFON international came by who are supposedly going to get a hold of us and they want to potentially use one in research with the group to see if there is any message that is received does it do anything is a mechanism to register any scientific evidence at all or even just the impressions of other people that people receive from them I do want to mention the Dogons yeah yeah this is a development just within the last week and a half I as you said this is my second podcast so you know we went we went to ancient aliens TV show I’ve been talking to David silver out there for a couple years nice guy at Prometheus productions he’s excited about the new Molly and as I point out to him I said David when you watch this show they show the same stone the same Stonehenge the same rocks the same places took likea all these same places over over again this is something new they haven’t been able to get it sold to the network yet they’re trying I guess they’re doing themes this at this point in time and it’s they haven’t got it the west-african show yet now I told him I understand too because you know when they go to Egypt or someplace like that as he said they have an entourage that meets and they take them they get everywhere they want special access you’re not going to get that in West Africa yeah you would have you’re not gonna get those guys are pretty suits to go over walking around that jungle just say you know it’s very dangerous you have to be you have to know how to behave and you have to be connected or you won’t come out it’s very simple and so whatever the reason is that’s why we went to the internet with my son we think what would kick the message directly to people no we found no one was aware of him there then we said okay we’ll go to a show we went through the engineer of the the MUFON shows and nobody was aware I’m there so this when after that is when the first guy who was to show contact me he said hey do you want do a podcast I did that podcast just a couple weeks ago act that somebody noted on there and I’m gonna quote it was something like because we talked about the he talked about the Dogon I told him I don’t know a lot about the Dogon I think most of your listeners know this much about the Dogon that they are the tribe which is attributed with having identified serious be the ghost star hundreds of years ago and having believed the Dare from a place that is surround planet around the third it was as most of the third storm maybe up there it hasn’t been filed yet and there’s a planet in that solar system that they believe they originated from well the Dogon after he said to her when we’ve mentioned that then one of his viewers like you guys right now Poston said the Dogon were visited by the Nommo fish-like beings and I said well that doesn’t mean anything to me it doesn’t sound like any these aren’t fish like beings so I don’t know if that relates but I looked it up online and I found it that’s that looks like the more accurate translation is that they were visited by amphibious you being well that makes a little more sense because no Mali are often as I showed you the one have that crocodile on their back and they are as you said some of them have the image that looks somewhat reptilian yeah with nothing so that started making sense and I said wait a minute no MOS is their gods that came down and gave that information about Sirius to the Dogon No Mas no mas nos no Lee n no mo Li that’s pretty darn close and then I checked that and I said wait a minute if the Dogon her from Mali no Molly from the very country which borders on Sierra Leone and Guinea in Liberia back in the day long ago the Mali Empire encompassed the very areas were these stones are found so could it be possible that these were once called the Nomos of Mali shortened eventually to normal yeah look that’s just something we put together in the last week and the first time I mention these on your show here yeah it’s it’s very interesting to note you know the whole water thing the whole and phibian thing where when we’re looking back at lumeria and some of the other ancient civilizations that were said to be here in the warren in the earth was covered mostly in water right it’s very interesting too because you talk about the Nommo in the different fish beings and fish gods and things like that we look at you know I can’t help but make the connection I don’t know if it’s there but Dogon and Dagon mention up in the Bible and it said that the mystery religions through the Catholic Church you know even still venerate the Piscean deity Dagon that you know the Catholic priests have these big hats what they call like a mitre or a me tree a really big one in the top of it look it has an opening and they look very similar to the ancient Dagon fish priests or whatever who wore the big fishes on their head it’s really interesting and there’s this other take I don’t know if it fits in but it’s something about the amphibian thing where even with the Bible now speaking about Nomo and stuff like that like there’s this take that I’ve heard I’m saying not saying that I believe it but there are people who do who talk about how the earth was covered in water at the beginning and we see the Genesis story come about and somebody was there or somebody downloaded that information however Genesis came about that’s between you and whoever but there’s a take that they were and that there was a race here before that were in phibian and that they were in the water in watched