This week is part two of the intense, bizarre, and wonderful roundtable conversation with The Hypermoderns – John David Ebert, Michael Aaron Kamins, and Mimetic Value/Ikkyu Sojun) where we discuss the puzzling connection between clowns and DMT; John’s voyage into the strange realm of mediumship; and Michael’s life-altering series of UFO encounters right after college. Among other things…

The Guests:

Michael Aaron Kamins

John David Ebert

Ikkyu Sojun

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We Discuss:

How everyone gets their own language once we invent the universal translator.

Addressing the question of hyperspace “entities” from nonduality and landscape agency.

Clown/Harlequin Theory in the psychedelic realm.


“Now I don’t wanna do DMT. You’ve ruined it for me, because I don’t wanna see a clown.”


“Imagine Meow Wolf…but a thousand times more.”

The Joker is a floating signifier.

Ikkyu talks about an extremely potent and disturbing N,N-DMT trip.

The Mantis-Clown connection, vis-a-vis Michael’s Peruvian ayahuasca experiences.

The clown in Eastern philosophy as Lao Wonton, the childlike “crazy” old man in kung-fu movies.

Michael’s ONE critique of William Irwin Thompson (hint: “Lindisfarne,” what’s in a name?).

What is the difference between the techno-optimism of Buckminster Fuller and the techno-optimism of Peter Thiel, Peter Diamandis, and Jeff Bezos?

Trump the Clown, the Magician, the Alchemical Fool.


“What if I were like Duncan Trussell or Joe Rogan but I interview ideas, rather than people?”

JDE interviews Rudolf Steiner through a medium, Shruti Campbell. He tells us of his love affair with Steiner.

JDE explains how he become convinced that there are in fact legit mediums who can communicate with dead people.

The theme of confinement in world myth.

Exoteric lab institution science and esoteric wilderness field prospecting discovery science.

Michael goes into unprecedented detail about his UFO sightings in 2006.

Sufjan Stevens’ song “Concerning the UFO Sighting…”

Tucker Carlson interviews Nick Pope about UFOs.

Book: Who Built The Moon?

Peter Gabriel’s “Don’t Give Up” music video (feat. Kate Bush)

Michael’s eternalist/quantum-democracy theory of our self-fulfilling origins/histories.

Dan Larimer vs. Vitalik Buterin on the limits of crypto-economic governance.