La Tebaide
By Paolo Uccello

The image above appears on many UFO sites.

UFO websites describe the contents of this photo in a number of ways, but all of them see a red UFO (See white arrow, above right):

  • «The blown up picture to the right of it shows a red saucer shaped UFO seen near Jesus.»
  • «In the painting, set aside from the hill by means of a perspective effect, there is a saucer object, suspended into the air and surmounted by a red domed top. Red in color, the object comes out over the dark background by contrast. The dynamic movement of the flying object is rendered by means of light brush strokes, red in color again, which provide the effect of a sudden turn.»

In reality, the image above is a small portion of a larger painting by Paolo Uccello called Scene di Vita Eremitica (Scenes of Monastic Life ) (also known as “La Tebaide”) , circa 1460-1465, pictured below.

Note the white box, this is where the picture above is located in the painting:

The painting is a montage of various key scenes of monastic life: at the bottom left, the Virgin appears to St. Bernard; above, a group of monks flagellate themselves in front of the Crucifix; at the bottom right, a saint (probably St. Romuald) preaches; while at the top, St. Francis kneels down and receives the Stigmata. In the middle, in a large cave (inside the white box), St. Jerome prays before the crucified Christ

The truth is, this is St. Jerome kneeling before Christ and the red object on the ground (and pictured to the left) is a traditional Catholic cardinal’s hat – red, rounded, broad-brimmed, and the trailing tasseled cords.

The small animal with the saint is actually a lion. According to an archetypical legend, St. Jerome saved and then tamed a wild lion by extracting a thorn from its paw.

Below we see other interpretations of St. Jerome by other artists of the period. In each instance we see the cardinal’s hat on the ground, and in a few instances, we see the lion.

Conclusion: In the Paolo Uccello painting called “La Tebaide” there are no UFOs. The red object near the praying saint is the cardinal hat of Saint Jerome.

* The information contained herein is based primarily on the work of Diego Cuoghi and the sources listed below:
2. Edicolaweb, English translation by Diego Cuoghi; translated text edited for English comprehension by Daniel Loxton.
3. Diego Cuoghi

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  2. Sean and Cruz
    There is one argument that always works when dealing with people who are convinced that nothing is possible apart from the opinions spouted by ‘scientists’ in relationship to ‘unproved’ theories such as the logical assumption that there may indeed be other forms of life besides ourselves in the vastness of space. It’s this:

    ‘I presume that you’ve either seen God or the scientists have proved he exists?’

    (most ‘debunkers’ are religious – usually because the government advocates the importance of religion – usually for their own purposes):

  3. And what makes you think i dont have an open mind? do u know me? i think not it goes with out saying dont judge a book by its cover but whatever i guess, and u think NASA will tell u everything? of all the billions and billions of galaxies u think we r the only planet with intelligent lifeforms?

  4. And you think scientists would ever tell you the truth? just like NASA? of all the billions and billions of galaxies you think we’d be the only intelligent life form?

  5. I love people who say they have an open mind, but really don’t..Scientists have been actively searching for extraterrestrial intelligence in our galaxy for the last forty years. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) has extended out to 40,000 light years from earth (in comparison, the galaxy is 100,000 light years across).2 To date, no signal from any extraterrestrial stellar system has ever been detected.

    1. Hey scorp3j, I just would like to know where you got this info that seti has extended to 40,000 light years, because I have heard a little about seti, far from an expert tho, and I have never heard anything like that. Don’t get defensive just a question, because I know they have been at it for a while, but I’ve heard reports, I believe on shows like the universe on the history channel, which is taken by most to be far more credible than ancient aliens, and they said that because of the infinite of the universe and the fact that they believe that it is still expanding to this day, that seti has barely even scratched the surface, let alone covered nearly half of it. Would just like to know where you got that information, is it on some credible scientific website, or journals or something where I could look this up for myself. Also never heard this stuff about the universe being 100,000 light years would like to know where that is coming from.
      Let me be clear just want a couple answers not trying to start something or get into a name calling battle, which seems to often happen on these sites when someone asks another person to explain their position. Also I want to finish by saying I in no way agree with most of the stuff they say on ancient aliens, in fact I disagree with the large majority of it. However, I try to keep an open mind se we don’t know everything and it’s foolish to assume that we do. And if the universe is even half the size that scientists believe it to be, with all the planets and stars. no disrespect because this is not aimed directly at you, rather people in general, than it would be incredibly arrogant and ignorant to believe that we are the supreme life in this vastness that is the universe.
      As for the idea that if aliens do exist why don’t they just make their presence known for all to see. Well in their eyes, maybe we are not as special as we believe ourselves to be. In other words, we are not deserving or it is not necessary for them to do so at this point. If you read this, thanks for your time.

  6. Wow really a red hat? good luck with that, i in the other hand will always have an opened mind, a few years back like 4 years ago. me my mom and mt stepbrother actually saw a 7 foot tall grey alien, and i know it couldnt be a coincedence cause it happened the same time my aunts moved in with us and one of them had dont the ouji board so im guessing she either brought the negative energy or she opened a portal, i know it sounds crazy but we know what we saw, its like i always tell my friends, ” i know we saw wasnt god or jesus, but that made me believe there is something out there, and a whole bunch of things we can not simply explain.”

    1. Schizophrenia is a hell of a disease, buddy.

  7. It bothers me that people don’t take the “hair guy” serious. Clearly that guy has gotten up in the morning and decided that he will dress to impress.

  8. And you have to think it’s a case of intentional deception on their part when they present the most closely-cropped, worst resolution picture they can find to back them up. And it’s a case of laziness on the part of people who just look at it and say, “Wow! That’s totally a space ship there!” without looking at the original source. Sad.