Yahweh create the landmass in Africa right that they were watching and they were scribing this stuff down as they’d seen the seven days of creation take place and God making man and then God making animals and all these other beings almost that kind of came in and took over and so there’s a belief there that that someone actually wrote Genesis from a first-hand encounter watching the the creation story happened from the water so I thought that was very interesting in it it at least ties into research to open up more doors of exploration you’re thinking man obviously connecting dots that’s right I mean that’s what you got to do right if you’re trying to get information on this and there’s not a lot of information out there about those stones and you know what I’m saying and yeah you have to use the sources you’ve gotten and you’ve got a hypotheses for some hypotheses together and then pursue them and see if they make sense I mean naturally it’s kind of an adventure isn’t it the whole world the whole life is oh that’s way everything that you approach has to be like that you can’t just take lines or face face value anymore or say oh this is the truth oh this is what they present it you just have you know it’s kind of here a little there a little and putting it together till it begins to make a picture and that’s how you really get to the bottom of it understanding these ancient cultures who were very smart they weren’t just some primitive people like these people understood the star systems they’re able to see things with the naked eye that that we’re just now finding about these constellations with high-powered telescopes and so these primitive people knew things about the Stars and drew these star maps and these maps of land masses in things like that from an aerial perspective they were tapped into something and it’s it goes to say that uh I believe in those figures who came down and they left a mark here I don’t think that they I think that they’re still here someone mentioned the fact about Hollow Earth or these beings or things coming from out of the earth have you looked into that at all since these these came out of the earth I haven’t got any information for that although you know we have got some potential theories well in participant a couple of the stone readers had visualized that these stones were tens of thousands of years old some identified them and felt they were much older than that one of the things I’ve recently found that I was not that aware of is there and even in academia there’s a under there’s a belief that the Egyptian pyramids did not just come down and that was not the first pyramids the people built that before Egypt there was a society a Great Society along Elam Orion that Atlantean theories that existed that passed its knowledge on to Egypt and that then disappeared into the jungle if you will many people are the belief that that was in West Africa and that these these stones and societies they’re far predated the Egyptian culture and as one professor said to me said to consider that all of a sudden they just built pyramids of that scale is is not very logical it’s more likely that they had built them other places and and developed the size and even if the they received the information on how to do it from other cultures or from other sources rather other than the earth wherever they got it that believe that they just automatically built the Society of that level is not as reasonable as to believe that was a byproduct of other development and and higher societies that existed that are just there’s no evidence again in a place like this there could be hidden pyramids what many many hidden periods that have not been discovered in yeah well let’s start finding them it’s very interesting you know we think we got it all figured out we know everything but then they find a civilization underwater they find a civilization under another one that used to be there and there’s these statues of the gods and things like that well they have identified my understanding is from one of my limited researches recently is that they have identified that they claim the Dogon are descendants of the ancient Egyptians I’m not sure could it be the other way around yeah I don’t know if they can identify that you know could they say that the egyptians are descendants of the Aged oh gods but even the fact that they’re saying as that though gods are connected to the egyptians certainly opens up a whole other iron theories is a whole nother group of potentials of what could have been occurring in those empires long ago in west africa it’s long covered over by growth I’m going to ask you this this is a question from Ali she wanted to know have the stones been examined or tested someone else wants to know have they been carbon-dated as well examine for that she also brings a brings up the question have the stones been x-rayed and in maybe there’s a link maybe not but this always for those listening who want to do further exploration the interesting thing about an x-ray would be the fact that in India the Yogi’s some of them who have ascended right they were spending time and met at meditation and have become petrified or almost took turned into some type of stone like figure but when you x-ray it there’s a man inside of there who left that form behind through meditation and you have this almost statue left of what used to be a yogi who has left his body in a cinder and it’s in a petrified state and even shrunken even so that’s