Having a history degree, coming from a family of history addicts, traveling the world, having grown up in Europe, and still, to this day, reading history books for fun, I find the Ancient Alien theory fascinating. Could it be false? Absolutely. But new discoveries are rewriting history, and the timeline of “civilized” and “settled” history is being pushed back thousands of years, whether “traditional” historians are ready to admit that or not. The evidence is there, if one opens their eyes and looks at it. Evidence has been found of extensive trade routes, systems of keeping written records (crude to more complex), mining operations, and more – thousands of years before such activities were supposed to have been accomplished (or even begun or conceived of) by our early ancestors. How did they manage to create achievements that today cannot be duplicated, with all of our knowledge and technology? And, even more interestingly – why did they do these things? The theories put forth in the Ancient Aliens series are quite interesting, considering the gaps currently missing in our understanding of our ancient history. For many, I believe it a fatal flaw to operate under such hubris to believe that aliens could not possibly exist in a universe as diverse and infinite as ours; as we reach for the stars, why is it so hard to believe other intelligent creatures would not do the same? While there is no “hard and fast” evidence to prove ancient aliens once walked among us (and perhaps may still?), there is also no “hard and fast” evidence to prove that this could not be a plausible possibility. Anyone interested in history and the universe in general will, I think, find this series interesting and thought provoking.
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