The LED UFO HIGH BAY lights are specifically designed for high ceilings and larger areas. These lights focus light more directly to create powerful illumination at a long range. This feature makes them ideal for commercial and industrial applications such as warehouses.
While there are several lighting options, when it comes to installing light fixtures in your facility, choosing the 200W LED High Bay UFO 4000K lighting can ensure you a better lighting experience that you will never regret.
A replacement to 550W MH fixture, the 200W LED High Bay UFO 4000K fixture helps save worth 310W per fixture. A commercial unit requires a lot of these fixtures, so just calculate your savings here. Available Colour Temperature is 5700K which makes it an ideal colour temperature for indoor commercial space.
Offering a lumen output of 31,000 Lumens and Lumen Efficacy of 130 Lumens/Watt, the200W LED High Bay UFO 4000K light will bring in more brightness than any other light of the same kind. Also, this fixture can easily be hook-mounted on the ceiling of the space, reducing installation time to one-fifth of what traditional fixtures consume.
• Easy installation; It’s an easy installation for the recessed lighting provided through UFO high bay. It can be mounted on the ceiling via a hook.
• 0-10 Dimmable feature: The UFO high bay light is dimmable from 10 volts to 0 volts. At 10 volts, the lighting is at 100% of its potential output.
• Thermal heat dissipation: The UFO high bay lighting fixtures come with a big heat sink that is manufactured out of aluminium to offer optimum excellent heat dissipation.
• Premium LED Chips: To maintain highest quality of the high bay light, only premium LED chips are used. The chips are packaged inside the product with high precision and accuracy to render optimum operational efficiency.
• IP 65 Water Proof: This is a rating of the efficiency of the high bay light against dust and water
• Rugged Construction: The housing of these udo high bay light is designed in rugged die-cast aluminium to impart the fixture the needed durability to withstand any external tampering.
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