an interesting question when it comes to being x-rayed as well well simple question quick answer on the carbon dating carbon dating cannot be done on stone carbon dating has to be done on organic material so when they carbonate a stone to do is they take the strata around the stone and as I was saying this show that I saw evidence of on the internet the unsolved mysteries believe it was called they identified a no no Molly back this was in the 1990s I believe the show was on that no no Molly had been found in the blue that blue stone it comes from meteors and that this particular fine dated to 17,000 years ago so again what they do is they find the strata where the no Molly is buried and if you can get enough of the dirt around it and there’s going to be some wood decayed in there and other things that weren’t natural decayed that’s what they’ll do the the carbon dating on as I mentioned these stones are found individually by natives by diamond miners and they are there is no strata kept along with them if they’re kept at all and not destroyed as far as the x-ray that’s a good question and somebody might be too didn’t to higher knowledge here if you look online or no Molly you’ll find also there’s another story of a know Molly figure that was uncovered some odd years ago I don’t remember and they x-rayed it and they identified there was a metal wall in the stomach the stomachs are always are often extended because that’s a powerpoint that you’re that you’re getting energy from anomalies and they identified this stomach hate a ball and if they broke open an emollient got it out and found what I believe I haven’t looked at for a while was a metal ball bearing if you will that was not possibly manufacturers at the time you know money would have been created so but no I have not x-rayed these that’s interesting yes somebody was talking about that in a chat as well about the bi-metal ball that um so do you think that there’s some people who can try to replicate these do you think bill thing you know it’s interesting for something that’s unknown apparently at one point in time there was a huge market of replicas and frauds even that were manufactured to look old so that when I first came out and identified reached out to people when I had to collection I was told by the experts that there that any number they’re all normal in our face there were no more real anomaly and so that’s when identify found an expert professor and I took the collection down to him and put him out on the table and said you know you tell me but up until then what I came to find him and if you look on like an eBay or something you’ll see many no Molly for a couple hundred dollars and yeah some for some for a thousand a couple thousand but again none of them are going to be authenticated so what we what we did do was you know when I found out that there was that concern of Education I was very confident because of the source and I mean this man went in he trusted his guides with his life and I also say this me I should say this about Bill diamonds it’s important to say is that he went into the bush for the diamonds but when he was in here the people really took his heart I mean he fell in love with the people when he come into a village the children would come running and so he loved it over there anyway so don’t go yes lost Jack let’s talk about there’s ya been uh I enjoyed this episode man thank you so much for coming on go ahead and plug your website again folks so people who you know may be listening on the podcast app they can actually go and see the pictures of these stones as well ancient alien stones calm is the website I I have would recommend it to look at the video we have a video we put together with the professor and the director of the art museum of the African art museum and we we have them showing the video showing the stones some people that I mean only a few people will be able to own stone but many people can receive something just by looking at them perhaps and and just increase your knowledge and see something you haven’t seen before and let other people know that these are out there that just there’s something out there because for whatever reason we have been unsuccessful with getting the den the ancient alien TV show and to to reveal this to people they’ll do it but in their time and quite frankly they have a very successful formula they don’t need our stones they’re doing fine without us but I think that these stones are usable I think it’s an O’Malley if there is such an energy which I like that witnessed with other people’s use of them in my own that these they want to be out there they want to be used like any tool that God gave us to bring blessings they want to be activated and they activate shamans they activate people they and you activate them when you put them into play so that’s what I’m doing I’m the steward of the stones I represent the Bennett jayvon deride Shirley Bennett jayvon to hide collection and proud to have found something and amazed still trying to figure out how this guy here in Conestoga Pennsylvania ended up you know the guy who seems to know fair amount about these stones I’m not an expert in that I know a lot I would be considered an expert because so few know anything yeah very interesting well I prank a newcomer so you’ve got a real service to hopefully hopefully hopefully we get some input and hopefully uh it gets on the forefront and hopefully we hear about this on ancient aliens would be really nice to just in closing if there is anybody in your audience who has ever used the stones as any evidence or any knowledge of them we would certainly be interested in in anything that we could get garner and gather from your I’m sure very astute crowd yeah definitely definitely make sure I’ll hit him up ancient alien stones calm being Vonda hi thank you for coming on brother he’s enjoyed it blessings all right Ben Vonda Hart ladies and gentlemen interesting show no moly they’re normally stones very interesting when it comes to ancient relics when it comes to talisman you know something in the Bible it’s really weird man because you start finding out that they had things like that in the scriptures or whatever statues that made them remember an essence of an angel or an essence of God or something like that we look at the Ark of the Covenant right and you have the two cherubim on top of it and they’re statues and the wings are drawn out and their wings are touching each other they’re facing one another very similar symbolism in Egypt when it comes from Africa so like who’s first like who is the first and that’s really the big debate when it comes to it the Sumerians the Africans Egyptians Christian the Indians from India like there’s all of these stories are very similar and then it you know that you have the Christian narrative as well the Fallen Angels you know those who came down from heaven and he I think even mentioned the the word fallen or something like that it’s very interesting so everybody has a different narrative or whatever and so what they bring to the to the table of their study one thing is for sure something happened something is going on happened and it’s still happening right when it comes to these type of of beings ETS or angels or aliens whatever you want to call them everybody has a different opinion according to their study in the research material that they found and like I said like when I first started out a lot of my stuff was in the Christian realm of thinking like he said at the beginning most of them will just say that it’s all demonic are all negative I mean there are quotes in the Old Testament where they would take over a nation in they would do that they would destroy all the idols you know they would smash them all and things like that so are the you know Christian missionaries you know doing the right thing when they go in there and they tear everything up or you know the US Army when we go into it to other nations and we destroy all of their ancient relics and then there’s no more you know remembrance of them on the face of the earth are these the other gods that existed who came here to cause confusion and ruckus could be don’t know but it comes down to the fact that there were angelic beings who came down here to do righteous things they were sitting here biblically to rule in rain with the father with Yahweh and he sent them here to reign over certain nations and things like that maybe these are relics that they left behind who knows so one thing about it it does pour a little bit of fuel on the on the fire of the exploration that something happened I don’t think that it’s an outside invading force that’s going to do harm to humans of these type of aliens or whatever you want to call it they’ve been here the whole time they’ve been watching over us if they wanted to destroy us they could have done it at any moment especially when we were behind on on technology now we have the tools to fight back and there’s we talked about this many times but there’s different videos of laser beams being shot from earth towards these weird craft in the heavenlies in outer space so we’re shooting down these things and I’ve received the information as well that you don’t have a lot of sightings when you’re trying to willed them to happen because if they show up they’ll get shot down so there’s a lot less sightings going on right now I don’t know if there’s a certain time whenever time is right or there’s there’s less stuff going on but that’s why there’s a lot less sightings and wouldn’t that suck if you were to perform a C e5 and make contact in a crafter shows up or an angel shows up and freaking the government shoots it down while you’re watching it wouldn’t that be crazy it was your fault there probably be judgment on you for doing it it’s just a bit this is just things that kind of popped through my mind and I throughout my studying and through my own personal experiences there’s been times that look we can’t show up I also often believe that cloud seeding and some of the what you would call Kim Trails was a perfectly open sky and then there’s and then within an hour or two Jet’s are going back and forth crisscrossing and it looks like the entire sky your whole field of vision you can’t see any sky it’s all clouds man-made manufactured clouds which are chemtrails that expand it and they look like clouds you wouldn’t know it and so that that happens and so I even believe that that’s to actually cover up some of this UFO activity that’s still going on right now above our heads and so really interesting stuff to apply to your studies when you’re trying to figure out what’s going on in what role you play in this war whether it’s a war of information a war of the worlds’ a war between our world in their world again I think the bad guys are here I think the bad guys are tearing up the planet here feeding us chemicals feeding us fake food feeding us wood chips and plastic rice and all of these things the government and the FDA and all of the stuff that they promote this stuff there’s a freaking McDonald’s in you know Burger King on on every corner even in the hoods even in the ghetto there’ll be a Church’s Chicken there there’ll be a liquor store there they if you plant a garden you’ll be arrested if it’s not regulated that’s that’s weird it’s demonic so we’re talking about the good guys versus the bad guys the good guys are out there they’re watching over us the bad guys are here ruling who are they did they come down from another star system from another constellation is it to Anunnaki here who have created mankind to be a slave race I don’t know I do know that the elite use your energy your time your blood your sweat your tears to be the fuel for this machine that they’re running that is definitely true so when it comes down to who are the good guys and who are the bad guys everything’s out there free energy I mean just independent people researching putting things out there about magnetic propulsion how to make objects lighter like there’s so much stuff out there that’s proven and these people eventually end up getting taken out we could do away with fossil fuel we can do away with the the fuel industry with the gas and all of that kind of stuff and just use free energy but they don’t want to they’d rather destroy the earth because they’re making billions off of that in this large companies all love a man is this what runs the world it’s the oil industry that’s demonic those are evil people who know that there’s a safe alternative but but for the love of money they would rather tear up the earth that they’ve been entrusted with it Reza tear it up then move to something more better that’s better for our health better for the health of the planet those things that’s the money I really believe that and time time is short it’s not gonna it’s not gonna last forever I really believe that so all of these things about the gods who came down they’re coming back they’re coming back whether you want to say its Christ in angelic armies which I kind of have grown up with that narrative and I’m more upon that Christ and angelic armies whether you want to say their ships coming back or their actual Light Beings and angelic armies that are coming in which the Bible calls the hosts of heaven are gonna come back the Stars are gonna fall and the two kingdoms can’t coexist so good and evil can’t dwell together at the same time and so that’s why all of this stuff’s happening right now and so there’s an uprising even within the people even within the consciousness of the people who want something better we look at projects like The Venus Project which they’ve have all of the stuff mapped out be easy to implement they’re trying to but there’s a suppression of information there’s a press oppression now of independent media that if you talk about this stuff you’ll be de platformed you’ll be demonetized all of these things very tricky industry that we’re in right now and but we’re in I mean we’re living in very interesting times and so I think that those who are for us are greater than those who are against us and in the end we’re gonna see it all you know it’s all gonna bubble up and come to the top eventually so heat rises let’s see imma jumpin here to some of these questions right quick in the chat or some of these comments Rene Rene Rui says not to mention under the Vatican all of this stuff that they have yeah Kenny says I keep picturing Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom or Cypress Hill in the temple of boom oh so you’re Wow you’re talking about you keep picturing the the crystal skulls that’s a whole nother subject those crystal skulls and those are like real artifacts supposedly right there’s a whole bunch of stuff out there when it comes to this crystal skulls that were found so we got a um another question here or comment from Jesus Christ Superstar who says its Anunnaki I am a psychic and an astral traveler I’ve seen many things over the last two years I’ve seen the grace all sex all set every single one of them Wow it’s awesome man yeah it’s that’s the beauty of it is that you can be the experiencer like you can you can do the knowledge you can do that you can get the information for yourself through meditation through prayer through stargazing through research all of this stuff and just reading all of the ancient manuscripts that are left even the stuff that was taken out of the Bible that we’re in there at some point but they said now take it out when you go back to find why they took it out is because it points back to some of these type of gods that were being worshiped in in the ancient times and it would kind of show some of these rituals and things that were passed down through pagan tree which is still adored by the the Catholic Church like they still carry the mystery school practices and not to say that it’s all bad or anything like that but it’s still being practiced today on the earth which is uh which is very interesting that’s one thing I do like about the charismatic Christian Church is that they still practice some of these ancient things and they don’t even know it I think it’s beautiful you know what I’m saying that they practice trance state they practice speaking in tongues they practice healing they practice channeling the voice of God the voice of heaven the voice of the holy spirit of what Jesus like they practice all of these ancient things that the majority of Christianity has given up on I really I really appreciate that aspect of the Christian Church and uh but then on the other hand the Catholic Church are still practicing some of the ancient rituals and things that were practiced back in the day like I said there’s a book out there for those of you who want to go down that path and usually it’s a really weird path when you start out on a lot of us have been down it and we’re coming back off of it but you find out everything’s pagan but when you find out it blows your mind your Christmas or Easter all of this stuff comes from pagan tree comes from each Egypt comes from Babylon comes from Mesopotamia Persia you know what I’m saying to Canaanites all of these other religious practices that we’ve borrowed from and stolen from the Jews did it the Hebrews did it the Christians did it the Catholics did it they’re all doing it there’s nothing new Under the Sun nothing ritual none nothing new um so when you start studying that it can blow your head off you’re like oh you look at all this ancient symbolism that still being practiced today it’s on the dollar bill it’s in the Vatican it’s in it’s in Washington it’s everywhere all of this symbolism the all-seeing eye or whatever and start freaking out about it you start seeing that you’ve been lied to and you know your churches are in with these people in this kind of stuff so it can lead you down a weird Road at first but I say don’t panic like don’t fret it’s not all bad right when you first get woke you start seeing this stuff everywhere you start seeing it in the way that they build their architecture even us here and shoe in um there’s I think it’s so a women women in Children’s Hospital in Mobile there’s like all of this ancient Egyptian paintings and murals all over the wall you go in there you’re like what is this you’re like take him back in time to ancient Egypt but looking at all of these gods and symbolism on the wall of the hospital very interesting stuff man when it comes to understanding where everything came from so but I said all that to say that if you want to research that the origins of the Catholic Church the origins of our Christianity as we know today there’s a book out there by the by the name of the two babylons by alexandre hyssop it’s a very interesting book there are some pictures in it when it comes to some of the old pictures and diagrams of you know the Dagon priest and then side-by-side with the Catholic priests and they show you all the ancient stuff I don’t like the fearmonger but and it’s not fear monger for me but for some people and when it’s brand-new to you you you know when when you’re sleeping and somebody turns the light on in your face you’re you know they could take a little time to kind of wipe the sleep out your eyes and and get refocused or whatever I don’t know where you are everybody’s in different places on their spiritual walking on their spiritual journey but if you’re into finding the roots of Catholicism in the roots of Christianity as we know it today in the West the two babylons by Alexander here so make sure you check that out you can also check that out and listen to free audio books by using my promo code I have a promo link in the description so that you can get a free audio book at so head on over to true seeker so there’s some really cool books that you can get man and they give us a kickback too so I don’t know if that books available but two books that I highly recommend are the final quest by Rick Joyner as well as the alchemist by Paulo Coelho so those are two life-changing book shout out to Kinney I got on that book for his birthday and he’s in chat Kenny have you read that man let me know have you started it it’s a really good book man change your life yeah so with that being said also man I wanted to plug what I’ve recently released a man I really just did my first guided meditation that’s recorded so I recorded myself doing a guided meditation that I believed that I was able to tap in to the father’s heart man just in my own prayer time I was led to write this meditation and hear from the heart of God that what he would say to people and to put that into a meditation and create an encounter in an experience that’s highly produced I hired voice actors and their sound effects and takes you on a tour through ancient Israel through the tabernacle of Moses into the Holy of Holies and into the throne room of God and so there’s this experience that I’ve created so that it’s fully immersive most of the people who have already purchased it who have already given me a review most of them come back in tears and and experience something very profound so I want to make sure that you guys check that out you can go to truth seeker com I have CDs available as well as the downloadable mp3 but I guarantee you that that guided meditation will change you so it’s a fully immersive experience really beautiful and I’m gonna do more man it was such a outpouring of love that I got from it from different people and people just want more so there’s some other ideas we’ve been studying and talking about for years this whole idea of being able to bring people into the encounters that we’ve had right we’ve had these encounters with heaven we’ve had these encounters with angelic beings and with Jesus and things like that and how can we take you into that that place well for one we just start talking about them and it just automatically stirs something within you if you’re called to it you want to to know more you want to know how you can do it for yourself how can I get into meditation how can I contact how can I do a ce-5 and stargates and have encounters for myself right as we start talking about it naturally it slightly we just start stirring something up within you we’ve been exploring that how can we bring people into that with us and I definitely do it through my music as I put a lot of that stuff within my audio and it just ignites people and takes them on their own spiritual journey themselves through the music it’s powerful but even so more like with the meditation it is like a it is a fully immersive experience in journey that takes you down through there so we’ve been talking about how to do it even through prayer and in in in through meditation and stuff but this this way man it’s really beautiful and there’s a bunch of things that I’ve seen a bunch of things that I’ve experienced that I want to take you guys with me on and I’ve got a lot of ideas on how to do that creatively trust me there’s it’s really good so you can listen to a snippet on YouTube or on the website as well true seeker com you can check out a snippet of the guided meditation it’s about 17 minutes long and ya have your own experience your own encounter and make sure you let me know what happens when you do it man I’m here and I’ll need to start saving all of these testimonies and stuff they’re not submitting them on a website they’re emailing me back and they’re hitting me up through messenger and stuff but everybody has has said man that they’ve just had these explosive encounters and so it’s going forth doing what I knew that it would do it’s so powerful that like I feel like I’m a conduit right like I didn’t make it up I don’t say I feel like I channeled the father’s heart if you want to say that and uh as I was writing it it’s just it’s powerful is overwhelming man is intuitive writing where the Holy Spirit said tell them this tell them I love them I’ll never leave them and it’s just like I was some things I know but it’s like you have to articulate it and find out which part tells them that they’ve been here and you’ve been struggling but the struggle has not in veins and it’s just just receiving it man it is a beautiful encounter to be a conduit of that energy man and and as I was recording it I tear up as I go back and listen to it I was reading it for friends and I don’t want to be like overly sensitive or overly emotional but I’m trying to read it and like I’m holding back tears and trying to act like a man trying to read it to my wife okay hey how’s the sound and I’m reading it and I’m just like oh wow and I read it to other friends and they can feel it and I’ll just share my enthusiasm with with other friends and they’re like wow can’t wait to can’t wait to to really tap into it and so it’s a beautiful experience and so I I’m I’m not bragging on myself I’m bragging on God because I get to go back and experience it as well that’s the that’s the most beautiful thing that I get to experience it now I can we played a little snippet last night on Christy leaves podcast about six minutes of the intro of five minutes and it’s tears man it’s just it’s from its from heaven so anyway if you’d like to support my work and download that that mp3 or CD it’s available on my website truth seeker com I’m gonna make more and so it was a really powerful experience Fred Lynch is in the chat what’s up brother he says since since we are all one consciousness of the Creator could the could be habla up could the oligarchies I’m trying to it’s really small text alle car keys be the lesser of ourselves acting up because they are being revealed and cleansed just like acnes comes from the skin I’m not sure I know I probably read that wrong and you easy also says I saw the guided meditation that’s a dope idea definitely getting that bro oh definitely renee is asking for the link you can just go to true seeker comm and it’ll come up it’ll say true seekers first guided meditation that link will take you directly to the mp3 download let’s see Eric from Ohio was in the house in the chat and house dog what’s up brother I love you yeah make sure y’all check it out with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom and thank you guys for hanging out with us it was a different interview different interview everybody has their own opinions Chris garner I want to hear from you and discord I want hear from all of you in this Court join our discord Community man we’re creating community here for everybody to to talk it out to hash it out and to to get into prayer and create a safe space where all of us can come together and speak and share and so you looking for community you looking for somebody to talk to you got some crazy ideas and stuff going on in your head join our discord because you’re not alone there’s a lot of other people there as well so make sure y’all do that the link is in the description click on discord it’ll send you an invite you can get it on your phone or your computer discord is a it’s a chat app and it’s a voice chat app so you can text if you want to text or if you want to get in and talk that’sthat’s gonna be coming out soon as well so we’re gonna we’re gonna I think we’re I don’t know if we’re streaming or not Internet’s jacked up but anyway that’s the end of the show love you guys backslash truth seeker if you want to support my word peace peace [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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